Orenda Healing

Orenda Healing Healing the pathways to our hearts through Yoga massageEnergy healing. Releasing judgements of oursleves, allowing you to live the life you imagined.


"As we head into the dark mystery of the darker days longer nights we must realize you cannot rush any healing. Always seek to be curious innocent even in times of choas"

What lies underneath the leaves will astonish you if you''l just look the mystery will indeed find you.

Orenda Healing
Reveal your sacred Fire Within


"To be a teacher is to learn twice"

Saw this quote the other day at Prana Shanti it made me laugh. Thanks so much for the reminder summed up so much. Allowing grace to move through you takes such compassion. You must stay focused amidst the drama that you cut yourself away from. Staying true to your own power/medicine is such a beautiful quality in a woman and a gift to the world.

Orenda Healing
Reveal Your Sacred Fire Within


"Sometimes to move forward we must go backwards" it is then you discover you have no saddle you are ba****ck on the horse and as steady as you thought, everything is as it was already.

Orenda healing
You are a force that moves on its own

Reveal your sacred Fire Within


Where ever you are today remember "A Diamond needs applied pressure to become a diamond" Stand in your power

Your Orenda awaits

Orenda Healing

A discovery in 2011 after I awakened the snake within in a ayuasca ceremony. After speaking my truth to many women my mo...
Mothers Who Are Jealous of Their Daughters

A discovery in 2011 after I awakened the snake within in a ayuasca ceremony. After speaking my truth to many women my mother being the major one. People had been using me a as SCAPEGOAT form most of my life and I was not going to continue the way of life. I began healing and looking at the lineage of Women in my family. As I looked back at the relationship that I had with my mother and the relationship with my own daughter.....after I looked at this part in my own nature something amazing opened for me loving myself just because but the love that I had for women, girls, all others, the goddess had arrived with the compassion burst wide open. I understood why I married the person I did, the male relationships the abuse dynamics in co-dependant relationships, life looked like a big competition and I wasn't interested in playing in that anymore. Relationships were seen on a whole different level, the veil was lifted, relationships, that were not based on authentic love gone, I walked away from, it broke me wide open cells were changed I had no toleration for this anymore. Violence towards myself, from others, I understood women/men needed this understanding love for themselves and I finally began sharing that with others what i knew had exsisted in my soul and been asking for healed manifested truating my own intiution about what needed to be done took courage and commitment. Places, teachers, friends, aquaitances, concepts, ideas, about power, love, people the world looked really ugly I no longer knew who I was. The world crumbled around me Kali Medicine was alive and well and had shaken me belief system. I backed away from everything i'd know didn't tell a soul why, or what had occured. Soulful intimacy was the driving force now revealing the truth of who I was what I had come to share the Medcine Gifts that were given before birth to me in essence. I just new nothing made sense I spoke of concepts that I had known as a young girl innocent in her love something that never left me but was not honoured with those around me or completely reveled to me lessons came swiftly. Aloneness was needed to see. When I discovered the truth of this an expression that came was purtiy of love and soul that had never been expressed from within before. The cup was overflowing those that loved in a self serving manner or old outdated ways sounded like lies. I walked away from it was a hard road take it was like sand paper on the skin to be around those that refused to own there own light. Power struggles would occur and projection was happening to try to control or manage me. I could not conform anymore, no more following the crowd no more not speaking the truth to myself or others. Removing myself out of drama which I wanted still brought projections poking I stood/sat there with myself in myself swaying. Layer after layer naked hands down on the knees. To deny my own power, would have hurt me I could no longer betray myself for others. Creavitvity came back full throttle all possiblities were alive. Those did not understand me or know me well judged projected on to some were me without asking me and for me to describe it was challenging they would need there own exiperince of it. The projection from others came with many different facuets of mirroring it was truly beautiful to see what was going on, to observe it play in it was amusing at times, challenging, blinding, testing the magik in the medicine that was known/revealed/cultivated had a compassion, strength directness that is undeniable, the concepts I always new to be alive in me became stronger. Those the wanted to make me invisible were seen right away. I expressed my truth without fear yet fear was projected in so many ways faces people I barely new at all family. Madness is the only way now....it is the only way. You must be willing to see your maddness as the way thorough stick with the concept of self love and Reveal your Sacred Fire Within.

A mother’s jealousy distorts a daughter’s normal development


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