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For optimal paediatric development and adult health - Nerve System and Spinal Health. Our office serves families from Georgetown, Acton and Brampton. We love what we do!

[Pregnancy and the first two years of life]Two of the most important times to be checked by your Family Corrective Chiro...

[Pregnancy and the first two years of life]

Two of the most important times to be checked by your Family Corrective Chiropractor.

These are periods of more rapid growth and development.

Many ask how we accommodate pregnant women while lying on their stomach… well you will see here there is a special cushion that goes down with a hole in the middle where baby can go. Making it more comfortable for mom and baby.

Many moms may report an easier, more comfortable pregnancy while under Corrective Chiropractic care.


Whenever you're contemplating not doing what is required of you in that particular moment... remember your "why".

Here I share one of my why's and how thinking about this really helps put things in perspective for me.

I would encourage you, if you haven't reflected on your why in a while.... take 2 minutes today. It will you stay disciplined and focused on the task at hand. :)

Hope you're having a great day out there.

Thanks for sharing! We love what we do.  :)

Thanks for sharing!

We love what we do. :)


Running at 85% vs. 100%


When’s the only time we have no stress?

Often times we’ve had some sort of negative context attached to “stress”.

But how you interpret stress and how you use it can be to your benefit.

Here I discuss how to leverage your stress to help you be more productive.


Talking about being more present, meditation and showing up in your best state.

[In The Community with Dr Matt] ep. 135

Today I am joined by my friend Maha Kali where we discuss…

✅ Where she is at and what she is working on with her own practice.

✅ The value in learning to breathe and breath work.

✅ How to set yourself up for a 2 minute meditation.

✅ Where you can join Maha Kali every week …

Contact information for Maha Kali

IG: maha_kali_jaya_777
FB: Maha Kali Jaya
Youtube: mahakalijaya777

We love doing what we do!Beginning to look after this little guy here in the office during his first few weeks of life i...

We love doing what we do!

Beginning to look after this little guy here in the office during his first few weeks of life is a privilege … (and I especially love it when dads are in to get checked with their kids too) 😊

The most important time to begin looking after your spine and nervous system is when you’re an infant. The second best time… now. 😊

You’ll notice many kids come in with their parents to get checked.

What we do?

After a Bio-Structural Exam, we make correction to any areas of the spine that may be shifted with nerve irritation.

Remember, your spine protects the nervous system - which is your body’s master control system. A system, that as your Family Corrective Chiropractor - I know is pretty important for health and healing.


There is no comparison! Believe in you…

Here’s something I think is critical if you’re going to find more happiness in your routine.


Celebrate the maintenance and small progress just as much as the BIG transformation.


The assists are just as important as the goals!

We love to see the goals and the excitement that comes along with them. But what about all the set-ups and back end work it takes to make the goals?

What do you need to do this week to set up for the assists?

Assists may look like this when it comes to improving your health:

- Scheduling. Not much happens when things don't get scheduled. Start by having your workouts, social time, corrective Chiropractic care, walking routine all scheduled.

- Accountability of a buddy. Tell your family and/or friend what your intention is.

- Actually have your gym bag ready on Sunday for the week ahead.

- Shop on Sunday and Wednesday so that you have enough protein / food sources for the days ahead.

- Favourite podcasts - sort and download them beforehand so you can plug and play easily on your walk/workout.

- Emergency Snacks - that are macro friendly. There will be times when you are hungry. What are you going to do then? Have easy macro friendly snacks ready.

As you can see - setting up the assists ahead of time makes it easIER to work towards your goals.

You're stronger than you think!

Dr Matt


Have you been writing your goals wrong? :)

Do you get to week 3 and 4 in January and find yourself low on motivation?

Consider these key things when you're starting. And how to set the micro-steps so that you can feel MORE successful.


Avoiding the start/stop process.

And how to bottle up your excitement to help it last longer for your 2024 resolutions.

How to help bottle up that excitement:

1 - a great community

2 - setting your environment up for success

3 - work at a lower frequency. It may sound counter-productive but you will come back even more eager and refreshed at the next session.

4 - Do less volume. Even if you feel like you could do more - hold back a bit in the beginning. Remember, the purpose isn't to always be sore after a workout. You need to work hard so that the actual workout is slightly uncomfortable to produce a training effect. How do I mean? Well, on some days push yourself so that the workout feels like a 9/10 on other days push to that 7/8 out of 10 mark. The goal is to be more consistent. Not make yourself sore always.

If you can avoid the start/stops altogether.... You'll find the consistency you need to increase your chances of success.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



If you've noticed your posture becoming more hunched over these are some simple exercises you can add to your day and do in less than 5 minutes per day to he...

Someone came to visit today….And growing up in a Chiropractic household - the kid’s were excited to know - he was W’elf ...

Someone came to visit today….

And growing up in a Chiropractic household - the kid’s were excited to know - he was W’elf adjusted.



What does the gingerbread man sleep on?

And why seeking discomfort may help keep us more youthful.

Here we discuss the idea that maybe sometimes as we age we seek more comfort. With the idea that… “I’m getting old” and/or “I deserve to relax”.

But, maybe if you just took a moment to override this thinking 1 - 2 times a day to do something uncomfortable you’d produce a dramatically difference result?

Putting yourself in an uncomfortable environment by choice so that relatively speaking - everything else may feel ‘easier’

Some ideas that come to mind and things I have found work well for me:

▶️ Walking when you don’t want to, instead of sitting on the couch.

▶️ Going to your place of fitness. And just getting the work done - when your first thought was ‘sleeping in would be so much easier’

▶️ Exposing yourself to cold water.

▶️ Simply not stopping when that voice in your head says ‘take a break’.

▶️ Avoiding the sugary snack when it’s just the easy thing to do.

Ultimately, if we seek activities that come with some discomfort - those are the things that help to keep us mobile and youthful.

These may be the things you desire if:

A) you’re trying to keep up with your kids. Chase, run and play sports with them. Modelling the “how-to”.

😎 trying to do the same with your grandkids.

Remember, you’re stronger, more resourceful and resilient than you may think. 😊

We love doing what we do! 🎉Thank you for sharing! 😊🙏🏼

We love doing what we do! 🎉

Thank you for sharing! 😊🙏🏼

Another year of Santa magic.

Another year of Santa magic.


How do presents get delivered to kittens...


Holiday dad jokes and stress busters. (And how to manage you stress with these short 1-5 minutes routines).

Thank you for sharing!We love doing what we do! 😊🙏🏼

Thank you for sharing!

We love doing what we do! 😊🙏🏼


Jennifer’s New Game!!! Perfect for the holiday season.

[In The Community With Dr Matt] ep. 134

Jennifer Cuthbert is the author and creator of Adventures With Lollipop. A fun series I’ve always enjoyed reading with my own 3 kids.

She’s crafted this fun game to play and here are the details:

“The Great Homework Race”

A Card Game By Adventures of Lollipop Comics.
Learn about the countries of the world with Lollipop and friends as you race to be the first to hand in your assignment! Will you rise to the top of the class.. or will the dog eat your homework?
* 108 poker-sized cards featuring 14 countries!
* 2 or more players, age 7+
* Printed in Canada
* Fun at home or school!

Where players compete to get all 7 cards matching one country.

Along the way they can learn a bit about the world while having some family time.

Jennifer’s also graciously offered a discount on her game to those who mention our video.

Order by emailing Jennifer:

[email protected]

Thanks for joining us Jennifer! 😊


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