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Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom Plant Medicine Teachings & Earth Based Wisdom. Rooted in reciprocity. Dr. Jacqui, ND

The Land holds grief, the Water remembers. As connect with the Earth, we may feel grief, for many reasons. We are all in...

The Land holds grief, the Water remembers. As connect with the Earth, we may feel grief, for many reasons. We are all intimately connected.

When we see the Earth being destroyed, exploited, harmed, our bodies feel this. For some of us, deeply. When we connect or learn an Ancestral skill we may feel grief that it was taken, lost, fractured.

The Land, and other Kin share these stories with us & we can hold space. We can (must) heal together.

I remember a time I felt this grief from the Land (I’ve been feeling it my whole life). I was sitting w Western Red Cedar near Ancestral homelands & they told me about their sadness. About violence, harms.

A lot of students ask me about this sadness that sometimes comes when they connect to a Tree, Plant, the Water, Land. It is so common ♥️ {Yes, the joys + beauty too, but we often don't talk about the grief}

How do we hold this? How do we tend to ourselves + one another when the Earth is burning? When Lands are still being destroyed? When the Water is sick? When our Sisters/Trans/2S kin, who embody the Earth, are taken & disregarded in the same way?

How do we hold this grief? I don’t have the answers, but I have some care ideas. Rest. Water. Community. Love. Action. Heart + Nervous System Medicines.

Rest as much as you need if you can. If you’re feeling extra tired when there’s heavy destruction, it’s ok. Rest when you are able w/o guilt. There’s nothing wrong w you. It’s the system.

Drink a lot of water, hydrate to flush out anything you don’t need. Keep your nervous system nourished & not dry.

Be in Community, w Love. Gather together. Remember your Roots & that we are fighting together. There is hope. I believe this with all of my Heart.

Take action. In whatever way you can. Go & talk with the Trees. Don't look away from the harms, find tools to increase your capacity to presence.

Donate your time, energy, voice, privileges. Make those hard changes in your life if needed.

Come back into relation with the Earth, with yourself, your Ancestors, your friends. Deeply connect. It may sound cheesy, but strengthening our relationships & kinships is deeply healing + protecting, walking here together 🌧️♥️

We hear often, “go into Nature.” You are Nature, kin. Our bodies are an extension of the Earth, the Land. We are of the ...

We hear often, “go into Nature.” You are Nature, kin. Our bodies are an extension of the Earth, the Land. We are of the Earth, woven as one.

I believe this remembering is part of our collective healing. At a micro level it also deeply impacts our health. Tending the Earth, intuition, reclaiming identities/ways, energy, inspired motivation & gut health. They are all connected.

Hearing our own inner Earth elements speaking loudly as the health of our gut, our inner Earth, is intimately connected to our wellbeing. Many of us are feeling the Earth's energies, colonialism & end stage c@p1tal1sm. And are fighting to protect the Land, to restore Harmony.

I keep seeing this image of each of us tending to the Soil. Tending to the Earth by first nurturing the Soil. Literally & figuratively. Working with the Plants, the Water. As well as our own Earth element.

We can think of our gut flora as part of a healthy soil. It is!! Our gut flora is made up of bacteria & organisms that live in our bodies. They help facilitate many functions (research: gut brain axis; impacting mental health, 1immunε, hormone balance, etc).

We inherit part our gut microbiome from our Maternal lineage-our Ancestors. We have a direct link to them through the bacteria that make up our gut. Are we tending to them? Are we nourishing them? Do they recognize the foods we eat?

Receiving that “Mother” energy through those connections. Reparenting our inner child & sharing these gifts as well.

The Earth's soil also contains beneficial bacteria such as Mycobacterium vaccae. It may positively affect our mood as well as our 1mmun3 function. The Earth nourishes us.

What does this mean? It means, we belong to the Earth. We are meant to live close to the Land & eat foods + medicines harvested from the Earth. We are meant to work with the Plants, dig roots & tend to the Land. Nourishing the Soil & more than Humxn kin. As well as ourselves.

To be in relation w Creation. How are you feeling nourished this Season kin? 💛 {More in Xálish bl0g about balancing & tending to our Earth element}

Integration ✨🕯From the root “integrat” or made whole ~ similar to integrity.I keep hearing integration whispered. Ancest...

Integration ✨🕯From the root “integrat” or made whole ~ similar to integrity.

I keep hearing integration whispered. Ancestors reminding. Spirit revealing the importance of taking this space ~ honouring these in b/w times. Liminal moments.

Are we taking the time we need to integrate? Rest? What are our rituals for this integration? Sometimes we think the Ceremony is *it,* but the integration time is just as vital. Helping us ROOT & WEAVE those teachings, those energies, feelings, alignments that come through…

Of course we may also need time for integration after trauma, loss, shock, grief. How often do we just rush ‘back to life?’ Back to ‘normal.’ Tenderness like postpartum when all energy centres are Open. A portal between Earth + Stars.

Anytime we touch this opening deserves adequate space for remembering our wholeness.

I gathered Douglas Fir tips tonight & they reminded me to rest. To slow. To integrate all of the lessons from this Eclipse season, of this Winter. This past year(s) 🌸

How are we really GROUNDING into the teachings we've receive? How are we embodying our Dream time? Even something as simple as leaving space when you wake up to be with your dreams vs jumping on a device can be impactful. There are often small ways we can integrate & rest even when continually pushed by crrpt c@p1talism.

Floral & Herbal Baths are one of my favourite ways to integrate. To rest & be held. Water reminding us of our sacred Origins, the Salt if added helping absorb heavy energy & connecting w the Earth, maybe Ocean kin. The Plant Medicines offering guidance, healing, weaving, LOVE...

Some Plant kin that may hold space for rest + integration:
•Seaweed~protecting, reminding us how to flow with the waves & find stability amidst storms
•Shooting Star~embodying our Cosmic origins & reminding us of our original instructions.
•Cedar~Weaving. Holding space. Axis Mundi or holder of that Sky + Earth connection.
•Turkey Tail~Grounding & helping weave patterns of Harmony. Re-programming.
•Burdock~Rooting & Nourishing 💚

It's ok to be tired rn, Fam. I hope spaces of rest are accessible & that we can receive them openly 🌸🍯

Tending to Grief & our Hearts during this time 🌹 These two Medicines have been holding me ~ Sacred Grief & Protection Fl...

Tending to Grief & our Hearts during this time 🌹 These two Medicines have been holding me ~ Sacred Grief & Protection Flower Essence.

Sacred Grief flower essence supports us in navigating times of intense grief, sadness, change, uncertainty & loss.

This intuitive formula is crafted from Flower essences + Pomegranate + Rose Water that have each held me during times of grief, loss & d3ath.

D3ath can be physical of course, when we lose someone we love {including the Land, Water ways, Language, etc}, or it may also be spiritual or an ending.

Endings of cycles may feel painful as we let go of what we thought may be, what could be, what was. Deep transitions & transformations. Grief of course can also be related to the Land, colonization, Ancestral healing & remembering {including *all* lineages, traumas inflicted & endured}, capitalism over culture, etc.

These Medicines come together to offer us Heart support to be able to flow vs. getting stuck in them. Esp supportive in early Spring 🌷

They also offer gentle guidance in grief, so that we may be present with ourselves. Grief is not linear & this formula does not take away the Sacred ceremony ~ it helps us to integrate the lessons & teachings, be gentle with ourselves, others as we are in grief cycles. It helps us to let our Sacred Tears flow in honoring the LOVE that brings us to these depths of grief + sorrow.

Protection flower essence is one of the most popular essences. Sacred boundaries + protection during these times.

For sensitive souls, ‘empaths,’ & folks in spiritual work ~ Plant medicines of Yarrow, Hypericum & Agrimony with Obsidian, coming together to offer protection. Supportive for grief & deep healing work.

Hypericum may help us navigate those threshold times; repairing holes in our energetic fields. Strengthening perceptions & ability to intuitively know when a situation/person/pattern is not aligned. Discernment.

With Yarrow & Agrimony, a potent kin for grief + truth, including truths within that may feel difficult to hold.

Phew, big shifts, Fam 🌼 May we be held & remember we, our Medicine, are needed here at this time 🌻💛 May our Hearts feel the beauty of Creation & Love.

On grief, loss & dreams 💚 Do your loved ones visit you in your Dreams?As far back as I can recall my Dreams have guided ...

On grief, loss & dreams 💚 Do your loved ones visit you in your Dreams?

As far back as I can recall my Dreams have guided me. Taught me. Sometimes to the point of premonitions. If I was homesick I'd dream of the Land, I often am able to tell I'm dreaming & can direct my Dreams. Flying to visit Sandstone, and then to the River 💧

I've shared before of Plants visiting & sharing teachings, formulas, wisdom in Dreams. As well as Ancestral wisdom, animal kin sharing, etc...I learned to trust & work with my Dreams from the earliest time I can recall. They are one of my favourite things {and prob why this Ta**us Moon loves sleep so much lol 😂}

When my Dad suddenly passed I found my Dreamtime to bring levels of healing & help my psyche make sense of this new reality. I dreamt of him, or of his passing/d3ath, or memories, almost every night for 6 months. I'll share more on that another time as it was very insightful, amazing & really beautiful + sometimes heartbreaking.

But what I wanted to share/ask is for those of you who've experienced loss of a loved one: have you noticed your Dreamtimes shifting in linear time after the loss?

More specifically, in the earlier days I felt my Dad much closer. Very close. In Dreamtime I could tell when he was actually visiting, vs me having a memory, or something else. Now that it's been almost a year, he feels farther. Still present, still connected. But, farther.

Even in Dreamtime in the last couple months, it's not exactly the same. Hard to put into words 💚

I have my own teachings & understandings of this. Of how Spirit moves & how we transition. How the seen + unseen connect. I think hearing from others & sharing our experiences can be really beautiful. And this is a topic I haven't heard many people speak on 🌼

So Fam, have you noticed this feeling of loved ones being 'farther' after a certain amount of time? (For me it's a pretty clear delineation) Have your dreams shifted throughout time when they visit or you dream of them? I'd love to hear & open this space for sharing 🦋🌧️

Why Grow Your Own Plant Medicines??🌻🌱 Because having your hands in the Earth connects you to your ROOTS, your Ancestors,...

Why Grow Your Own Plant Medicines??🌻🌱 Because having your hands in the Earth connects you to your ROOTS, your Ancestors, to your own authentic Nature. Because we’ve always been seed keepers.

Because starting a Plant from seed & tending to their growth, connects you to your own growth ~ your Natural rhythms, cycles & ancient self. Remembering our relations w more than Human kin🦋

Because as you tend to the Earth & live by the Moon, you heal🌙You sync your cycles to the Cycles of the Cosmos.

Because the Earth & all of creation is calling us to come back into relation. Because we must heed this call - for generations to come.

Because this is part of who we are. You are the Earth embodied. When you sit w the Plants in communion - you remember.

Because herbs bought in a pill made by corporations are not the way forward. Because Plants are commodified. Sacred is not for sale.

Because our food systems are damaged. It is up to us to reclaim these connections & traditional ways to share with our children - all of Earth’s children (human& more than). Because depression, loneliness, disconnection, anxiety, heart disease - it’s all rising. Connecting to the Earth & the Plants is a way to connect back to YOU, your intuition - which may harmonize & heal.*

Because we’ve been out of relation w our Plant Kin, Stones, Water spirits, for too long. They’re calling us home.

Because you are your own healer too w/ the Earth. When we connect to one another through shared visions & community we change the current paradigm.

Because it is a radical act of Love to care for yourself + the Land this way - trusting the Plants & yourself, reclaiming your power.

Because you don't need 'fixing,' the Plants remind us of our wholeness & belonging by being.

Because the medical system sometimes fails us, fails Q***r, Trans, Black, Indigenous & racialized kin esp - bc we MUST take care of one another. It’s giving to the Earth while giving to yourself & communities.

Join me in remembering, deepening these connections + wisdom, as we Grow 8 potent Plants from Seed to Harvest to Medicine making; join before tomorrow to receive your GIFTED Seed Bundle!💚 {L(1)NK in B1Ο to join!}

Grow Your Own Medicine officially open for Enrolment on this auspicious Spring Equinox & New Moon! Join early to receive...

Grow Your Own Medicine officially open for Enrolment on this auspicious Spring Equinox & New Moon! Join early to receive your GIFTED Seed bundle! I’m so excited to grow with so many of you & call in a new cycle 🌸💚

One of my favourite offerings🍃 Growing our Own Medicines is everything. Tending to the Earth & being in good relation. It is returning to the Land, the Plants, ourselves & our Ancestors. It is taking care of our Communities, our families by divesting from systems meant to harm.

It aligns our bodies + Spirits to the rhythms of Creation, the Sun, Moon + Stars. Literally our bodies release Oxytocin, the hormone of LOVE, when we connect with the Earth. Our blood pressure goes down, our Hearts attune with the Heart beat of the Earth, anxiety lessens, hormones may balance, cortisol harmonizes... we remember that we Belong.

It begins with relationship, reciprocity. Really getting to know them, the entire eco-system including our micro Ancestors in the soil (and our gut!!) 🐛🌱 Learning to commune ~ listen & speak with the Plants, Flowers.

In this offering all of the practical aspects of growing a Medicine garden are included ~ from Seed to Harvest.

Our intention is connection & building relationships, reclaiming our Medicines + ways. We also cover how to harvest, preserve, store & make your own Herbal Medicines with what you grow! Building your home herbal apothecary 💚

Also includes a beautiful Plant Medicine recipe book with some of my favourite herbal formulas and medicine making recipes. You also receive 8 Herbal Monographs delving into how to work with the Plants for healing 🌸

There's so much more & not enough space here, but head to the website to learn more & sign up if you feel called⚡☀️🪺

Spring Equinox Love to you all 🐝 May we all feel nourished & receive the support needed to feel/be safe, cared for & remember our joy, together 💚 **Please share if you are able, it helps so much**

Xálish Medicines LOVE Bundle // A special, small batch bundle to honour all things L O V E. feat homemade Schisandra, S...

Xálish Medicines LOVE Bundle // A special, small batch bundle to honour all things L O V E. feat homemade Schisandra, Shatavari, Rose Truffles sweetened with Maple + Birch syrup, and topped with Meadowseeet and Pink Salt 🌸

A few other Love, Blood & Heart Medicines in stock too. Divine Heart {the original!} Rose Fam Oxymel, Heart Song tincture {with fresh Hawthorn flowers, the best}, Tilíwal Blood building elixir & Átawit Love Potion 🌹

It’s been awhile since we’ve had Átawit in! I saved myself a bottle & made a N/A ginger beer cocktail on Friday 💓 A beautiful aphrodisiac tonic that helps us reawaken our creative energy centers, soothe our Hearts & move energy 🍓

This drop is all things L O V E 🌹 Embodying the type of Love that sustains us, that supports us toward the visions we see, rooted in harmony, truth, alignment ~ offering strength to continue our work, to feed our warrior Hearts & offer ease, to kindle the Fire that burns within us to protect all things Sacred, to protect ourselves, one another & all of our kin {Humxn & all} ♥️

The type of Love that gives hope to guide us out of even the longest, coldest, greyest Winters. Love of our languages, of our Ancestors, love of our people, the Land. Love of ourselves (!) & one another. Intimate, sensual, grief evoking, playful, joyous love. Inter species & inter galactic Love. The love that weaves us together beyond time + space. The love we feel when we are held by the Earth, by Creation.

Remembering that many Heart Medicines also hold boundaries & offer protection, discernment 🌹

The Love bundles are on the w3bs1te {with a few Heart song & Divine Heart on both} 💓 I realized my love for small batch offerings in rolling out all these truffles. Sustainable ~ a way of honouring & loving myself & creative process too 🌸

Wishing you all a beautiful month {& beyond} of Love & healing any stuff that may be tugging at your Heart + Womb spaces {energetic and/or physical}. Honouring & celebrating that deep Love that is holding us through... reminding us of our joy, pleasure & beauty in showing up exactly as we are. It is enough. Showing up for each other. May we be fed & nurtured in all ways that uplift 🌺💕🌹xox

Gratitude to be included in this beautiful gift guide from Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine

Gratitude to be included in this beautiful gift guide from Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine

Sipping on this delicious Elixir on this cozy Saturday before Samhain, waiting for the rains to come 🍂This time of year ...

Sipping on this delicious Elixir on this cozy Saturday before Samhain, waiting for the rains to come 🍂

This time of year I crave all things warm, soothing, building & energy supportive. Supporting moving energy & circulation within the body as we prepare for Winter. I crafted this blend with 3 Fungi + Root Medicines that I often look to for support this time of year: Turkey Tail, Maca & Astragalus. And of course, all things Pumpkin! This year feels extra tender as I smile remembering my Dad sending me roasted Pumpkin seeds every year.

Made with real Pumpkin {high in Vitamin A & K, as well as Copper and Fiber} and Organic Maple Syrup. The Spirit of Maple, the sweetness, abundance & reminders to not take Creation for granted. To remember our responsibilities here, and walk/move gently.

Next Turkey Tail, Astragalus & Maca were blended with Organic Vanilla & delicious warming spices. Fortifying our Kidneys, our 1mmun3 Systems, our Nervous systems. Helping to balance hormones, cortisol levels, blood sugar & strengthening the Lung. In TCM the Lung holds the emotion grief, and is paired with the Large Intestine, supporting us in letting go. Discernment.

Overall beautiful for supporting vitality, effects of burn out or overwhelm, and deficiency {and just super delicious!}. A handful of jars left on the website! What are you sipping on this weekend? Do you find you crave certain drinks this time of year?

Herbal Pumpkin spice latte with Turkey Tail, Maca & Astragalus. For low energy and stress support

The Medicine is within you 🧿🍂You are a lineage carrier. Here to re-weave & remember 🕸May all that needs to shed, to be r...

The Medicine is within you 🧿🍂

You are a lineage carrier. Here to re-weave & remember 🕸

May all that needs to shed, to be released, all that does not serve be transmuted with grace, compassion, courage & clarity 🌊

May we clear out the cobwebs that have taken up space in the corners of our psyche, de-cluttering, clearing & making room for all we are co-creating, birthing, dreaming to be 🌌

May our grief also contain beauty & if we are consumed, may we remember that death cycles are part of birth, of life, too. May we receive the teachings of the Forest with humility & open-ness.

May the healing journey we’ve been on, may all of the work in unseen realms, all of the preparations, be actualized in this timeline ~ moment to moment 🌀

May we rest. Our bodies. Our minds. Our spirit. May we rest & receive. Integrate 🌌

May we have safe spaces to go to cry, to scream, to ‘break down’ as needed, without shame or judgment ~ BEING in our human-ness fully 🐺

May our Ancestors feel our love, feel the repairs we’ve intentionally tended to & continue to mend ~ May we feel their love, their embrace & guidance too. May we leave them offerings with generosity, and extend those offerings to our communities, ourselves, too 🍂🎣

May we all receive what we need to continue forward during this Eclipse season & beyond 🧿🍂🕸 xo
{please do not use or screenshot this photo, 📸 , my hands 2018}

We are Nature embodied, a part of the Land. Not separate. We are part of the web of Creation. Embodied here {mostly}. We...

We are Nature embodied, a part of the Land. Not separate. We are part of the web of Creation. Embodied here {mostly}. We belong to the Land, with the Land, Creation ~ as we are woven intimately with all that is.

I shared a bit today in my stories about my little one (6yo) navigating those feelings of belonging & wanting to fit. We chatted about how when we are our authentic selves, the people who *see* us can find us. It brought up my own childhood ‘stuff’ & I thought of this post from awhile back ::

How many times have you been on the Land & felt that oneness w Creation? Maybe a Sunset? Or w the Stars? Whatever it is, most of us probably know it.

I searched for so long for this belonging; I think a childhood of violent bullying & harm, of being ‘different,’ partly shaped this understanding that we belong to/with, the Land. Whenever I would be with Sandstone, Sagebrush, w my Great Danes, I belonged.

As an adult, this holds true. The Land doesn’t care about all of the things we may feel pressure from other humans, judged for or ‘othered’ ~ just cares about us, our Spirit, Harmony. They remind us how to come back, to discern & hear our own *authentic selves.* Our Ancestors & helpers. They help us remember & root into who we truly are.

Returning home to the Earth’s embrace, healing, nurturing. Belonging by *existing.*

I don’t think the importance of this knowing can be articulated fully ~ this sense of belonging is vital. This sense of being accepted & truly loved as we are.

The Plants, the Earth, they remind us of these Teachings every day. When we embody this belonging, we also remember our responsibilities. Taking care of the Earth, protecting & taking care of one another too. Showing up, even imperfectly, for ourselves & each other.

Gratitude to these more than human kin♥️ May we all remember we belong & discern any false belongings w ease. May we have courage to find true belonging w Humxn kin too if desired. Love you, Fam 💫🌊


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In Working with Plant Medicines, we remember who we are. We remember our identity. We heal. We belong. In deepening our ...

In Working with Plant Medicines, we remember who we are. We remember our identity. We heal. We belong. In deepening our relationship to the Land, we ripple out this Harmony to all of Creation🌻 We walk in our Ancestors footsteps, we are our Ancestors embodied 💕
Exploratory Herbal Mentorship is open!! Just in time for Harvest Season & Samhain, aligned w the Moon’s rhythms. Syncing our own Sacred rhythms too. We begin our journey w the New Moon eclipse Oct 25th & journey in {online} Community for 12 weeks 🐝

This offering is rooted in relationship + connection. With the Plants, yourself, Ancestors & one another. We work WITH the Plants vs just reading about them.

You receive a Plant Medicine bundle w 6 medicines in the mail, hand crafted in Ceremony by me. Each different forms: tincture, tea, flower essence, oil, etc. Bridging the research/clinical aspects of ‘herbalism’ & the Heart/Tradition of Plant Medicine.

The Plants in this offering were loud about being the ones to guide us through these times: Elecampane, Mullein, Elder, Agrimony, Angelica & our BONUS Turkey Tail for re-weaving patters + nourishment + integration. Remembering we are interconnected.

This offering is meant to guide you in not only learning about the Plants, but also on a journey of deep healing & connecting w yourself. Transversing transitional & changing times; helping clear anxiety, offer boundaries + protection {1mmun3}, heal our hearts, grief, womb spaces {creation centres} & sustain us to keep going… Healing together. Seeing beyond the veil & communing with the unseen. Hope🌸

W/in the Teachings you will also receive recipes, rituals, Plant spirit Medicine & ways to work w the Plants.

Awakening your inherent ability to connect & commune w the Plants. Learning directly *from* these Medicines the way our Ancestors have. Awakening Blood memory. Knowing this is w/in you!

Space is already half full, Fam!! See B1O to learn more & join us in connecting & working closely w the Plants during these intense times, letting them hold us & remembering our responsibilities too 🦋 ** Plz share & amplify if you feel called 🌼 Blessings Fam, may we walk in Beauty in all ways, xo


Exploratory Herbal Mentorship Fall 2022 doors open!! 💛🌻With 6 unique Plant Medicines + Fungi {different from last Fall} ...

Exploratory Herbal Mentorship Fall 2022 doors open!! 💛🌻

With 6 unique Plant Medicines + Fungi {different from last Fall} 🍄

Autumn Equinox blessings, kin! 🍁 How is your Spirit? Your Heart? It seems that so many of us have been, or are, just really in it. This offering is meant to hold us, the Plants guiding. Rooting in relationships.

Helping us remember our connection to the Land, one another, ourselves. To attune to the vibration of the Earth & Creation, syncing our rhythms so that we can honour them. Honour our pace. Our needs.

While also sustaining us, healing, so that we can also honour & remember our responsibilities here. Our original instructions ✨🕸Together🦋

We begin our journey on the New Moon Eclipse Oct 25th & go through the Winter Solstice ♥️ Held through these liminal spaces. Time of Spirit connection + Ancestral wisdom. Shifting & transitional times. The Plants always lead the way w this offering.

In this online course you receive 6 Plant Medicines, crafted by me, in a beautiful bundle, sent directly to you. This way you actually get to know the Plants directly by working with them.

You will also experience various forms of working w Medicines {tincture, syrup, flower essence, etc}. And, enter into a {hopefully} healing journey as we move w the Medicines as well.

You will receive rituals & recipes, as well as clinical + traditional teachings on ways they offer healing. This offering is special to me, bc the focus is on relationships. Including to ourselves & intuition.

Rekindling your inherent ability to connect w the Plants, learn directly *from* them, trusting yourself, your intuition & work w these Medicines the way our Ancestors always have.

We spend a half moon cycle w each Plant, getting to know them. We also have a virtual circle to share experiences & learn from one another. I learn so much from you all🧡 It feels so special to gather & share stories.

I’d be honoured to have you join us✨🌿 Space is limited due to the small batch Nature of growing the Medicines & sending out Bundles.
E n r 0 l l m ε n t ends Oct 6th or when all spaces filled! See B10 to join!🍄 {share if you feel called ✨}

Hi Fam ~ my Dad unexpectedly & traumatically passed this week ♥️ I shared on my other account, but haven’t here yet.I do...

Hi Fam ~ my Dad unexpectedly & traumatically passed this week ♥️ I shared on my other account, but haven’t here yet.

I don’t have many words. I am devastated. Bear & I travelled home overnight, ferries, drive & flying to make it. I was there in ICU with him, but he never regained consciousness. I trust he knew Bear & I were there by his side with our family. We held him as he transitioned 🌹

There are some regrets that I didn’t make it home sooner; that he wasn’t able to visit, he was trying, but work kept coming up {he was in construction}. Likely will be navigating this for awhile. Last night brought dreams of crying, the tears keep coming even in sleep ~ helping his journey home 🌌

Life will never be the same {after a massive shift with the eviction this Winter, Medicine garden loss/demolishment, subsequent move, miscarriage & infertility}. It seems Spirit had some other plans for us this year, a year of big upheaval, grief & instability. Leaning on my teachings, the Land & ceremony to find the lessons, and to learn.

As I navigate this journey & life shifts my communications will be delayed or sparse for a bit. Right now I’m home in so called Montana with my family, especially supporting my Mom. It feels so nourishing to be home, it’s been so long, I just wish it were different. I miss him. Will likely need some good rest soon, chronic illness + sudden loss is a lot to hold. I’m learning so much.

Xálish Medicines is still open with what is in stock as I had the Medicines made, thankfully. And they’re being packed + shipped from the island still, with love. I’m answering messages & GYOM questions as I’m able. Deep gratitude for all of your support in all ways, kin. It is felt 💛🕯🌀✨ Love one another deeply, kin. This life is so fragile & we truly never know what tomorrow brings, xo

Full Flower Moon {Spring} u|pdατε is LIVE at 10:30am PST, Fam 🌕🌸✨ In just 1 hour!! On 3tsy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Whew! 19 Medicines eith...

Full Flower Moon {Spring} u|pdατε is LIVE at 10:30am PST, Fam 🌕🌸✨ In just 1 hour!! On 3tsy
Whew! 19 Medicines either completely new or restocked after a long hiatus ~ so grateful for all of your support of me & my fam.

And you’re shared excitement for this one with me, it’s been so felt & sweet. It’s an honour to make these Medicines & be entrusted with this craft 🌱
There are too many offerings to list; please head to my B1O at 10:30am PST if you’d like to read more about each offering as well as the Plants. I try to share some education there too 🧡

This update is a balance of Root + Crown energies. Earth + Stars. Deep womb + blood healing & remembering. Paired with the most beautiful, enchanting Spirit lifting + expansive Medicines. Lots of energy moving & clearing support for Spring as well.

Womb (all gender), Liver supportive, lymphatic moving, burnout restorative, embodied joy, rejuvenating, healing Medicines!

Nettle, Hawthorn, White Peony & Angelica can be found in a lot of the Medicines. Womb + Heart.

Protection, discernment, pain relief & wound healing🌲
Please feel free to share this post & amplify {we all know IG dislikes us working outside the systems, algorithms} 🌱🌕 Your shares & reviews help so much. Kw’ałanúusha matash 🌸
May the Medicines we seek, find their way to us 🌺✨ {as always, email me if something is calling you & finances are a barrier, some set aside for sliding scale} Loving you 🌷
*Please also remember this is a one Mama show {w Bear’s papa packing + shipping, still very small batch} ~ orders will take 6-10 business days to ship. The Medicines remind us of patience. Please choose TRACKED packaging for US orders if it is important to you. I can’t control customs or postal times, tho I really wish I could sometimes 🧿🌲🌺🌕🌈🐺


Markham, ON


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