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HeartSong Medicine Stephanie HeartSong invites you to experience a sound healing journey session. Recalibrate your subtle energies, relax, revitalize and cleanse your Self.

HeartSong Medicine creates the space to access sonic peace and rejuvenation. A session with Stephanie HeartSong involves: 1.Transformational life coaching to explore life's challenges from an empowered perspective 2. The Healing Art of Reiki 3. Sacred song, chants, crystal bowl tones and world instruments to attune the whole being. 4. Meditative silence to integrate the healing Visit: http://heartsongmedicine.com

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Enjoyed this Strawberry Moon Teaching.

Enjoyed this Strawberry Moon Teaching.

We now enter into the cycle of teachings held by Nookimis Ode’min Dbik Giizis (Grandmother Strawbery Moon). This moon is one of my favourite moon cycle teachings as there is so much richness and love to be received from this time. The strawberry is called “Ode’min” in Anishnaabemowin means “Heart Berry”. The shape of this berry resembles a heart and its colour is red like our blood. The strawberry plant is connected by a vast system of leaves and sends out its roots in runners. So it is that the heart is connected to all other parts of the body. This is also showing the connection we hold with our loved ones families and communities.
Ode’min shows her love and abundance by being the only fruit who bears her seeds on the outside. The heart berry reminds us to treat everyone and everything in creation with kindness. During the strawberry harvest time many communities gather together to celebrate and feast. It is a time of welcoming and a time of forgiveness.
It is told that 2 young brothers were wrestling as brothers will do against the advice of their parents. One of the boys fell and struck his head on a rock and perished. The other brother was overcome with guilt and fear of what people would say so he buried his brother in the woods. He returned home and when he was questioned as to where his brother was he lied and said he didn’t know. A large search was held over several weeks but they could not find the boy. The other brother returned to where he buried his brother and there in the exact spot was a plant with 3 leaves he had never seen before. When he returned again the plant had a pristine white flower. The brother broke down and sobbed that he was so sorry what he had done and that he missed him terribly. When he returned for the 3rd time the white petals had fallen from the flowers and replaced by a white berry. Finally the brother was so distraught that he admitted what had happened to his parents. When they returned to the place where he had buried his brother the white berries had turned red. He was told to gather the berries and return to the community. A ceremony was held and the brother was told by the elders that his brother had forgiven him and offered up the berries so that he could again remember the sweetness of life.
The strawberry holds an important role in teaching young women about “moontime”. The time when a young girl transitions into womanhood. It is at this time when a young woman fasts from strawberries and receives teachings from the grandmothers. The 3 leaves of the strawberry represent the 3 rites of passage that woman undergoes. That of being a young girl transitioning into womanhood and motherhood and then to being a grandmother. Each stage of the strawberry plant represents these transitions and carry teachings.

Miigwetch Ode'min ... Creator's reminder to always look to kindness and be grateful for the sweetness in life.

Deva Premal and Miten

Stress relief shake it all out...

A wonderful way to start your day - we have been shaking for many years.

HeartSong Medicine

HeartSong Medicine

The Daily Goalcast

Beautiful message.

Proof that the littlest things can have the biggest impact

Speaker: Ryan Estis

Many of you know, but not all, that I am currently working with companies who are pioneers in alternative medicine and t...

Many of you know, but not all, that I am currently working with companies who are pioneers in alternative medicine and the medical marijuana field.
Education is essential as we near the Canadian legalization date.

If you questions or seeking products that resonate with your natural, organic lifestyle feel free to check in and peruse our online store. Http://medicinalvape.ca
Wholesale accounts are offered to healing stores, yoga centres and therapeutic practitioners/ wellness clinics. Shanti

Empower Your Life Today

Empower Your Life Today

Dinner conversation... what is 100 calories of broccoli vs steak morcels  etc.We found this helpful....
What Does 100 Calories Look Like?

Dinner conversation... what is 100 calories of broccoli vs steak morcels etc.
We found this helpful....

Think you can eyeball a 100-calorie serving of food? Practice perfect portion control with these helpful pictures. 

Live, love, empower woman to woman...

Live, love, empower woman to woman...

International Women's Day. Today, March 8th. I'm calling on women...to support women. I'm calling on our traditional women to teach the survivors of child welfare, sixties scoop, residential school survivors, survivors of missing and murdered and all of the displaced Indigenous women who long to be (re)connected with our teachings. We are inclusive. You are not too busy to be kind. You are not to busy to teach those who have been lost. We are power in numbers and we only stand to gain when we unite. Please. We need you. Women need women. Today, I'll look to those ancestors walking with me and those in the Sky World and ask them to wrap their arms around us and hold us until we cry ourselves to power. Listen. Teach. Walk tall and be kind.

We know sounds heal :-) & nice to observe science resonate with that truth!
Sound waves enhance deep sleep and memory - Northwestern Now

We know sounds heal :-)
& nice to observe science resonate with that truth!

CHICAGO - Gentle sound stimulation — such as the rush of a waterfall — synchronized to the rhythm of brain waves significantly enhanced deep sleep in older adults and improved their ability to recall words, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.

UNILAD Adventure

Pilgrimage destination?☮️💞☯️

You can now meditate in the world's largest Amethyst cave 😍

Happy Super Moon. May your new beginnings shine bright!
Intuitive Astrology: December Super Full Moon 2017 - Forever Conscious

Happy Super Moon. May your new beginnings shine bright!

December is a big month in astrology as there are a lot of changes and shifts taking place. These changes and shifts are really going to help shower us with a new energy and a new outlook for the year ahead. The last Full Moon for 2017, falls in the air sign of Gemini on …

Culture Trip


You won't believe the sweet sound of this incredible invention 🔊🔊


I always enjoy Dale Osadchuk's mystical astrology writings....
Here is a small excerpt of what she wrote about the:

2017 Pisces Full Moon of
06 Sept 2017 at 12.03 am PDT- 3.03 am EDT- 8.03am BST (summer time GMT)

Pisces Full Moon is healing, forgiveness (ourselves and others) completion and release. The second planetary guide for the Virgo Sun is Chiron, the wounded healer. He is at 27 degrees 08 minutes retrograde in Pisces (healing our shadow self and healing the world wound). Chiron is inconjunct (letting go and release) Mercury in Leo. The message is clear to me. When we heal our deepest self and release the need for ego control the world will heal.

For the Northern Hemisphere Brown Bear, introspection and healing, guides us for the Sun in Virgo. Cougar, coming into your personal spiritual power, and Wolf, the teacher about the power of change, are the Animal Totems for the Moon in Pisces. (They are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere). All are working together to support your journey of healing, forgiveness, and completion. Now is the time to release whatever blocks you from your spirit.

As I have said in the past I believe the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is the most spiritual of all Full Moons. Raven Kaldera in “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this the Healers Moon. This pairing of astrological signs is found on the Tarot Constellation of the Hermit, the principle of Introspection and Personal Integrity. Virgo is journeying within to heal our spirits and Pisces is journeying to Source to find our Divine Light and to shine it out into the world. Only when we heal old wounds is that possible. As we mentioned the theme for this Lunation is healing, forgiveness (ourselves and others), releasing old wounds, and completion, which leads to transformed new directions.

Virgo and Pisces are active on the 6th Ray of Idealism and Devotion. The Archangels of the 6th Ray are Uriel, peace, harmony and love, and Aurora Grace, divine blessings. They are also 2nd Ray signs. This is the Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. As we said before I see Virgo as the Rainbow Bridge of healing showing us the path to illumination and enlightenment that Pisces offers. The Archangels who guide us are Jophiel, creative power and vision, and Constance Christine, inner perception and Divine Illumination. Let us all focus on what we are wanting to complete and release at this Full Moon so Divine Blessings are received from Creator and Great Mystery for the next part of our journey. Then we can shine our Heart Light out into the world.

Blessings Dale

To contact Dale you can e-mail her at [email protected]

BBC Earth

Nature's Sound Medicine

Escape with the soothing sounds of #PlanetEarth2 'Jungles'.

One on One Heartsong Medicine

Taking the next step in my sacred sound healing service.

Sound Healing Lovers...inviting you to meet face to face. Give yourself or someone you love a personalized guided time with HeartSong. Technology allows us t...


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Private sessions with HeartSong are by appointment. Spiritual LifeWork can be held in person, on skype or by phone. HeartSong Medicine Sessions are conducted in HeartSong's new sound studio healing room- 146 West 24th Street, Hamilton, ON L9C 4W4

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Monday 09:30 - 19:00
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