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Photos from Starseed Spiritual Services's post

Photos from Starseed Spiritual Services's post


We have a Virgo New Moon today. It’s also the 9:9 Portal Thursday. Today’s New Moon is preparing us and helping to be ready for the 9:9 Portal. These energies are actually meant to help us get back on track, and to get us more clear and organised. Today is a great day to do some deep cleaning and the cleanse your energy field. We are going to go through some big shifts over the next 3 weeks. September will be a very high energy month. We are seeing an increase in the Ascension Energies and with that the solar flares and space storms. We are in a Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow right now. The third and final retrograde of the year is from September 27th to October 18th in Libra. Many of you are grieving the old 3D Earth and may be wanting to go back on your path, or may be looking back on your life. These energies may be stirring up old emotions that are clearing. Know that what lies ahead is much better then anything you have left behind. It’s important to remember that you came here with a Divine plan. Many of you know what comes next because you have been here before when you planned out your life. You should be getting more and more clear on your goals and with what you want in life. Tonight’s Virgo New Moon is also said to be the luckiest New Moon of the year. It’s bringing a new energy, and a new beginning. It’s a great time to stargaze as we shift into the darkness of Autumn. We are in lots of meteor showers thru October…
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Idk who needs to hear this but...
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Toni Frings
Hi star fam.... so I was doddling last night and am no artist then this came out I think and feel like maybe light language what's your thoughts plz? 💭✨🌟
Hello, is holding a free festival evening tomorrow! We all miss the joy and celebration of talent and community that festivals gave us, so to bring some celebration to your Friday night join us for our Held in Prayer* Free Festival Friday event! We have a wonderful mix of healing and creativity from our super talented Held in prayer tribe super-talented. You are welcome to come to all, some or one of the Offerings.
This is an opportunity to be held in and contribute to divine and sacred service, for ascension of the human collective consciousness at the time. Channeled Pleiadian guidance... Please join us, and do share with friends!! By donation - after the event, whatever is right for you, open to ALL X Thanks Tribe ### Kahreela from the Starlight Temple has been guided to run some Channeled Inner Discovery Journeys which are by donation after the four day journey (live and replays)... Here are the titles of the Transmissions - we will see what unfolds... Sovereignty as frequency Transmission Sovereignty as Ceremony Channeled Guidance Sovereignty Medicine Manifesting Through Sovereignty See more information and how to join in the event x
Looking forward to this evenings Magic Month with Kahreela Anhara- Free Energy Forecast Show! May is all about find out more join us this evening at 8pm for this live free show 😍🌟🌕🌎
Kahreela Anhara is delighted to be holding space and channeling for the Free Live Channeled Q and A on Home Energy and Spiritual House Clearing. In this live webinar, you will learn about the energy flow of your home and how the Home Portals and their impact on the Vibration of your home. Feel free to join the event and find the link to the webinar 🤓
Poignant Panorama
* Prayer regarding Turning-point Omnipresent Source, in Whom Time is Eternal, We often reflect on purpose, about our vocation, about that which we are to accomplish in this lifetime. We wonder how to discover the skills and aptitude necessary to take-on a new adventure; to apply for a new lease on life, and when. But, may we be reminded that there is never only one moment to which we are bound to choose anew; to decide to take righteous action; to be motivated by God to begin or renew our spiritual journey. The “right moment” is ever-present; always available. It is up to us to decide when we are both willing and able to let-go that which no longer serves us; to release limiting patterns of thought and behavior. It is up to us to find the conviction, and determination to advance into New Territory. Most often a turning-point follows some challenge or crisis, some major change in lifestyle or location. Somehow, it is when life’s demands become overwhelming, or when “all falls apart”, that we are forced, or find it easier, to let-go. However, a turning point in one’s life may occur at any time. Let us affirm that in hearing God’s call, or the whisper of Holy Spirit, that we are connected to Source. In this connection, we are safe and protected no matter the Turning Point is at hand. With no doubts, we simply agree to stick The Path, follow explicit signs and directions, do the very next thing, and fear not the consequences. Faith will assure our direction. Let us affirm a state of Grace. Amen LUZ "One Hundred & Eight Prayers"
Worth the watch.... An awareness you may have not considered... An interpretation of the TRUMAN SHOW. Amazing....
Color my sky!