Kristine Downes Yoga

Kristine Downes Yoga Yoga
Ashtanga, Hatha
Fertility, Yoga for Wellness
Curvy Yoga Come out and join Kristine on a journey to embrace your own curves while exploring Yoga.

E-RYT 200Hr with the Yoga Alliance
Certified Ashtanga/Hatha Yoga Instructor
Reiki Level 2 Healer
Fertility Yoga
Pre & Postnatal Yoga & most recently Curvy Yoga. Through Asana Postures and Breath work and allow Curvy Yoga to help you explore a healthy form of self expression and movement. Curvy Yoga is a practice for every body to practice safely while still providing a creative indivi

dual expression of traditional Yoga Postures. Throughout the classes you will also learn how to embrace body positivity which looks differently within all of us. We will use props within each class, these are provided by the studio. Props support us to explore postures which otherwise may be unavailable or uncomfortable. Come and learn how to embrace life by the Curves!This is also a great class for those who may be finding a regular Yoga practice challenging due to knee or hip restrictions. The use of bolsters and chairs with be used as part of this class. Kristine has been a Yogini now for over 13 years, and a certified Instructor since 2007. She brings with her a wide variety of life experiences and joy to her teaching. Kristine is certified in Ashtanga, Curvy Yoga, Pre & Postnatal Yoga & Yoga for Fertility. Kristine is also a Reiki Level 2 Healer and a Registered Early Childhood Educator.Life for Kristine has been a long and winding road, she loves to explore Yoga with students of all levels and to encourage them to explore their infinite possibilities. As a Yoga guide, Kristine strives to help students connect with their true inner self. Making connections within oneself through breath linked with movement leads us to shine our inner light with strength and consistency.“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
~Marilyn Monroe

Tomorrow is day 1 of February…Find love send love xo

Tomorrow is day 1 of February…
Find love send love xo

It’s been a minute…time to share energy!Mindfulness & meditation are amazing ways to manage stress.Below is my own Mala,...

It’s been a minute…time to share energy!
Mindfulness & meditation are amazing ways to manage stress.
Below is my own Mala, created and shared in 2017. So many moments, so much time spent with this amazing Mala.

Earth Goddess Energy ❤🌿
♢ Moonstone vibrates to the frequency of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Priestess Archetype. It pulls back the veil so you can see again.
♢ Picture Jasper vibrates with the consciousness and electromagnetic field of Gaia, and connects it's wearer to the ancient knowledge of living in balance and harmony with the Earth.
♢ Pearl chalcedony promotes sisterhood and fosters the maternal instinct, while increasing physical energy.
♢ Crystal Quartz guru stone brings the vibration of clarity on all levels, stimulating and opening all chakras and allowing a more enlightened and expansive auric field.
Numerologically, the vibrations of 6 and 9 have been programmed into this stunning mala.

♢ 6 is the number of the great Mother Goddess and her nurturing essence, embodying unconditional love & compassion.

♢ 9 is the number of Universal Love, Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment, service to humanity, lightworking, life purpose and soul mission.

Accented with tiny, precious sterling silver beads to strengthen perception & intuition, to open your Ajna Chakra (3rd eye), and to enhance the properties of Moonstone.

Adorn yourself in the vibrant vibrations of this mala to remind you of, or enhance your divinity, your powerful and graceful Goddess self.
Make no mistake when I first posted this in 2017 I had no idea how powerful this amazing meditation or Mala work would be.
Tune into your Chakras…reveal beautiful wonderful you 🙏🏻


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Vinyasa Flow@9 w Me!!
Forward Motion Yoga Studio


Easter a time to enjoy a few days of peace 🙏🏻


Walking meditation this am surrounded by so many gifts 🙏🏻👌🌸✨


Happy Friday peeps


So happy Cheryl Ward & Forward Motion Yoga Studio has been Voted #1 Yoga Studio in Markham 🙏🏻
is waiting ✨💕


Mala Bracelet making? Yes please!


You are never alone...follow your heart ❤️ 🙏🏻💫


When you have a view...Dream...soak it up take it all in... are everything 🙏🏻✈️💕


Forward Motion Yoga @9:10am Wed


Happy Tuesday peeps xo

Some days you just need to whatever.


Current vibe!
See you in 2019!
Take time for you 🙏🏻


Create space for you this Holiday whatever that looks like is ok!Follow@Positvelypresent on Instagram for a gentle reminder...


Subbing Monday am Forward Motion Yoga Studio join me 🙏🏻


Kristine Downes Yoga


How well do you take care of you each day....



Get back to the Mat...
Forward Motion Yoga Studio
*sign up on Mind Body today 🙏🏻


Happy Halloween life is best upside down xo 🙏🏻🎃
Forward Motion Yoga Studio


A walk in the woods always refreshing ...In Fall we embrace the beauty of change through -Receiving the colours visually...When we close our eyes, we receive the gift of sounds of the forest....
Allow the experience to unfold your own story....Just be.....


So this weekend I am doing my first “Tri” Wanderlust Toronto....This little Gen was a reminder. If you listen ...the messages are clear
“Practice and all is coming “
-Pattabhi Jois


Join me on Wednesday to connect .....

Do you Yoga?

Did you know that, Yoga...
🧘🏻‍♀️ improves flexibility
🧘🏻‍♀️builds muscle strength
🧘🏻‍♀️ perfects your posture
and much more!

Come back next Monday to learn more benefits of Yoga and don’t forget to start practicing today!

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Yessss! Love a new beginning
September brings all new vibes!

See you on the Mat 🙏🏻


Get back to your Mat...
Forward Motion Yoga Studio this week 🙏🏻


Get outside 🌿🙏🏻


Good Morning peeps time to find your way back to class!

Wed morning Yoga happening now! 9:10-10:10 All Level Hatha
Join me next week? Pm me for details 🙏🏻


Get outside!! This am was a perfect run, beautiful August morning 🙏🏻💕🌿


Ok peeps what are u waiting for?
See u on the Mat
Wed 9:10 am


Yes words inspire...they strike cords and remind us to dig deep xo the best is yet to come

Practice...all is coming
-Sri. K Pattbabi Jois.🙏🏻


Good Morning today’s offering to meet yourself on the Mat Forward Motion Yoga Studio 9:10
Space available this am A invitation to reconnect is waiting!


Wednesday vibes ....loving this warmth that is heading our way today.
How are you practicing your Yoga 🧘‍♀️ today?

Answer below 🙏🏻💕☀️🌻


Morning Forest walks always soothe my soul .... (Balance always 🙏🏻) 🐾


Markham, ON



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