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You must learn about this!! Joel Therien of NowLifestyle is from MY hometown and what he's built and developed makes me ...
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You must learn about this!! Joel Therien of NowLifestyle is from MY hometown and what he's built and developed makes me so darn proud of him!!

Joel Therien had a thriving career as a personal trainer and he started his second professional career right out of University as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist at the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Although he had an amazing boss, great working colleagues and a pretty good salary of $52,000 a year, Joel wanted more. He wanted to provide a better future for himself and his family. So... the thought of doing stress testing at a hospital for the next 40 years started to lose its appeal. Hence he quit after eight months into it.

However, at 27 years of age he started to lose his health and became a "medical mystery", as he referred to his health problem. He had been misdiagnosed with either Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, or brain cancer. He went from a lean muscular 240 pounds with 7% body fat down to 165 pounds. As a bodybuilder, this deeply concerned him and this is when he turned to the internet to look for answers.

Joel used the internet to find the answer or reason for his ill-health. He claimed that it was "ASPARTAME", (additive code E 951), the artificial sweetener found in all diet soft drinks and in many foods today. You see, he was on diet of various products that contained aspartame, to maintain his low body fat levels. And he felt that due to the over consumption of aspartame, he was poisoning himself. Although aspartame has been approved by various world food authorities, the debate on its toxicity still goes on.

Joel Therien spent almost 12 hours a day for two full years on the Internet in a small 800 sq. ft. row house with his young family. Although his expenses were relatively little he was near emotional, physical, and financial ruin.

“I still wasn’t feeling well physically and I still had not made a single sale online in 2 years. The emotional pressure was overwhelming.”
Despite the health setbacks he was able to build up a very profitable multi million dollar business that has been up and running now since 1998. That company is Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO)

Joel credits the long term 18 year success of GVO by offering true business to business products that business owners and network marketers actually need!! At a great price!

His motto “You do NOT have a great opportunity if you do NOT have great products that people are willing to pay for despite the opportunity”

Joel admits, during the climb of GVO he was still suffering from the effects of aspartame poisoning. Constant food allergies, debilitating migraines were the norm. But he pushed on.

However, after a lot of homeopathy, acupuncture, and organic foods, Joel says his worst days are behind him. “For the past 5 years I have been once again in the gym regularly. It feels great to have built the same body I once had in my 20ies but now even better at age 44”
“You know” says Joel, “Getting so sick was a blessing in disguise, I would have never founded GVO and now with 18 years experience and feeling healthy again I am able to launch NowLifstyle.com Our very first Health and Wellness lifestyle platform that is also our very first truly consumer based product line..”

NowLifeStyle.com will be by far the biggest and most successful program we have ever done. Now that I am healthy again, I am able to share my true passions for health and wellness with the world.. You combine that with 18 years of online marketing and MLM experience and 33 years of Personal Training experience and you have a real home run!!!

So yeah.. I don’t mind getting a bit sick, it was worth the wait, it is time to transform millions of lives all over the world.

NowLifestyle.com is currently in the Pre Enrollment phase. Join their Pre Enrollment notification list here. http://nowlifestyle.com/prelaunch/best_shape?id=MimiLG

No Credit Card is Required!


Received my bottle of skinny body MAX today!! Yes, on a Saturday!! Can't wait to start using it and see what happens...stay tuned...I'll be posting updates each week.

Starting weight today: 142.6 lbs


Can't wait to try this!! How about you? What do you think?

Hey wanted to let u know SBC just came out with a new energy drink its all natural, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no sugar, gluten free and its called E3 Energy, Endurance, Electrolytes this is a going to be huge. Heres the promo vidoe for it https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=w7TUzOwWNgA let me know what u think
This is huge....Great Product!!!
Makes this Great Business Opportunity even Greater!!!
The market for Energy Drinks..and Weight Loss with Skin Care!!


Still putting off the decision to lose some pounds, what are you waiting for?
You've tried so many "programs" and yet you just can't get the weight off and keep it off...I get it.
I've struggled with my weight for various reasons over the years and although I'm not severely overweight like I was in years past, I'm still not at my ideal weight for my frame. Which is what led me to SBC!
I finally decided to stop procrastinating and just do whatever it takes to get me to my healthiest EVER!

Life is so much better when you're not carrying around excess weight or baggage.

Time to break free and stay free!! These products are going to make it easy to do, I've seen the results my team members have gotten and I'm anxious to be able to share MY before&after pics!!

The best part about SBC is the community and support PLUS, if you want to, you can get in on the business end and create yourself another revenue stream!

That's what I'm doing, or you can just try the products and decide for yourself.

Either way it's a win!

PM me with any questions or comments.

Happy Sunday!!👙🙏🏼☺️


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