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Arbonne Independent Consultant Arbonne is dedicated to provide naturally inspired and scientifically proven health product by integrating the most beneficial botanical ingredients.


Thousands of scientific researches have identified eating processed meat and meat as cancer causing......this fact has been known for more than 20 years !!!!! For optimal longevity, a nutrient rich plant base diet is key. If health is of importance to you I urge you to read about Dr Joel Fuhrman and Dr Greger.


Pumpkin seeds, 100 grams contains 60% of your daily iron vs a mere 14% for chicken, beef or pork! It also has 30 grams of protein.


Good superfood of the week: Bok Choy.

Even better than kale, Bok Choy are an amazing superfood! Here are some benefits:


Like many members of the illustrious cabbage family, bok choy is a rich source of phytonutrients such as sulforaphane, lutein and isothiocyantes which all have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants such as these are important for the body since they reduce oxidative damage done to the body’s tissues by free radicals and essentially slow the aging process. It also helps to reduce the risk of cancers of the breast, colon and prostate.


Along with its anti-oxidant properties, bok choy also contains compounds which act to reduce inflammation throughout the body and can be of great benefits for those suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. And what many people are not aware of is the fact that chronic inflammation can also lead to cancer, so this is another way in which the risk of developing cancer is reduced through regular consumption of bok choy.

Vitamin K-Rich

Bok choy, like many leafy green vegetables, is a rich source of Vitamin K. This vitamin is important for many essential functions throughout the body, including bone health and the clotting of blood. Researchers believe that it may also be able to prevent Alzheimer’s disease through reducing damage done to the neurons as this devastating disease progresses.

B Vitamin-Rich

In addition to all of this, bok choy is also a rich source of vitamins in the B vitamin complex, including B6, B1 and B12 as well as folate. Foods rich in folate are good for pregnant women, since it reduces the chance of neural tube defects and for adults, it also helps support good neurological function and helps prevent shrinking of the brain. It also is necessary to maintain good energy levels.


Bok choy, being a crucifer, contains a good amount of sulfur and this makes it fantastic for long-term health and support a healthy immune system as well as promoting cardiac function. Scientists believe that it is such a good cardio-tonic because it acts upon the inner linings of the arteries to help lower blood pressure and remove plaque, keeping them clear and healthy.

Eat your Bok Choy and ditch the Coca-Cola!!!!


Bad ingredient of the week: Polysorbate 80.

Problems caused by Polysorbate 80:
• It thumps your immune system.
• It’s hard on fertility and can even make you sterile.
• It whacks your intestines, causing problems such as colitis, leaky gut syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.
• Damaged intestines mean you can’t absorb the nutrition you need, which opens another big can of worms.
• And a flaky small intestine also interferes with everything your endocrine system needs to do because most of what your thyroid, adrenals, etc. do, they do in your small intestine.
• It causes inflammation, the main cause of disease. Heart disease, for one.
• It leads to obesity.
• And causes metabolic syndrome, the beginning of Type 2 Diabetes.

What products contain Polysorbate 80
• The 5-in-1 vaccines Pediacel, Pediatrix and Pentacel
• The Gardasil HPV vaccine which causes all sorts of mayhem, including damaging ovaries, the va**na, and the womb
• Diptheria/tetanus/whooping cough combination vaccines Infantix, Tripedia, Kinrix
• Flu vaccines
• Pneumonia vaccine
• Rotavirus vaccine
• Depo-Provera, not technically a vaccine, but a contraceptive, contains Polysorbate 80.
• And almost surely more

• Any homogenized milk fortified with vitamin A palmitate. They are not required to mention that Polysorbate 80 has been added, so they don’t, but it’s there.
• Ice Cream
• Whipped Cream
• Chocolate bars
• Non-Dairy Creamer
• Dessert Toppings
• Chewing Gum
• Gelatin Desserts
• Shortening
• Condiments
• Etc. (Read labels)

Personal care products
Cosmetics aren’t as dangerous as foods and vaccines, but read the labels. The effects of Polysorbate 80 add up, sometimes to a scary big number. Be especially sure to check the label on anything that you spread, such as lotions and creams.


To Fluoride or not to Fluoride? If you ever ask your dentist, your pediatrician or your doctor what kind of fluoride is found in toothpaste and in the city water. Chances are they will not be able to answer and the truth is neither has the "naturally" occuring mineral Fluoride that is listed in the periodic table. Cities that throw fluoride in their water are actually using HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID and it is a highly toxic chemical taken directly from phosphate mines in the US. The fluoride found in toothpaste is called sodium fluoride which is not as toxic but can stilk be fatal if swallowed and we are talking quantities of 30 grams or less !! So how can a toxin poison that can cause death be good for you!?!?!?! Fluoride ingestion in kids is a link to Leucemia. Aside death, fluoride causes many more side effects on the body. Arbonne sells a great fluoride free toothpaste 😉


Bienvenu sur ma page de Consultant Independant pour la compagnie Arbonne. Chaque semaine j'essayerai de trouver et publier de l'information importante sur le sujet de la santé pour vous aider à vivre une vie saine sans produit chimique et drogues pharmaceutiques.


Welcome to my Arbonne Independent Consultant page. Each week I will try to seek and publish health information that you should know to live the way we we're meant to be, free of prescription drugs and harmfull chemicals. Like me you will discover the world is not what it seems!!!!

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