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As the school year begins, we try to find somewhat of a normal in our new routines. When the world outside continues to ...

As the school year begins, we try to find somewhat of a normal in our new routines. When the world outside continues to be unpredictable and confusing, I invite you to be rooted in clarity about the world inside you.

Outdoor summer sessions will transition indoors and Samyama will now offer indoor yoga, pranayama and meditation sessions starting next week (September 14th). Class sizes will be smaller and precautions will be taken for distancing.

Kids classes Mon and Fri evenings:
Ages 6-11 years: 5:00-5:45; Ages 12-18 years: 6-7;

Adult classes Sat mornings:
Asana Adjustment and Alignment: 8-9;
Yoga philosophy and meditation: 9:30-10:30;

Please send me a personal message or email me at [email protected].

Because, in confusion, we constantly react to changing environments; In clarity, we choose our actions and create the environment we want. This is what we need now - for us and our families.

I was recently reminded that:1) there is quest for a fit body, controlled mind and strong intellect = that is health tha...

I was recently reminded that:
1) there is quest for a fit body, controlled mind and strong intellect = that is health that is ‘bhoga’; and
2) there is quest for the self, an understanding that I am part of the whole yet the whole by myself = that is ‘yoga’;

The first step is necessary and through consistent practice can be cultivated into a habit, yet limited.
The second step is a conscious and deliberate choice that we make over and over again if we can settle for nothing but the infinite.

I was reminded recently of this quote from Socrates:'The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting th...

I was reminded recently of this quote from Socrates:
'The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new'.

Inviting kids 4 years and over in University gardens area in Dundas, for outdoor yoga this Friday at 5:30pm. We will focus our energies to ready our bodies, minds and intellects to finding new perspectives!

- Photo by Markus Spiske


Starting outdoor sessions! We'll be practicing yogasana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditative practices in small group settings, to allow for personalized learning.

Summer schedule starting July 6th:
Classes for kids Mondays + Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm, Classes for adults Tuesdays + Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm.
If you wish to practice as a family, you're welcome to join either sessions.

This is weather dependent and we will space out our mats on my front or back lawn to keep the desired social distancing requirements. As per Province requirements, we'll restrict to a maximum of 10 per class.

For my address and to reserve a specific class or schedule that suits you, message me privately or email at [email protected] in advance, so I can ensure we adhere to the prescribed limits for each gathering.

Please bring your own mats, towels and water for your practice.


We don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to scare ourselves, let alone these pandemic laden days. We’re unconsciously doing ourselves harm all the time with accidental panic mode thinking.

Flight or flight response is meant as a survival technique. But how often are you really in a life or death situation? If I can’t get enough of what I want, if I get too much of what I want, if someone else has what I want, i feel overwhelmed enough to convince my very imaginative mind that I’m in danger. But am I?

Yoga postures, controlled breathing, mindfulness, meditation, neither will help fix this problem completely unless we start with the basics. And that always puts us back to square one - what am I and what does it mean to be safe.

So let’s start with the ‘dhyayi’ the ‘self’ who is available to watch their own flow of thoughts. For 15 mins (to start with) and at least 5 times a day, simply sit and watch each thought. Don’t jump to the why, when, how come sort of conclusions, simply watch. Without reacting to any thought, simply watching it flow in and out over time, hopefully we’ll see that most are simply churning of old fears or future hope. Over time, without resistance, the thoughts will slowly disappear and the quiet that’s left is a sign of the present where you are, where you’re meant to be. In this quiet, there is nothing to fight or run away from. Even amongst what we’re dealing with during these extraordinary times, we will survive. If we can learn to be comfortable with our own thoughts, be ok to stay home and just be, we are safe.


Whether is common cold or Coronavirus, prevention is better than cure.

Ayurveda focuses on keeping a healthy person healthy all the times. Immunity and balanced daily routine is the key. If and when the body’s integrity is compromised, even then the recovery starts with cleanse. Balancing our Dosha (Ayurvedic constitution)is the next intervention and medication being the last resort.

As we find ourselves in constant threat mode, every aspect of our physiology and psychology suffer due to perceived threats and fight-or-flight response modes. Ayurveda looks to Yoga and Meditation to support us through our journey of well-being.

Through these age old wisdom and sciences, we learn that creating a Sadhana, a consistent practice of yoga, Pranayama and meditation, along with living a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle is key to living joyfully.

Understanding Ayurveda - workshop4 Saturdays in February starting this weekend (Feb 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th) 10-11:30 am, c...

Understanding Ayurveda - workshop

4 Saturdays in February starting this weekend (Feb 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th) 10-11:30 am, come on over to the first series of workshops to understand Ayurveda and how to imbibe its essence. This seminar style workshop will include:
- understanding the science of Ayurveda,
- exploring your unique physical, mental and emotional attributes,
- understanding your unique Ayurvedic constitution,
- creating a lifestyle that can help you achieve well-being.
While some yoga and pranayama concepts will be included, no prior experience required - come as you are.

This will be a small group session, so please email [email protected] for more information and registrations.

What is Ayurveda - For thousands of years, traditional systems of sciences that were prevalent in the Indian sub-continent, such as Yoga and Ayurveda, have paid more attention to prevention rather than cure. A combination of how we think, what we eat, how and when we move, all contribute to our lifestyles. Once we understand how our unique personalities are affected by our lifestyles, we will be better equipped to prevent illnesses and live a balanced life. Balance is the key to well-being, but what is balance to you as a unique individual? How can you understand your body and mind better through Ayurvedic principles? It all begins with first becoming aware.


Yoga beyond fitness – Conscious practices for 21 and over

We evolve by being present one moment after another. With every new moment comes an opportunity to consciously choose whether to stay course or make changes. However, most times, social, economic and cultural conditioning can make those choices for us. Over time, it is easy to drift into an ‘auto-pilot’ mode. With the availability of external technologies such as devices and media, our awareness can be drawn out to those external technologies far more than to our internal capabilities.

To me, being ‘well’ is being aligned and in harmony inside-out. This means a sense of effortless balance of all things that we have direct influence over such as our body, mind, senses, emotions and energies. To choose this well-being, we first need to become aware. Aware of our current state, aware of our higher potential and aware of the dedication to make that happen within every moment of everyday.

Welcome to Samyama. Samyama is a place where curious beings in this community can learn techniques to recognize and follow their inner compass. Samyama offers integrated practices of yoga asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras (sounds), mudras (hand gestures) and meditation techniques personalized to each individual’s ayurvedic constitution (unique natural tendencies).

While the goal is overall well-being, practitioners can also enjoy fitness at a physical, mental, emotional and relationship level simply as a by-product of this wholesome well-being.
Individual (private) and small group settings will be offered to novice and experienced yogis in the warmth of my home basement. Registrations will begin January 2020 for sessions starting first week of February.

I’ve created a closed group and as your interest grows, please feel free to send a request and let me know if you'd like to join the group for more details on sessions and concepts.


Why yoga for kids (ages 3-20)?

Devices, technology, overload of information. Ourselves and our children deal with an explosion of information. and cope differently to this present-day busyness. Some of us learn to regulate our indulgences, others especially children, tend to struggle with moderation. As a result, some kids may experience anything from mild forms of anxiety to more severe psychological / social disorders.

For overall well-being within current lifestyles, we need to provide them with techniques to understand and self-regulate. And that means techniques for all kinds of over-stimulation such as relationships, technologies, addictions and bullying, to name a few.

In my view, Yoga can help shape their entire being (body, mind and spirit) and provide just this. The physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation will guide children through simple questions such as: ‘where’s my body, where’s my mind’. Kids can become aware if they are 100% invested in their activity of choice, whether it be academics, dance, basketball or hockey.

Welcome to Samyama. Starting February 2020, I am offering kids yoga, pranayama and meditation practice sessions. I plan on running this in small groups to maximize attention to each child, in the warmth of our home basement.

My plan is to customize the practice to suit your child’s natural tendencies (ayurvedic constituency). Samyama will be a place for families to seek support through this process. Registrations will begin January 2020 for sessions starting first week of February.

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