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Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians - CAEP CAEP's mission is to promote the interests of emergency physicians and the specialty of Emergency Me CAEP is the national voice of Emergency Medicine. Connected.

The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) is a not for profit member organization that has been educating and advocating on behalf of emergency physicians and their patients for better healthcare since 1978. We play a vital role in the development of national standards and clinical guidelines, while collaborating with other specialties and healthcare groups. Our Vision

Empowered. R

epresented. Our Mission

CAEP's mission is to promote the interests of emergency physicians and the specialty of emergency medicine in Canada by:

Advocating for emergency physicians and their patients

Connecting emergency physicians

Leading emergency medicine education

Providing a forum for research in emergency medicine

Operating as usual

Apply today with your interest!

Apply today with your interest!


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Do you want to travel to Thailand?  Deadline to register for Adventure CAEP - The Chase across Asia 2023 is Monday, Jan ...

Do you want to travel to Thailand?
Deadline to register for Adventure CAEP - The Chase across Asia 2023 is Monday, Jan 16

More details:


Happy New Year to the EM family! Thank you for all that you do for your patients and communities!

Memberships are expiring on Decemember 31! Time to renew! Or purchase a new membership for 2023 here:

Memberships are expiring on Decemember 31! Time to renew! Or purchase a new membership for 2023 here: Check out one of our great member benefits below.


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays. Special thank you to those working in the ED during the season.


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Together we are stronger. Together we can

Join our Global Campaign Against ED Over-Crowding.

Share what’s happening in your hospital + download our campaign toolkit + posters:


Hospital Emergency Department over-crowding experienced in many nations globally is an unacceptable and preventable threat to patient safety which must be addressed.

Today we launch a Global Campaign Against Hospital Emergency Department Over-Crowding.

It’s time for change and to reset emergency care.

Learn more:

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Join for 2023! Also newly added for CAEP members: limited time discount to Up to Date!!
Membership - CAEP

Join for 2023! Also newly added for CAEP members: limited time discount to Up to Date!!

Will you be on parental leave in 2023? CAEP currently offers proration of your dues based on the time you are away. Contact Julia for more information.


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Applying to Emergency Medicine or interested in what it is like as a program director? Well today (Thursday Feb 25th) at 5pm EST, we will be discussing with the University of Calgary Emergency Medicine Program Director, Dr. Catherine Patocka, about her EM program, the CaRMS process, and her medical journey. Be sure to join the conversation here:
On the clinical side we many times have occasions when we must determine whether patients are acutely deteriorating [or at risk of acute deterioration, so that we could immediately provide appropriate preventive interventions] – There is an App “R-I-S-C Prism” [Multi-system Emergency And Severity Urgent Risk Evaluation (MEASURE)], that uses several common and important vital signs [e.g. cardio-pulmonary, GCS etc.], and also has a score [that we could use with the initial triage and also later to keep monitoring the progress (increasing/improving) etc.], color-coded triangle, and airway emphasis when GCS is reduced, along with some emergent care website links etc. – It’s free to download and use [available on Appstore / Google] – Thanks very much
I am pleased to share with you complimentary access to our newly published case report in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Abrahim Weight and Wellness
Is time brain?
Tune into National Grand Rounds Wed, Sept 23rd at 7pm EST to find out.
Virtual MTL-SONO 2020: Point-of-Care Ultrasound Conference Speakers include Dr. Mike Stone, Dr. Laurie Robichaud, Dr. Vicki Noble, Dr. Joel Turner, Dr. Chris Fox, Dr. Enyo Ablordeppey, Dr. Irene Ma and many more. Topics include ultrasound physiology, right-sided heart failure, pediatrics, COVID-19, bowel, shoulder and more! Early bird tickets on sale until Oct 1st. All sales go to supporting McGill Ultrasound Interst Group training events and outreach initiatives. Check us out at
The Cut : Saving lives is meant to be above politics...
A novel by Dr Marcus Kennedy - Emergency Physician (Australia).
The Goodreads review:
”...Kennedy magically weaves these pearls of wisdom for any aspiring or seasoned health care professional into this plot of subversion so the reader emerges with a mixture of medical murder mystery and insightful wisdom to boot!
This compelling inaugural novel sits proudly somewhere between The House of God and John Grisham. Pick it up and feel the fireworks...”
New and important/thorough review of COVID Dx in ED by Chris Carpenter and colleagues...
We need to reassure those with mild COVID 19 and protect those at risk of developing severe disease. There is a solution.

Please take a look at this Petition and if you think it is worth supporting, please share.
Protecting the Vulnerable from catching COVID 19 in Emergency Departments.
I would like to offer my services as a “Medical Billing Agent/Specialist” for your firm. Medical billing can be done remotely which frees up your office staff to do critical in house work. I provide OHIP and third party billing across Ontario. Your claims will be submitted on a timely basis and reconciliations and error reports will be looked after in a timely manner to ensure quick recovery of claims. I will provide you with monthly reports of processed claims, error reports and remittance advice reports. I also ensure that all eligible premiums codes have been applied to give you the most income you deserve for your services. I have hands on experience with the following software: Accuro and Cab MD. I use the software “Cab MD” which is a fast growing software in Ontario, that was created by a Doctor in Kingston. It is very efficient and secure.
I am very familiar with the following; Schedule of Benefits for Physician (SOB), Resource Manual for Physicians, Health Card Validation Reference Manual, Ontario Medical Review (OMR), Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As a bonus, I work in conjunction with 2 other people, each having our own clients. In time of need, we can cover for each other and help each other out, so you are always looked after in a timely manner.
I am fluent in French and English. I would appreciate you giving me a chance to prove myself, if you are in need of a Medical Billing Agent. I can be reached at the following email: [email protected]
We need to understand the problems with the draft standard Accreditation Canada may use to guide and assess mental health services. My new article discusses some of them:
Shout out to ER physicians in the GTA area (esp. GTA west) - if you're looking for a change or a different kind of PT practice, consider hyperbaric medicine - well-paced; interesting cases; physician training; physician mentorship. Contact me to learn more at [email protected].
My name is Harry Zeit. I worked for 22 years as a full-time American Boarded Emergency Physician before changing scope of practice to become a somatically informed trauma therapist. For those powerful and memorable years, I was a proud member of CAEP.

For the past six years, together with my partner Irina, a yoga teacher and health coach, I've been offering trauma-informed self-care workshops. I also work together with Shailla Vaidya MD, another ex emergency physician and yoga teacher.

Please visit our page:

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