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A pediatrician shows you how to calm a crying baby

A pediatrician shows you how to calm a crying baby

Dr. Hamilton shows how to calm a crying baby. This technique has been utilized by Dr. Bob to quiet infants during office visits. Parents have learned it and ...

Great toddler dinner ideas!
25 Quick, Simple, and Yummy No-Cook Toddler Dinners

Great toddler dinner ideas!

It seems like we landed smack into the middle of high summer all of a sudden, right? And if you're like me, the last thing I want to do after a long, hot day is to turn on the cook top or oven. And luckily, we don't have to! Here, 25 easy ideas for simple dinners to satisfy (and replenish) toddlers…

Let Sleepless Babies Cry It Out
Let Sleepless Babies Cry It Out

Let Sleepless Babies Cry It Out

A new study released in the journal Pediatrics on Monday suggests it is OK to let babies cry while trying to fall asleep -- a finding that may help settle a long-running debate among both parents and experts over whether allowing a baby to cry itself to sleep harms the child in the long run.


Love what I do!
Had to share one of my latest and greatest messages.

Camille has been professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and most of all extremely supportive throughout the sleep training process with my 6 month old baby. I dreaded sleep training and worried a lot about the logistics, and she reassured me the whole way through. Camille took time to answer my questions, offer suggestions and work with my comfort level. She went above and beyond, customizing the level of support not just for my baby but for me, too! Thank you for the emails and the calls. My daughter's sleep plan was detailed and personalized and almost instantly upon implementation my baby slept the night. By the end of the ten day period, she also napped well too! Thank you Camille! I could have never done this without your help and support. Now I can rest well, knowing my baby is a healthy sleeper and that her habits will last her a lifetime!



THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! My 10 month old is finally sleeping through the night. I kept telling myself "I got this..... I can make my baby sleep". After 9.5 months of reading every sleep site and getting free info sent to me it still wasn't happening. In literally 8 days with Camille Gemmell Johnston my baby was sleeping from 7:00 pm to 6:30 am. To think I wasted all those months not sleeping. She's also napping twice a day and is a much happier baby. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support...... I can enjoy the rest of my mat leave with a happy little girl now....... And more importantly, a mama with more energy 💃🏻


'My baby was always a terrible sleeper from Day 1. He had a crib that had NEVER been slept in and his bouncy chair was his nap place with my foot bobbing it up and down. Camille was amazing, her support and compassion helped me get through this. The first night my baby slept for 12 hours! It was exactly what I needed and now he sleeps 10-12 hour nights with 2 amazing naps! He is such a happy baby because he is getting the sleep he needs!'

Do you have questions about your Toddler? Does your little one like to ask you a million questions at bedtime?camille@we...
Toddler Getting Out of Bed?

Do you have questions about your Toddler? Does your little one like to ask you a million questions at bedtime?
[email protected]

Do you have a toddler who likes to come visit you in the middle of the night and either climb into bed with you and wake you and your hubby up, or ask for something to eat, drink or simply ask you something as silly as “why does Santa wear black boots”?

Sleep Props and What Parents Do To Get Their Children To Sleep
Sleep Props and What Parents Do To Get Their Children To Sleep

Sleep Props and What Parents Do To Get Their Children To Sleep

Quite often our little ones need some sort of crutch” to sleep; something that they require to fall asleep.  I have seen everything from bouncing on an exercise ball for hours, to car rides at 3 am, 15 soothers in the crib, laying on the floor holding and rubbing babies hand for hours, or baby feedi…

Weesleep Tips for Summertime Sleep
Summertime Sleep

Weesleep Tips for Summertime Sleep

Many parents get thrown off when the summer comes and school is out. For some, their baby may not sleep to begin with and then all the extra summer fun, bright sunshine and being on the go, can make things worse and leave mom and dad feeling, more exhausted than ever. The other case can be that pare…

Parents Can Expect a Cheque in the Mail Next Month
Parents Can Expect a Cheque in the Mail Next Month

Parents Can Expect a Cheque in the Mail Next Month

I was calculating the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) lump sum for my friend Christine, who has five children between the ages of 10 and 18. She will receive $2,100 thanks to the enhanced UCCB. It will make a difference for her family and she is already thinking about how she is going to use the…


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Our family is beyond excited and sooooo well rested these days. One of the best birthday gifts Luca and I received this month - SLEEP!!! We’re all sleeping through the night now and Luca sleeps about 11 hours. Also, Luca naps in his CRIB twice a day on his own instead of car rides to nap. We successfully weaned Luca off of nursing to sleep and he soothes himself to sleep all the time day and night. This is all sooooo awesome and it feels like a whole new world being first time parents. We used sleep training twice when Luca was 8 months and 11 months and both times were so magical and such an amazing feeling of control for everyone. Our family travels often so next time we will be sure not to wait so long to get back on track when we get home. Our family noticed a huge difference within 3-5 days once we started the sleep training and within 10 days we were all over the moon with our newfound sleep. Thank you to our sleep consultant Camille who was very caring and supportive from the start and throughout the whole process. Thanks again Camille and we are forever grateful!!!