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Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom Plant Medicine Teachings & Earth Based Wisdom. Rooted in reciprocity. Dr. Jacqui, ND

Returning to the Land is also returning to our bodies 💚 Many of us are navigating new or chronic health challenges rn. S...

Returning to the Land is also returning to our bodies 💚 Many of us are navigating new or chronic health challenges rn. So much moving through in our physical bodies 🌹Navigating a flare, I’m reminded of words I wrote years ago:

Our Grandmothers, Elders, carry codes of Creation in their womb as they also carry our parents, who carry eggs in utero. Their experiences are woven with ours.

We are also woven w the Land, our environment. Our genome may carry genetic material from Plants & Fungi of our Ancestor’s environment, through horizontal gene transfer. As Indigenous people we know we are the Land, environment. They shape us, heal us & we in turn shape & heal the Land.

Relationship, responsibility & reciprocity.

Our Ancestors experiences may actually change our physiology, neural pathways, DNA expressions.{epigenetics}

In homeopathy this pattern is known as a Miasm, a constitutional vibrational pattern we carry. Energetic imprints passed from generation to generation.

In one study, grandchildren of residential “school” survivors were more likely to have psychological distress & learning difficulties. In another, children of gen oh s1de survivors have altered cortisol rhythms. We don’t need studies to tell us what is know in our bodies.

As many of us are healing traumas carried in our lineages, reclaiming what has been lost, stolen due to c0linization, disrupting, we are changing the path for generations to come. This is big work. We should also honour ourselves, one another, how much energy, spirit work, support it takes.

I was shown through a Dream how these patterns repeat. How we can intentionally choose to stop those loops, we can change the pattern {not saying it’s easy}. Mullein was there.

For me, time w the Trees, Water, Animals/Insects & Stones when possible help to (re)attune disharmony.

Flower & vibrational essences {stones, animal, etc} may also attune & weave healing through our subtle & physical bodies. Offering ourselves + one another compassion & grace as we navigate healing; as we reweave long held patterns. May we see ourselves + Ancestors (fam) w clarity & truth, harmonizing DNA, for generations in all directions of the sacred hoop🧬🌈

Forever in awe of the beauty of Creation & the expansiveness of the Cosmos ✨Whenever I look at the night sky, the Stars,...

Forever in awe of the beauty of Creation & the expansiveness of the Cosmos ✨

Whenever I look at the night sky, the Stars, I remember ~ I feel myself coming home. It orients me in time & space, in a way that is hard to describe, but I am sure many of you know it too. They have always guided.

Watching the Northern lights over the Salish Sea ~ River Otters playing & eating nearby as the sky danced, and Ancestors visited tonight. It was so awe inspiring & amazing to see how the sky, shapes & colours change. So many iterations of Thunderbird, Eagle, Phoenix. Bringing transformation, rooted in harmony, healing.

I couldn't help but feel that collective awe, hope, and say a little prayer that maybe these reminders of beauty of Creation would inspire folks to truly create change, to see truth, to see past illusions, to understand what truly matters here. To protect & care one another, more than human kin included. To come from our Hearts, and in tenderness too. To remember that we all are intimately woven. Remembering how short our time is here, but how impactful it may be too 🌌

We are all made of Stars ~ may we remember.

{I shared these words early Saturday morning after watching them dance; decided to share also here, so much more came through, but keeping it short ~ lots of love kin, xo}

We are meant for so much beauty, creation, rest, play, craft & taking care of one another, the Land, Water, more than hu...

We are meant for so much beauty, creation, rest, play, craft & taking care of one another, the Land, Water, more than human relatives ✨ To know these intimate relationships & kinships.
I wrote these words & this caption 4 years ago now, and they still call. After this last week of spending time with chosen fam, they are feeling even more clear. We are meant to exist beyond col0nial systems + crrpt c&p1talism….
I believe in our creativity, our Dreams, our strength, courage, determination, focus & collective wisdom. Our Love. Our ability to stand in the liminal spaces, to navigate the shadows & the discomfort. To see ourselves clearly too.
To wade through the muck with humility, trust & grace. To remember joy alongside grief. The beauty of being here, of existing at this time too.
I see our courage & warrior Spirits enlivening. We carry our Ancestor’s guidance, Love, skills & the ability to get through this on the other side ~ even if we don’t see all that comes to be, future generations will. We remember that time is circular & this Harmony, this remembering, this way of being ripples beyond time + space 🦋

Why Grow Your Own Plant Medicines??🌻🌱🌘Because having your hands in the Earth connects you to your ROOTS, your Ancestors,...

Why Grow Your Own Plant Medicines??🌻🌱🌘
Because having your hands in the Earth connects you to your ROOTS, your Ancestors, to your own authentic Nature. Because we’ve always been seed keepers.
Because starting a Plant from seed & tending to their growth, connects you to your own growth ~ your Natural rhythms, cycles & ancient self. Remembering our relations w more than Human kin🦋
Because as you tend to the Earth & live by the Moon, you heal🌙You sync your cycles to the Cycles of the Cosmos.
Because the Earth & all of creation is calling us to come back into harmonious relation. Because we must heed this call - for generations to come.
Because this is part of who we are. You are the Earth embodied. When you sit w the Plants in communion - you remember.
Because herbs bought in a pill made by harmful corps are not the way. Because Plants are not just a trend.
Because our food systems are damaged. It is up to us to reclaim these connections & traditional ways to share with youth. Because depression, loneliness, disconnection, anxiety, heart disease are all rising. Connecting to the Earth & the Plants is one way to connect back to YOU, your intuition, one another-which may harmonize & heal.*
Because we’ve been out of relation w our Plant Kin, Stones, Water spirits, for too long. They’re calling us home.
Because you are your own healer w/ the Earth. When we connect to one another through shared visions & community we change + disr/pt the current paradigm.
Because it is an act of deep Love to care for yourself + the Land this way-trusting the Plants & yourself, reclaiming your power.
Because you don't need 'fixing,' the Plants remind us of our wholeness & belonging by being.
Because the medical system sometimes fails us, fail Q***r, Trans, Black, Indigenous & racialized kin esp - bc we must take care of one another. It’s giving to the Earth while giving to yourself & communities.
Join me in remembering, deepening these connections + wisdom, as we Grow 8 potent Plants from Seed to Harvest to Medicine making; join now to receive your GIFTED Seed Bundle! Doors close 4/7/24 💚 {L(1)NK in B1Ο to join!}

Relational healing is so vital right now, always. The Land teaches us how to be in relationship, teaches us how to move ...

Relational healing is so vital right now, always.
The Land teaches us how to be in relationship, teaches us how to move from our Hearts, from authentic love, kinship, harmony💚
The Land, Plants + Tree kin especially, have taught me how to be in relationship with others, to be in relationship with myself.
For a long time I considered myself a 'lone wolf' ~ I have always felt more comfortable in the bush than with humans, but it was the Plants, the Land, Water that reminded me how to be in right relationship; with myself & with others too. How to trust, how to open my Heart while staying protected.
How to listen, fully. How to be present. How to Mother. How to receive as well as give; how to hold boundaries & also how to respect them.
The Land teaches us how to be a good relative.
How to tend to one another, to nourish ourselves. To honour our responsibilities here too, standing against harmful systems that oppress life.
When we connect with the Land, the Water, our more than Human kin we remember these ways of being. We remember what it means to be a good relative. To belong. To sustain life. To protect. To create. Creation teaches us how to be in harmony & alignment ♥️
We cannot solve these problems alone, we must look to Creation, to interspecies kin, Water, the Trees to also show us the way. To help us remember & honour our sacred responsibilities + relationships here.
We must listen, deeply, and act on what wisdom we receive.
We must fall in Love with the Flowers, we must allow ourselves space to feel the Sun warming our Hair, or the sweetness of Rain on our skin. We must create space to receive the taste of the first berries of the Season. To make & grow Medicines, nourishing foods, & share them with kin, esp kin who can't access them💚 We must create change so that we can all tend to these relationships.
We must remember these intimate connections with all of Creation. Tending to one another. These relationships, these connections, are the way home ~ together ✨🌹🦋🐋
**Join me in deepening these kinships through Grow Your Own Medicine course, enrolm3nt open!

Winter Solstice Blessings {Northern Hemisphere}🕯Written last year ~ this year feels more challenging both personally & c...

Winter Solstice Blessings {Northern Hemisphere}🕯Written last year ~ this year feels more challenging both personally & collectively. Still. I love the Solstice & honouring these Seasonal shifts tethers us to the Land, our Ancestors, the Sun. Turning North on the Medicine Wheel:

Tell your Ancestor’s stories; even if you don’t know them. Ask. Ask your intuition. Ask them to show you. Read. Connect. As your well Ancestors {those who fought & prayed for you to be here} to guide & show the way.

Play. Whatever fills you w joy, even if for a moment.

Cook, Eat, Share the abundance. Esp w kin who are grieving, mobilizing.Make nourishing foods, enjoy them w your whole being. All of your senses.

Light candles. Turn your lights off tonight & live by candle. Honouring Sacred Fire. Grandelder Sun. Our Hearts. Journal. Bathe in flowers gathered in Summer, or Cedar.

Burn all that you wish to leave behind, all that no longer serves you, us, Creation.

Rest, fam. Your health & vitality is important. Rest allows us to continue. Let visions + spirit meet you in your Dreamtime.

Sit w the Stars, giving gratitude for your Creation Story. You can come back to this rebirth & these stories anytime. Just look to the Stars. Sacred Dark.

Drink some nourishing brews. Decoctions, bone broths with Seaweed, elixirs. Warm & nourish your Spirit.

Get Vit D. Our bodies need it. For mood, bone health, 1mmun3 system. Liver, fatty fish, wild mushrooms, egg yolks are sources in dark months. Protection🌞

There are so many beautiful rituals, magical workings & ways to honour seasonal shifts + connection with the Sun, the Land today & all days. It also can be just this simple. EXIST. In tenderness. Love. Grief. Show up for one another, for actual change, for life. Align your actions. *That* is honouring your Ancestors. You being you. You BEING here.

So much love, fam 🌌 I'm tending to a chorionic flare/illness/grief this Solstice time. Allowing myself to be ok with not feeling as connected w some rituals this year. And, allowing for moments of joy to come if they do. Knowing that honouring our grief & bodies are also potent rituals ❄️🕯️

Where is grief held in your body, kin? Many folks have mentioned they've noticed more flares coming up & increased physi...

Where is grief held in your body, kin? Many folks have mentioned they've noticed more flares coming up & increased physical symptoms, esp for highly sensitive kin.

Often times people think of grief as mostly sadness, while that is part of it ~ there is often so much more. Not only emotional, but also spiritual + physical impacts of grief & bereavement. It can be physically painful & deeply uncomfortable {understatement}.

Our physiology actually shifts in grief. Our Hearts can actually change, our neurology (brains) change, our bodies & beings literally change + shift. These changes can transmute & transform us, if we allow them.

Yet, it's often not talked about. As a ND & Plant Medicine person I've been delving deep into the physiological shifts of grief over the last couple of years & how they weave with the spiritual, emotional + metaphysical.

Of course this grief is beyond human as well.

It also weaves in our relationship with the Land. Water. Plant kin. Animals. They too are our family. Our kin. Our relatives. These attachments are woven with our Blood. Our DNA.

Of course we are going to have physiological changes when displaced from the Land. When the Land is taken. When the Water is polluted. When the Salmon are harmed. When our languages are harmed. When our Tree kin are destroyed. When Water is restricted. When life ways are oppressed.

It is felt in our bodies. These memories may be intensified now. We may be shedding many tears, or sometimes, none. We may feel rage & question everything ~ this is grief too. And we can move it, we can let it move us. Inform us. Change us. Our Hearts cracking open like seeds reaching for the Sun.

Grief work is part of decolonization, part of connecting us back to our bodies & also the Land. The Stars. Our Ancestors. Knowing they are not separate 💚

The Land knows our grief, kin as they hold these stories too ~ can you hear them weeping {& enraged} alongside us, fam?
{In case it isn't clear too :: c3ase 🔥 & L@nd bck worldwide, may it be actualized & may kin have space to truly grieve + heal} *slides are a brief overview; I'm working on a more in-depth workshop for the New Year for us 🌱🕯️

Returning to the Land is returning to ourselves, kin. It is liberation work, Ancestor work, healing work 💚I've sat with ...

Returning to the Land is returning to ourselves, kin. It is liberation work, Ancestor work, healing work 💚

I've sat with this post for awhile & how to say it in this small space {not possible}. But then I remember it's been said in so many ways by so many kin {& in previous posts} over so many years...

When we return to the Land it is all encompassing. Much of colon isation & Jenn oh side revolves around the Land, Water, control, resources {including exploiting + harming humans, traditions, culture in so many insidious ways}

When we remember that we ARE the Land, when we truly FEEL the Land loves us back, when we remember we are not 'above' Creation {dismantling all forms of supremacy}, how can this not shift us to protect & stand with all beings here, human + more than human kin?

This is the root of healing, returning to the Land, knowing we are the Land, Water, the Stars & not separate. Dissolving this illusion of separation. It is a worldview shift {away from colonial programming} & returning, remembering. It is Ancestor work. Spirit work.

Remembering our sacred responsibilities in working with the Plants, which has always been tending to & protecting one another, including the Earth, Water, and fellow Humans.

Returning to the Land, working w Plant Medicines can teach us so much. They share these stories with us, guiding us into true harmony & how to actually be in good relationship with all species here. They may also attune our own vibration, our cells, to that of true harmony. Helping us process, compost, integrate, in our physical bodies. To move from authentic love.

When folks share about speaking with the Plants, I wonder if they hear these stories? Stories of violence, harm, stolen Land? If not, I wonder if they're really listening? True 'Herbalism' is inherently liberation work within these systems.

The Land, Plant kin, may teach us how to move, to organize, mutual aid + care. They also fortify us, our bodies & Spirits, to keep going, keep showing up in all the ways we are called. They help us reweave harmful patterns, transmute, vision, truly *see,* dream... They are a continuum of all that ever was & will be 🌀

Arnica for embodiment & healing 🌼 Arnica is a beautiful ally for trauma & pain. Physical trauma + wounding, emotional, s...

Arnica for embodiment & healing 🌼

Arnica is a beautiful ally for trauma & pain. Physical trauma + wounding, emotional, spiritual-this lifetime & Ancestrally. They help weave the Spirit back into the body after trauma & shock. Embodiment. {these words were first written in 2019, but Arnica has been coming up to support}

The trauma may come from an accident, abuse, surgery, birth, or just walking through this world at times. It may be held in the body, the nervous system + muscles, adrenal glands. Ancestral & this life time.

They remind us that these times may also be bringing up past wounding to be healed. To be held. This is part of our work here too.

Colonization is traumatic. Racism, microagressions, are trauma. Being birthed or birthing in systems that are not in harmony may be traumatic. This is often held in the body.

Arnica is often worked w as a homeopathic. The person may go into shock {Star of Bethelehm here too}. They may not want to be touched, they are in pain-hurt-yet, push others away.

This extends to emotionally pushing others away - fear of being ‘touched,’ even from an energetic perspective. Hypersensitivity {not pathologizing sensitivity; our sensitive nature is a gift, I’m speaking of an imbalanced state. ex. It is valid to protect oneself from further trauma, but to cut off all emotional connection & dissociate over time may not be ideal}

After time this can change, the trauma may be internalized & boundaries become very porous {ex, fawning vs freezing}. Yet, the feeling of wanting to be left alone remains, or feeling deeply alone.

They are a deeply healing Medicine. I’ve have worked w them often, for my little one & patients as well. Many of us may benefit from working w them at this time. I prefer flower essences, or just sitting w them.

You may also craft an oil for sprains, bruising, postpartum healing & supporting release of trauma from the body. They make a lovely balm.

Extending some of their bright yellow Medicine to any of you who may need some support today☀️{they are also in Xálish Cosmic Weaver & Transitions flower essence}

You tend to your Ancestors by tending to yourself, by nourishing your body, Spirit, by tending to one another ♥️ We may ...

You tend to your Ancestors by tending to yourself, by nourishing your body, Spirit, by tending to one another ♥️

We may think of Ancestor work as something outside of us, it can be ~ yet it is also within. We are woven together, threaded through the Cosmic web & umbilicus of Creation. Our Blood + Bones. The imprints we carry in our cells. The Stars.

Have you ever heard your Ancestors ask you for a certain food? Or laughed together? Have you felt them hold you? They are present. They are a part of our day to day way of being.

We honour them directly when we honour & nourish ourselves, our bodies, blood. We tend to them in the way we speak to our children, to others, in the way we care for the Land. In the way we grieve & love.

We honour them in the offerings we make, how we care for community, in the gardens we grow & seeds we save. We honour them by standing with kin, human & more,worldwide for liberation. We embody this in our daily habits, actions, thoughts, dreams.

We honour them by remembering our songs, by speaking w the Stars. Dancing. In the words we speak & the foods we eat.

They recognize us, know us, our Hearts. We honour them by being in *relationship* w them, ourselves, Creation.We honour them in our humanity & spirit, woven 🕸

Oftentimes we think we need specific tools, crystals, etc. We may forget that our day to day life is part of the great Ceremony. Of course, commitment to specific Ceremony, to rituals,is also vital ~ so are our daily ways.

I think this can be helpful to remember when we are feeling depleted, overwhelmed, deficient, in grief, or struggling to even move {chronic illness, pain, flare}.

It can be simple, sharing our dinner with them. Getting their fave flowers. Sharing stories by candlelight at our alter.

We honour our Ancestors by listening to our bodies, our rhythms & taking care of them + one another. Building Blood. Nourishing.

Our daily rituals, healing work, the way we interact w ourselves, others & environment, our commitment to harmony, truth, liberation & love ~ it all ripples out. It is all important.

It is felt in our lineages ✨🌀We remember 🌊🍂🕯

Samhain blessings, Fam 🕯 Seen & unseen realms merge. Perceptions heightened 🍂 This year feels different, collectively gr...

Samhain blessings, Fam 🕯 Seen & unseen realms merge. Perceptions heightened 🍂 This year feels different, collectively grieving & witnessing what has been for so long ~ perhaps many people beginning to truly see 👁️

The connection with our Ancestors is always present, they are always near. Visiting us in Dreamtime & waking life.

Though now, now always feels like a potent time of connection as we deepen into darker months. (Re)acquainting ourselves w the dark. I’ve been plunged into the depths of d-ath work for the last couple of years, like many of you.

I sit often thinking of our Ancestors, collective trauma, grief, harms inflicted & harms incurred. I trust our well Ancestors are holding us & guiding, a reminder that Ancestor work is vital. Ancestral healing & repair is vital for us all to truly remember our way here.

It is a sweet time to feed, honour, sing, cry, to grieve ones who’ve passed, to dance & love. For those who have walked before us, beside us & live on w/in our blood + memories.

Ways to Honour your Ancestors & Samhain:
✬Cook foods your Ancestor’s would eat, set a photo at table; share w kin, organizers, community
✬Feast them! Make an Ancestor’s plate
✬Make Medicines w Plants in your lineages if accessible. Honouring voices of the Plant kin
✬Create an Ancestor’s altar
✬Go out & sit w Star Nations. Focus on a constellation, ask them to teach you. To fortify & mobilize you in generative ways
✬Light Candles, protective incense, have a fire, journal, call on your well Ancestors. Ask them how you can honour them here &/or how to repair
✬Include collective liberation, of all beings here, in your prayers + direct actions
✬Speak the names & share stories of relatives who’ve passed on, remembering keeping their Spirit alive
✬Sleep, they visit us in Dreams
✬Connect with the Water {Ocean if possible}, Origins🌊 or a dark bath w candles 🕯

Plants to work w:
✬Cedar(life/death balance, connect to Ancestors); Tree Medicines Oak + Apple
✬Mugwort(sacred herb, visioning, protection)
✬Hawthorn(protection, grief & heart medicine)
✬Elder(walks w us through realms)
✬Angelica(vision, open portals of connection)
✬Sagebrush(purification, protection)

The Medicine is within you 🕯️🍂You are a lineage carrier. Here to re-weave & remember 🕸May all that needs to shed, to be ...

The Medicine is within you 🕯️🍂

You are a lineage carrier. Here to re-weave & remember 🕸

May all that needs to shed, to be released, all that does not serve be transmuted with fierceness, compassion, courage, truth & clarity 🌊

May we clear out the cobwebs that have taken up space in the corners of our psyche, de-cluttering, clearing & making room for all we are co-creating, birthing, dreaming to be, for all kin ~ human + more than human relatives 🌌

May our grief also contain beauty & if we are consumed, may we remember that endings, big shifts, are part of birth, of life, too. May we be held, resourced in our grief + anger.

May we receive the teachings of the Forest with humility & open-ness.

May the healing journey we’ve been on, may all of the work in unseen realms, all of the preparations, all of our well Ancestors prayers be actualized in this timeline ~ moment to moment 🌀

May we remember how to hold grief & transmute it. May we keep our Hearts open 🌌

May we have safe spaces to go to cry, to scream, to ‘break down’ as needed, without shame or judgment ~ BEING in our human-ness fully 🐺

May our Ancestors feel our love, feel the repairs we’ve intentionally tended to & continue to mend ~ may we feel their love, their embrace & guidance too. May we leave them offerings with generosity, and extend those offerings to our communities, ourselves, too 🍂🎣

May we all receive all that we need to continue forward, continue showing up in all the ways we are called + needed, during this post Eclipse season & beyond 🧿🍂🕸 xo

Purple Aster Medicine 🌸 For grief, our lungs, for calming our nervous systems, coming back into our bodies...Aster are a...

Purple Aster Medicine 🌸 For grief, our lungs, for calming our nervous systems, coming back into our bodies...

Aster are a kin many of us recognize & love dearly. They are abundant around the Great Lakes where I first really deepened our relationship. They've been coming up strongly the last few weeks, I've been missing them in their abundance.

They always felt like a guide into Fall, Ancestor Season {year round, yes, &, we can FEEL the shifts as the Medicine Wheel turns to the darker months of the year}. They hold us like that.

When many other Plants are going to sleep, or at the end of their life cycle, Aster blooms. Nourishment for pollinators & a balm for our Hearts, our breath.

They are a beautiful Medicine for respiratory support, expelling mucous & gently supporting cough. Helping us breathe a little deeper. Returning to our vital force, our breath.

I'm TCM our Lungs are the organ {along with large intestine} of Fall, and hold the emotion of grief. Especially inter-generational, Ancestral grief that is carried within us, through us.

Aster may help us to really transmute this grief, to help us move through it & not get stuck in it. To *feel* it, yes it can be heavy, but more than just feel, transform it. Let it move us to change.

Our breath also reminding us of that innate reciprocity with Creation, that authentic interface bw external + internal worlds, ourselves + our environment, as well as protection Medicine through strengthening Wei Qi & digestion. Discernment.

Aster has the beautiful ability of lifting the Spirit. They are a calming nervine kin, bringing relaxation & soothing anxiety. For me, it's more like presence. Being able to notice, to receive the beauty, to really be in my body to experience the fullness that is Life {which, includes grief, anger, & can be painful too, to be open to it all includes the spectrum of being}.

They feel like a soothing kin to hold us right now. I love working with them as steam inhalations for first signs of a cold, or in infusions/teas with other Autumn Plant/Fungi kin. I shared a recipe with them via my n3wsletter🌸 Also beautiful as a Flower Essence, or bath.

Sending our Hearts lots of love, xo

Plant Medicines for coping, for grief, fighting systems, being here now✨{First shared in 2020; may some of these Plants ...

Plant Medicines for coping, for grief, fighting systems, being here now✨
{First shared in 2020; may some of these Plants hold us as we tend to one another & stand with kin for a just, harmonious + liberated world}

If you're feeling the depths of grief, kin, you aren't alone. Remembering the Land, Plants, Water hold us. Go to them if you're able. Bring your prayers. Your tears. Your To***co. Listen. Tell them what’s on your Heart. They feel it. The Land remembers.

We also hold one another. Our well Ancestors guiding, sharing our grief. Seen & unseen realms bearing witness, there is hope here too.

When we come back to Creation our Hearts remember this harmony with our human & more than human kin. Sustaining us. Resourcing us to act.

Eat nourishing, easy to digest foods as our digestive systems are impacted by trauma + grief.

A few Plants:
*research interactions & how to work w them💛
✹Hypericum: May be effective for mild depression. Protection. Rooting. Blood. Nervous system support{interactions}. Thresholds
✹Lemon Balm:Brightens Spirit. Anxiety support. Nervous system restorative
✹Elecampane:Grief, helps us move through stuck emotions, feelings of being ‘homesick.’ Comfort.
✹Calendula:Moves stuck energy, ruled by Leo, Sun, Joy
✹Osha:Contains Oxytocin, Love hormone. Reminds us we are needed here, we are home. Connects us to Spirit so we don’t feel as alone{overharvested; at risk}
✹Wood Betony:Gets us out of Head & into body. May bring feeling of ease in body
✹Hawthorn:Heart Medicine. Grief + Protection. Strong boundaries. Piercing illusions
✹Star of Bethlehem Essence: Shock. Trauma. Dissociation
✹Wild Yam:Relax tension & spasm in body
✹Scullcap:Nervous system tonic, relaxing & easing anxiety
✹Adaptogens(specific to u):Nourishing. Grounding in Body
✹Milky Oats: Soothing to frazzled nervous system
✹Rose: Heart Medicine. Boundaries. Soothing.
✹Cottonwood balm: Grounding. Bringing back into our bodies. Calming, protection. Soothing Heart & Lungs {grief}

Keep up protections. Connect with Spirit & ask what you need, what is needed of you for community+collective. Call on your supports, including the Plants, Drum, Prayer. You are needed here, keep showing up Fam✨

Equinox Blessings, friends 🌻 Can you feel those subtle shifts? The winds temperatures? The Sun lower on the horizon? A t...

Equinox Blessings, friends 🌻 Can you feel those subtle shifts? The winds temperatures? The Sun lower on the horizon?

A time of big shifts & transitions ~ of abundance, harvesting. Grief maybe too. Longings & sometimes "what ifs." Plans we may have had that never came to be. And of course, the beauty in the glow from the Autumn Sun. Energies moving inward.

I wonder if one of the gifts we can give ourselves is tending our relationship with grief. Knowing how to find stability amidst unstable ground. For ourselves & one another. This season is one that teaches us well🍁

May we feel held by the Earth/Water. Time spent w our Food & Medicines, preparing 🫐 Hearing whispers of our Ancestors as we near the darker months. May we give gratitude for seeds they saved, knowing they were caring for us, praying for us, long before we were here✨

May nourishment + warmth fill our homes & hearts, as we release anything that is no longer aligned. May we find space to BE🍄

Ways to honour the Equinox 🌽
❂Connect w the Land, Harvest w gratitude. Create an Ancestor’s plate in honour of them feeding you. Save seeds
❂Soak up Golden light of Elder Sun, ask this energy sustain you through Winter
❂Deepen into the trust of timing & our rhythms, vs external expectations
❂Make Medicines, can & dehydrate foods for nourishment {share w community}
❂REST. Nap. Divest from colonial timelines of always being on or “productive”
❂Nourish. Give gratitude to YOU, for what has shifted or transformed, since Spring
❂Sip warm drinks & prepare your body for shifts
❂Work w Lung + transition supportive herbs: Mullein, Astragalus, Aster, Cinnamon, Yarrow {Learning from a few of them in Exploratory Herbal Mentorship! Join if you feel called, see B10🍄}
❂Connect with Fungi kin, learn their ways of being
❂Call in balance. Take action that creates harmony in your environment
❂Have a Cedar bath, allowing the Medicine to ease tension/grief held deep in the body. Releasing anything stuck, emotions, patterns
❂Remember JOY. We need this too
❂Be in Ceremony, gather w people who love you/you love
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Markham, ON


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