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Just a thought (and some common sense)....

Now that the warmer weather is here, please keep in mind there are many owners with EV (electric vehicles) on the road now.

If you encounter a scenario where you notice a pet inside the vehicle on a hot day -- Please DO NOT break glass/window, check by touching the glass (windows/windshield) to determine if the interior temperature is cool/cold compared to outside temps.

EV don't emit any "engine" noises so it can appear as the vehicle is off, while the actual A/C may actually be turned on!

Last thing you want to do is break the glass, startle the dog and it jumps out and runs away due to being frightened by the breakage!

If the vehicle isn't an EV and its hot inside, and the pet appears to be in duress -- immediately look for help or contact local authorities to assist further

With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to Korben early today-- November 14/2022He was the last of the TUD gang, and we want...

With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to Korben early today-- November 14/2022

He was the last of the TUD gang, and we wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful kitty and being with us for over 13years+

May he be high up there free from pain and happily hanging with the other TUD family and friends.

RIP Korben, you were our buddy and important part of our family, we will always love you,...know that you will forever be missed -- until we see you again someday.

Studies Link Lawn Chemicals to Canine Cancer

Have you ever read the ingredients on those lawn care products?

Dogs whose owners have their lawns professionally treated with herbicides and pesticides are 70 percent more likely to get cancer, one study found.   Several studies have shown a link between the use of lawn chemicals and cancer in dogs. The most recent study found the professional application of l...

Truth About Pet Food

Lead can pass through the pores of the skin so not only are pets being exposed to lead—if you handle the food, so are you. RESEARCH THE BRANDS YOU FEED.

Concerning test results of Taste of the Wild Dog Food provided in the lawsuit.


Please share!

There are a number of ways we can help nature out, and one is very very simple.... please cut your plastic rings from milk cartons as well as six pack holders. Animals cannot break through the man made plastic and often die slow, miserable deaths.


A very popular pet food maker is recalling their foods for elevated levels of vitamin D.


Sun Gazing



Great show!

This might be the best thing I've ever seen... 🙌🙌


is so DONE with the pet food industry as a whole! So upset with all the recent news about the poisons and crap in practically ALL foods and treats! WTF is wrong with all these pet food companies? How do they sleep at night knowing they are killing millions of souls? Is there anything we can do? What in the actual F$&!!!!!!!


Just a friendly reminder, no need to re-vaccinate so soon!

Titer testing is very effective, and will show you just how well protected your fur-baby is (even after many years surpassed after initial vaccination).


Definitely longer than a year!

According to the top pet immunologist (aka vaccine expert) in the world, Dr. Ronald Schultz, Ph.D. – “ Annual revaccination provides no benefit and may increase the risk for adverse reactions.”

What the heck are adverse reactions (or side effects)?

Well according to the other rock star pet immunologist Dr. Jean Dodds:

“Side effects from dog vaccinations can occur anywhere from instantly up to several weeks or months later. Vaccines can even cause susceptibility to chronic diseases that appear much later in a dog’s life (Dodd, 2001).

Severe and fatal adverse reactions include:

•Susceptibility to infections.

•Neurological disorders and encephalitis.

•Aberrant behavior, including unprovoked aggression.

•Vaccines are linked to seizures. Distemper, parvovirus, rabies and, presumably, other vaccines have been linked with poly neuropathy, a nerve disease that involves inflammation of several nerves. (Dodds,2001)”


According to the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), (basically the dudes who set the standards for the vets): “Among healthy dogs, all commercially available [core] vaccines are expected to induce a sustained protective immune response lasting at least 5 yr. thereafter”

Here’s the breakdown of the core vaccines from Dr. Ronald Schultz:

Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines:

Distemper- 7 years by challenge
Parvovirus – 7 years by challenge
Adenovirus – 7 years by challenge
Canine rabies – 3 years by challenge

The moral of the story here, if you have no idea when your pet is due or has been vaccinated, then just run a titer test and this will confirm if you are due, rather than over-vaccinate your poor pet, setting the stage for future problems!

What’s a titer test?

A titer test (pronounced tight-errr) is a laboratory or in-house veterinary test measuring the existence and level of antibodies (necessary to fight off disease) in your pet’s blood. Basically, it’s a test that will tell you whether or not you actually need to vaccinate your pet.

It’s also super useful when making a decision about vaccinating a pet with an unknown vaccination history, or for determining if pets have received immunity from vaccination.

Vaccinating your pet is super important so don’t lose the overall message here: VACCINATE, JUST DON’T OVER-VACCINATE!

According to Dr. Dodds:

“Vaccines have achieved many important benefits for companion animals, and has saved more animals' lives than any other medical advance.”

Want more on titer testing? Check it out:

Rodney Habib

"An educated, informed and well-researched community of pet owners can only put more pressure on the pet food industry to be better! When pet owners know better, they will only do better!"

Queen West Animal Hospital

Toronto West End Residents!

ATTENTION WEST END RESIDENTS!! There have been sightings of rat poison in the Stanley Park area over the past 24 hours! Two dogs have apparently been confirmed to have ingested, and shown signs of toxicity, secondary to rat poison ingestion! Please keep your dogs on leash, and watch for anything strange in the area.

Rat poison can come in different forms, and the photo attached is just an example. If you think your pet has ingested a toxin, please bring them to the closest vet clinic ASAP. If you have rat poison, or other toxic items in your home, be sure to place them in areas where pets cannot access them. If you think your pet has ingested a toxin in your home, call poison control and provide them with all known information about the substance immediately.

Champion Petfoods Comments on Nestlé Acquisition Speculation

It is very strange that Champion Petfoods, (makers of Orijen/Acana pet foods), still have not confirmed or denied acquisition by Nestle Purina. I believe this is due to the consumer backlash that would occur should the majority of shares change to Purina. They must be keeping it under wraps.

The fact that this was news in July of 2018, with no clear answer leads me to believe something did happen. Orijen/Acana are no longer a safe kibble brand.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nestlé SA is seeking to purchase Champion Petfoods for more than billion.


WARNING ⚠️ Plastic found in Northern Biscuit Duck recipe! NOT Pleased! Are there any pet food and treat manufacturers out there that can be trusted???

The Blueboys

Too cute.!

I’m not needy I just has to be w u every hour of every single day and night geez nothing wrong w dat.

Dozens of U.S. dogs dead after being groomed at PetSmart, but link unclear

Please do not groom your dog at PetSmart

Over the past decade 47 dogs have died across the U.S. during grooming, or within days of showing signs of ill health after grooming, at the nation's leading pet retailer, a New Jersey news organization reports, though what the numbers mean is uncertain.


Please consider your last moment with them, be strong and be there.

This makes my heart ache. I never considered this being the reality in most cases.

Police Dog 'Save the Life' of an Agent via CPR

This is amazing!

Poncho has become a hero, this great police dog has become polular in social networks since he reanimates his partner via CPR. The video, which has already reached 2 million views, shows an agent collapsing and immediately appears Poncho, the canine policeman to “save” with the technique of card...

Inventions Insider

Protect small dogs from coyotes and larger breed dogs!

This vest protects dogs from coyotes and other predators.


Who doesn't love this? :)

Rexie is a 3 year old tabby cat who has extraordinary facial expressions and only two working feet.


Easter is upon us, let us try to remember that certain flowers can be harmful for your cat to ensure a safe and happy time!

Although a popular gift during Easter season, lillies are extremely toxic to our feline friends!

Our clinic will be open today and tomorrow, but closed for Good Friday (March 30th). Regular business hours will resume on Saturday March 31st. If you have an emergency, please call or go directly to your nearest veterinary emergency hospital.



Lawsuit filed against Champion Pet Food - Acana and Orijen

If allegations are true, there are officially no safe kibble manufacturers at all. This is truly unfortunate.

Consumers in Minnesota, California and Florida are suing Champion Pet Food for "False Advertising", violations of "feed law", and numerous other charges. The lawsuit includes results of heavy metal testing and includes results that this dry dog food contains BPA - a chemical typically not associated

Dr. Karen Becker

This is something we had suspected for a while!

Still using plug-ins, scented candles and room sprays? Here’s why you should stop! Signup to take the Chemical Quiz:

Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Karen Becker

Conventional veterinary medicine often relies heavily on cookie-cutter treatment plans, leaving no room for customization and innovation.

Dr. Karen Becker

Easy balanced fresh food meal made from supermarket foods

The perfect burger for your pets. And how much to feed them:


Someone asked me what the most difficult thing about having a dog was. I replied, "the goodbye."

become a fan of Pet Kiss Products Inc.

Dr. Karen Becker

Titres are finally recognized as reliable indicators of immunity and can be used in lieu of revaccination.

The new pet vaccine protocols that now endorse TITERS!


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