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Grief Recovery Norfolk GRN provides you a safe and supportive environment for you to work through the Grief Recovery handbook. Private and small group support available.

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Photos from EQUUS Foundation's post

Photos from EQUUS Foundation's post

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Timeline Photos

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I have done a lot of study and personal work with my friend Grief over the past five years. I heard a lot of positives about the Grief Recovery Method, a forty year old evidence based method, so I tried it out with a friend earlier this year. It’s very simple and powerful.

I believe a lot of our depression and anxiety is actually unresolved grief, from losses (not just death) involving incomplete communication and unprocessed feelings. But unprocessed grief is cumulative, so it’s a bit like a game of whack-a-mole, continuing to show up.

So I did the certification and can now work with people one on one or in groups. Yay! Watch this space.


Who feels this?

Every griever relates to this.

Every griever relates to this.

Grief isn’t felt in stages.

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All I want....
All I Want

All I want....

Kodaline · Song · 2013

This program really works.

This program really works.

“I came to the weekend, with a bit of trepidation. I have resisted working on my brother’s Su***de for seventeen years. I would start and stop, as it was too overwhelming. I prayed that God would give me the perfect instructor that I could trust, and he did. I really didn’t believe I could be free from the torment and destructive behavior I subjected myself through for so many years. Laura, gently, sensitively, yet confidently guided me through the process, when support was needed. I can say that I am free. I can for the first time in 17 years celebrate.

I know that I can facilitate this method with conviction and confidence, because it works.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

It’s common to think that smiling or laughing again after someone you love dies means that you didn’t care. That simply isn’t true.

The same goes for doing Grief Recovery Method work. In fact, healing your heart honors the memory of the person who died AND helps you be more available for the people that are still in your life (and yourself) 💛

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Timeline Photos

Time does NOT heal all wounds.

Think about it like this... If you got a flat tire, would you pull up a chair and sit and wait for air to jump back into it? Silly idea, isn’t it? We all know that time won’t fix that tire. We also know that only actions will get the car back on the road. Either you root around in the trunk, find the jack and the spare tire and change it; or you call the auto club to have them come change the tire for you. Either way, an action must be taken.

A broken heart is remarkably like a flat tire. The get up and go has got up and gone. The ability to participate fully in life is limited, if there at all. And again, the key is action. You must take actions to complete what was left unfinished for you by the death, divorce, or other loss, or you may find yourself just wandering through life without purpose or focus, trapped under the weight of the unfinished baggage you’re dragging with you.

Moving can bring conflicting feelings.  Not only within the individual but the family unit too.

Moving can bring conflicting feelings. Not only within the individual but the family unit too.

Have you ever moved? 🏡 📦

Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. And moving sure is a change in a familiar pattern of behavior - even when you’re happy to be moving!

You may find yourself (or other people) trying to intellectualize away your normal and natural feelings by focusing on all the reasons you should feel excited about moving, or saying things like, “You can visit anytime” - as if that means you shouldn’t still be sad about leaving your home.

It’s perfectly normal to have conflicting feelings. Let it be!

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Timeline Photos

Here in the US, Mother's Day is upon us. We're thinking of all the people for whom today particularly difficult. This Sunday in May seriously sucks for so many people and in more ways than I can list.

So many wounds in the world. So many ways to be wounded.

I wish these made-up holidays didn't come with so much extra grief. There is plenty to go around without these greeting card dates. For now, please know that however this Mother's Day affects you, we're all here in this together, holding onto each other, holding each other up.

Whatever your loss - mother-related or no - I hope this weekend gifts you with something that lets you feel held, if only for a moment.

How about you? Is this Mother's Day thing hard for you, or is it a non-issue? If it's not a sore point for you, how does the mother-related pain of others affect you?

It is a great program!

It is a great program!

Big News! We just finished the first Grief Recovery Certification Training in Russia! There are now 14 new Grief Recovery Specialists living in 10 different time zones across Russia.

It was no easy feat to pull this off, but that couldn't stop us! The training with Ed Owens and Michael Wadel started at 3:30 am our time and we had to use four translators. (Special thank you to Tammy Flemming and Olga (who helped us translate the Russian version of the Grief Recovery Handbook).

How amazing for these new Grief Recovery Specialists to take The Grief Recovery Method to even more place across the globe!?

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Timeline Photos

Here are a few friendly reminders for people that want to heal their hearts 🤍🌿

Very helpful words.  Now a better way to ask “who should I call for you in an emergency?”.  This question too can be ver...

Very helpful words. Now a better way to ask “who should I call for you in an emergency?”. This question too can be very triggering.

We think questions like:

“Do you have children?”


“How many children do you have?”

are a polite way to get to know someone.

But these questions can be triggering and difficult, especially for people who are having fertility issues and/or have experienced pregnancy, infant, or child loss.

Grief and stillbirth awareness educator Jenn Hepton offers a great alternative:

“Tell me about your family.”

This allows people to share as much or as little of their family story as they choose without putting them on the spot.

For more practical guidance on grief-aware language, visit: speaking

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It can be very difficult to know the right words to say to someone who is in emotional pain, right?

Here are some helpful phrases to best support someone .

📷: @charlene_gorzela

Ed Owens was a great trainer for this Grief Recovery Specialist too!

Ed Owens was a great trainer for this Grief Recovery Specialist too!

Our team definitely cried when we read this review ❤️

“As a practicing counselor who has attended countless trainings in over twenty years, this training, without question, is the VERY best I have ever attended. Ed Owens was outstanding, in every sense of the word. He walked our group of 12 participants (grievers) through 4 days in a manner that was remarkable to be a part of. He was not our teacher, he was our guide and mentor. He built immediate rapport, created an environment of support, answered ALL questions, and modeled the method every step of the way. He held “safe space”, was a heart with ears, and brought the method to life using his own experience, while tying in the critical concepts from text. Please let me know how I can help in any way; as this training changed my life and work. Moreover, it will change the lives of the beautiful veterans I am so honored to serve. Thank you Ed, and thank you GRI. I am forever grateful.”

- Johnny Martin National Director of Aftercare FitOps Foundation

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When our hopes and dreams are invalidated... we experience an enormous loss within our soul.

Some of us have grown to believe that a fantasy and a dream are synonymous.

And while this is not true...

... this is just one, of the many, unfortunate consequences we experience when we’re told our dreams are:

- “stupid”
- “impossible”
- “aren’t worth fighting for”
- “the wrong kind of dream”

Thankfully, when we:

- find our tribe
- invest in ourselves
- learn how to receive other’s support & love

... we can begin to dream for ourselves again. Repost @livingbeyondgrief


🎨 : @femaleinspiring




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This by @lunarbaboon

Be gentle with yourself.  It’s ok.

Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok.

Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok.

It’s hardest to be kind to ourselves ❤️

It’s hardest to be kind to ourselves ❤️

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Recovery Norfolk's cover photo

Grief Support GroupTHE 8-WEEK PROGRAM WILL BEGINMonday November 2, 2020 - From 2:00 pm to 3:30 pmNorfolk County Public L...

Grief Support Group
Monday November 2, 2020 - From 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Norfolk County Public Library,
Simcoe Location
46 Colborne St S, Simcoe,
ON N3Y 4H3
(lower level)

People say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method® Group Program not only makes that possible but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens.

Registration is required.

For further information AND to register call:
Julie Coulson • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®• 519 426 6060 ex 108 or [email protected]

Program is offered NO CHARGE through
Haldimand Norfolk Community Senior Support Services
(Donations towards required reading materials are accepted. Receipts provided for donations over $10.)

COVID-19 Precautions in place and include physical distancing and masks are required to enter the library.

Program Dates: November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. December 7, 14, 21

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Such beautiful tributes to love.



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Dear community please may I ask for your support. We are a mental health support group to all those living in holt or within a 15 miles radius of Holt. Are aims are to help and support all of those who suffer from any mental health issues, depression, isolation, lonliness, for those who wish to build and form new friendships or to just simply come along and chat to a friendly volunteer on a one to one basis at regular weekly basis. We ensure a safe friendly relaxed calm welcoming atmosphere, where you can play games make puzzles sometimes do some arts and crafts activities, read or just sit and chat within a small group or one to one. It's free to come along, and you can have as much tea coffee and cake as you like during your visit to our weekly chat coffee mornings held every Monday 10am til 1pm at the Holt venue kerridge way near budgens (the old community centre). You can come and go as you please. And if you have an emmotional support dog you are welcome to bring them along with you for support. With regret we do not allow children or young babies to the group this is because we are safe guarding and protecting those who are or may be vulnerable. Just wanted to keep posting this fresh as a reminder to anyone who may feel like biting the bullet and come and see us for the first time, if you message us we can meet you outside the venue and walk in with you if that would make you feel comfortable. We are a very friendly caring sensitive kind bunch in our small group at chat coffee mornings always waiting to give you a very warm welcome and a greeting. Please if you wouldn't mind sharing to your friends and family who may be interested in coming along and knowing where we are and what we do. You can also find us on Facebook under chat Holt Norfolk. It's a group created as a support page between members along with motivational quotes and messages to encourage others through there mental health challenges and day to day living and to aid support between each other and form new friendships. You're not alone. Thankyou kindly for your patience in reading this valuable worthy cause.
Is there any evening grief support groups?