N-Rage Fitness Personal Training/Clothing

N-Rage Fitness Personal Training/Clothing Short bio on both trainers

Mark Schmidt
- Certified Personal Trainer (Canfitpro)
- CPR/FirstAid/AED
-Madden Expert

Scott Blanchard
- OPA Provincial Physique Athlete
- Certified Primary Care Paramedic
- Health Science Student
- Certified Competitive Sports Trainer
- Can start a fire with gas


Well it's mid January, hopefully everyone is well on their way starting their goals! We have much more fitness advice on the way! We will be beginning our weekly tip next Monday!

Stay tuned and stay active


Hope everyone has a good holiday and reflects on their year! 2015 is a new year and new start!!

Get fit


these exams are destroying my brain, the videos will be up during the holidays! another leg video coming out soon! squats .... I still pick out times to train while studying to help relax and mentally recharge!

always stay fit!


Thanks too TT, we will film a video on supplements , what kind of questions do you guys have about SUPPLEMENTS. we will answer all questions in the video + more!

stay shredded


Would anyone be interested in a informational video talking about subjects like supplements or basic nutrition or workout programs?
If you have ANY questions or would like to see these videos like and comment below !

Thanks everyone


switching to TIP OF THE WEEK ....
Tip of the Week : Find a true passion or goal for why your in the gym, you feel feel more positive physically and mentally, it will also keep you motivated to reach that specific goal ! so get get shredded for next years beach season or get ready for an up coming music festival , or just get in great shape !

GO get it !


What is everyone working today?


Tip of the day - Cardio after weight training does not eat away your muscle ! train smart and try some new cardio idea's like HITT, or playing sports !


Tip of the weekend : don't steam too many kids candy buckets or you'll get sick !

Bulk hard ✌️


Tip of the last few days : Try out a yoga class , not just for girls ...

stay relaxed , flexible and clear minded !


Tip of the day : the gym will always be there for you ! No matter how your feeling !

Go smash it !! 🙌🙏👍


Tip of the day: always try new exercises! Mix things up
Message us if you have any questions about gym equipment or exercises !

Stay swole!💪


To answer our question we posted on the weekend, both dynamic and static stretches are beneficial before you start a workout. Many people choose one or the other, but to get the fill benefits, include both in your routine. Basically, dynamic will allow for a decrease muscle tightness which should be followed by static which allows for an increase in flexibility. Both are key in reducing the risk for injury. If you are interested in more information regarding stretching, including physiology, routines, further benefits, post workout stretches and other types of stretching, message us!
Warm up and have a great workout!

Tip of the day: for all the sports fans out there : getting together on Sunday's for football or getting upset watching ...
11 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Tip of the day: for all the sports fans out there : getting together on Sunday's for football or getting upset watching the leafs ... You don't need to eat greasy food go look up some recipes for the game!

Enjoy these 11 delicious and healthy game day recipes.


Question of the day:
What order should you perform dynamic (movement) or static (holding still) stretches prior to a workout? Let us know what you think and we will post our answer by the end of the weekend!


Tip of the century : Ask us any any questions you have about training or even diet tips ! we made this page to help everyone - feel free to post a question or anything you like !


Tip of the day : having work, school and people asking to hangout, you can always take 45 minutes to workout! hit the gym to relieve stress and calm your brain!

Stay social and smart while looking sexy


Fun post of the day: don't cheat on your diet. Unless it goes way over your macros. Then you should keep eating.


Tip of the next 4 days : Holidays! time to re feed that body, just be cautious about how much you take in, stay strong and make it to the gym !

Holiday gym hours ... :(


Tip of the day: for motivation and to stay on track - get a training partner !

Extra reps equals extra gains


Tip of the day : forget about the myth - "you can only absorb 30 grams of protein in one sitting "
Many people believe this, but in fact it is false !



As promised, here are each of our protein pics of the week.
Scott-I always go with a vanilla or chocolate for a brand that I am not familiar with. As for my favourite brand and flavour, I try a variety of different products, but would have to highlight Muscletech's Phase 8 and I always go with the vanilla. It tastes like an explosion of mad gains.
Mark-I like trying any flavour that is not vanilla or chocolate, I feel they are boring. I like cookies and cream and chocolate peanut butter. My favourite brand is syntha 6 (Disintegrated snicker bars) and Bio X, chocolate peanut butter - Bio X is very cheap, mixes perfect and taste amazing.


If you are not already following each of us on instagram, check us out. If you are cool that is.


When buying protein , what flavour / brand do you like best ? If we get 5 likes and a few comments we will each post our favourite brand/flavour!


Fun fact of the day: when life throws a wrench at you don't digress to crossfit.


Tip of the day: A consistent diet will boost your progress substantially, training is only part of the workload.

KEEP HEALTHY, eat your greens ;)


Tip of the day :
For a greater pump and to maximize muscle gain concentrate on slowing down the negative portion of the lift - example, bicep curl up and then slow down on be way down 4 - 5 seconds !

Stay swole!


Joke of the day:
Mike Chang


Fun fact of the day:
Mix all your preworkouts together and tell us how you feel. Just dont exceed the recommended dosage. Or do......


Tip of the day:
-Approximately 10 minutes of any workout should be performed without music. In order for your mind to assimilate experience from each workout this should become a normal practice.


Also for any follower who is in Ottawa or wants to come for a training session with myself and/or mark, message us and we will be more than happy to take you through a routine. Be prepared to work hard.


Anyone interested in receiving a personal training session, which includes a full personalized workout routine and a 45 minute skype session, please message us or contact us directly.

Stay shredded,


Over the next few months Scott Blanchard and myself Mark Schmidt will be establishing a personal training site for anyone interesting in receiving personal training. These sessions will consist of a 45min skype session and a personalized workout log to meet your goals, we hope we will be able to help you all!


328 Bronson Ave
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6J3


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