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Be FIT Healing from Head to Sole Its your time to start today. Be the best you! Creating changes from head to sole Massage Therapy, Chiro and Nutrition A fully licensed Registered Massage Therapist, with 2200hours and a graduate from Grant McEwan University in 1998.

Also in accordance with the National Health Practitioners Association of Canada our therapist have continuously upgraded training There are many modalities including therapeutic, Brazilian toe, baby, sports, relaxation and geriatric massage. Our therapists career has been diverse; she has worked at the Hotel MacDonald, a chiropractic studio, a spa, in a seniors’ facility, outcall massage therapy, as well as has continued her home based business. This variety has presented her with a range of different client needs and enabled her to proficiently diagnose and treat a wide scope of ailments. She has also specialized in senior and geriatric care for the past 5 years, and her professional and caring nature has alleviated pain and suffering for hundreds of clients. Her client base includes many health care professionals, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, and elite athletes who repeatedly entrust her with their health care needs through massage therapy. “The greatest benefit comes from prevention – experience the difference a massage can make!” With her intelligent, thoughtful, engaging personality, she is able to form an immediate bond with her clients. With a belief that there are situations in life that prevent us from being healthy, and active massage therapy can provide relief and noticeable improvements. Healing from Head to Sole, offers flexible treatment plans that always take into account the best interests of the client and their families. She is also a registered service provider with Veteran’s Affairs Canada, which also includes coverage for the RCMP Take care of yourself and heal from Head to Sole!


I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the importance of getting your legs massaged and not just your back and neck your legs an important piece of creating full body awareness improving circulation and creating the ability for relaxation. Take a quick look at this article below that describes everything that I would put down in point form


SELF MASSAGE: Thumb pressure on the neck; Place your hands behind your neck with your thumbs on the muscles you feel on either side of the spine. Make small circles on the spots over the muscles, using your finger tips as support. Work slowly up the neck without using too much pressure until you reach the base of the skull. You should feel your neck relax. Otherwise, Repeat!
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Book your appointment now.
I have summer holidays & hours starting in July!
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It's time to up your game. What are you willing to do to make a difference in your self.
After all the reflection and feeling sorry for myself. I realized if I was not going to take care of me. Who would?
Entering into the isabody challenge change the journey for me. I will forever be in gratitude. 16 weeks of accountability and drive created momentum to becoming The strong, confident athletic person who I am. As a therapist and mom being a role model is a high priority.

If you want to hear more about my journey and how I overcame some obstacles message me


One System. Complete Results...

Add to your workout these babies:
SKULL CRUSHERS w Barbell-30 (tricep exhaustion)

ADD: AMPED Recover with BCAA

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I love listening to #motivational podcasts with some favourites being #Oprah, #EricThomas #TedTalks and Jim Carey.
I would love to hear your favourites So I can listen!


There is no time more appropriate then to say -Thank you for all your support this year it has been phenomenal. Enjoy the holidays!


Tension headaches

Rotating over the scalp:
To relieve the feeling of tightness, place your hand in the position over your partner scalp, contact should be made with the balls of your fingers and thumb, circle on the spot and get as much movement of the scalp as possible. Repeat in several positions to increase the circulation. Using your other hand to provide support, start lightly and increase your pressure as attention eases


Tension #headaches headaches are very common and can be caused by eyestrain posture diet and stress #massage can be extremely beneficial for tension headaches however they can have more serious causes and medical attention should always be sought out for prolong or serious headaches.

Thumb pressure on neck
Lying facedown can be uncomfortable with a headache, so try relieving neck tension- the cause of many headaches-...with your partner sitting up place your thumb over the muscles on either side of the spine and circle up toward the base of the skull, pressing under this ( your will feel a ridge, keep massaging tense spots and work out towards the ears.


Rid your body of some stress. Book in now


I am planning a cleanse next week... Would that interest anyone. I have done this a few times with much success...

We can get the supporting products and gain huge benefits by doing so as well as free coaching.
Check this out specifically page 3
PM me if interested.
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Trouble sleeping?!
Just read something for you to try. According to studies sleeping with one foot out from under the blankets at night, actually helps you fall asleep.
Helps keep you cool as their is no hair on the bottoms of your feet... What do you think?


The difference between living longer and enjoying those extra years to the fullest. Research shows that the factors such as diet, stress, obesity and toxicity can have damaging effects on the health of our cells and telomeres.
How are you going to nourish your body? There is a perfect blend of ingredients that I would recommend you to check out. Nourishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omegas and fatty acids.


Headache? there are many different forms of headaches...find out the cause of it. If it's muscular... There may be trigger point therapy required, jaw pain associated, chiropractic care and certainly massage.
Be aware and minimize the cause


60 days.... that's how long it takes to create a new habit. I have been fortunate enough to be selected to be involved with a beta group for a Healthy body and mind group. I am on Day 41 of 60
The thing about change is it take consistency and mental toughness. I realized that I am a strong confident person, when I believe in my soul, knowing where I want to go. My destiny. Affirmations and vision boards are a must.


When's the last time you used your benefits for yourself to relax? Try now #directbilling #airdriemassage

The toxins can be built in to your body and create all these negative effects.  Massage can certainly help as well as an...
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The toxins can be built in to your body and create all these negative effects.
Massage can certainly help as well as an organic cleanse
Ensure your at your peek energy level.
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Welcome to Isagenix! You’re the one we’ve been waiting for! Isagenix is your opportunity for health, wealth and happiness.


Take care of your body.
Find a therapist with at least 2200 hours to ensure you have the best chance for insurance to cover it!


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