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Katharinas House of Osteopathy Since 2001 the Clinic is treating patients of all ages from newborn to the elderly.

We specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Fascial Release, Obstetrics and Pediatrics , Sport Injuries, Neurological Rehab, Concussion, Migraine Care, TMJ, Cancer Rehab


📚 Long term impact of preterm birth
📅 September 27-28
👨🏻‍🏫 Kok Weng Lim DO
✅ NRO, 14pt. ⏳ NOF + GNRPO-BCO

👉 Topics in this course:
- CP
- Developmental delay
- Learning cognitive and social problems
- Seizures
- Long term respiratory dysfunction
- Long term gut and feeding issues.

Learning outcomes:

1. To understand the range of health issues affecting children who are born prematurely: mental, emotional, and physical/neurological.

2. To understand the aetiology of cerebral palsy and the osteopathic management.

3. Learning difficulties in children: assessment and management.

4. Seizures and pseudo-seizures in infants and children: to understand the variety of presentations and their management.

5. Studying case studies, and analysis to refine reasoning skills.

6. The practical skills involve the range of fascial techniques:

1) Neidner’s fascial release
2) BLT | techniques to the lower extremities, hips, pelvis, diaphragm and ribs to rebalance muscle tone and autonomic tone.
3) neurological assessment of children with learning difficulties, including the testing of primitive reflexes 4) contacting the autonomic nervous system via a sacro-coccygeal contact (ganglion impar and sacral outflow).
5) stimulating the first breaths via a contact on the diaphragm and crura (L1-3), taking the fascia of the diaphragm to a point to ease.


This study, published in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, was to investigate the feasibility of using Neural/Visceral Manipulation as a safe and effective intervention to increase neck range of motion of infants with congenital muscular torticollis.

Conclusion: Neural/visceral manipulation can be used safely in infants with congenital muscular torticollis to improve neck range of motion.

Read and share the complete research article! http://ow.ly/2OkH50y3ida or Barralinstitute.com Searchable Article Database.


We make life better for people with Parkinson’s disease.


April is C-Section Awareness Month. If you're preparing for a Caesarean birth or in the healing phase afterward, an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP) could offer valuable support. Click the link in our bio to discover your local OAO OMP and learn how they can help.


Innovative medical testing

Wow already 5 years Chris A. ( eurosteo.org) and I opened the cooperative osteopathy clinic in Orleans. I am glad Feresh...

Wow already 5 years Chris A. ( eurosteo.org) and I opened the cooperative osteopathy clinic in Orleans. I am glad Fereshteh D. (Uplift Osteopathy Orleans) joint our group in January. She is also very well educated from the Montreal 5 year plus thesis program ( CEO) . Check out her webside!


Hello dear patients! Pls check your emails from clinicsense- I sent you a newsletter and you can start Book online for march again! My arm is healing well!

Good article- a little puzzle piece is missing- he did not consulted a cranial osteopath.

Good article- a little puzzle piece is missing- he did not consulted a cranial osteopath.

The New Yorker

I need to do more photo journals like this!! In the last decades , I helped many little ones to have a good start in liv...

I need to do more photo journals like this!! In the last decades , I helped many little ones to have a good start in live. Thank you , colleagues in Toronto to get the info out.

This little one came to me with a very misshapen head from being in a breech position, they were also sure she had a hip dysplasia. She was struggling with breast feeding and was on her way to being a very colicky, baby. After 4 treatments her head completely rounded out and she has had 2 follow up ultrasounds of her hips and they are completely normal! She is the happiest most regulated baby. This is the power of Osteopathy and the use of craniosacral therapy which we are very experienced in. Don’t wait to bring your child in if you are concerned about their head shape or any other misalignments due to pregnancy and delivery. Early intervention is the best! 👣🤲


Was ist Endometriose? Was kann man als Betroffene oder als Therapeutin für betroffene tun?Mariella Gebhardt, Naturopathin und ich teilen unser Wissen mit Eu...



Die Bindung zwischen Mutter und Kind ist besonders. Tatsächlich werden während der Schwangerschaft Zellen auf den jeweils anderen übertragen – für immer


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Eine Frühgeburt erhöht das Risiko für die Entwicklung verschiedener langfristiger Gesundheitsprobleme und Entwicklungsstörungen erheblich.


According to the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada, over 91% of moms start their breastfeeding journey, but 1 in 7 stop within the first month. Despite being natural, breastfeeding can be quite a challenge. From pain to frustration, thrush, mastitis, and the resulting colic and reflux - moms go through a lot to get their little ones fed.

But, here’s some good news! Through the application of gentle techniques, OMPs may be able to help reduce tension in your baby's connective tissues, addressing issues that affect breastfeeding and digestion. With a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, an OMP will work with you and your newborn to improve mouth and jaw mechanics, ensuring a smooth feeding pattern develops. They can also assist with milk supply, engorgement, and mastitis, giving hard-working, tired moms the support they need.

This National Breastfeeding Week, let's appreciate the incredible efforts of moms on their journey!


Our rebranding process is the result of our Natural Evolution as an Organisation where elements of Service Design and Innovation have been considered to produce a new Name and a new Image for our Organization that we think will better represent us.

Our Members have been involved in that process and graphics were produced by a professional team of designers lead by

In Osteopathy Europe we strive for the advance of our healthcare profession ‼️

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NEW WEBINAR SERIES The Importance of Movement – from infant to teen

Starting Tuesday 17th October 2023 at 19.00 (UK time) and running for 6 consecutive weeks

There has been a radical shift in both posture and movement in babies and children over the past 35 years. An increasing evidence base indicates that these changing patterns have links to all kinds of general health and developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorders, sensory processing disorders & dyspraxia, to name just a few.

This course examines innate and early movement, including how to evaluate, treat and give parental exercises to optimise early life development. Where movement milestones have been missed or poorly integrated, we demonstrate a range of exercise sessions suitable for the older child.

This webinar series is suitable for:
Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Movement Trainers etc. The focus of these webinars is paediatric exercise and so this is the perfect course for all practitioners wanting to incorporate exercise and movement therapy for children.

As with all our other ‘hands-on’ workshops and webinars, we include lots of unique graphics and all our techniques and exercises are filmed on children, infants, or dolls. Each Webinar covers a different aspect of the topics involved, and is delivered as a one-hour presentation followed by a 30min discussion and Q&A with Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath and Janey Sattentau Movement Trainer.

Following the Webinar, you will be able to view both the presentation & the Q&A on our video platform for a further 8 weeks. This means that you do not have to view ‘live’ but can study in your own time.

We will be broadcasting one Webinar a week, for 6 weeks.
For more information, please go to our website:


Torsten Liem wurde zu den Wirkmechanismen in der Osteopathie interviewt. In diesem Interview geht es um die osteopathische Berührung, die Empathie und die ...


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