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Really RiRi Hey lovelies! I'm an online fitness coach and MY goal is to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals by providing support and inspiration :)

My name is Riannon and I'm an online health and fitness coach. This is my business and blog page where you can follow me on my health and fitness journey frome home. Along with posting my journey, I'll update you about all my challenge groups, including FREE ones! My free groups will be about a week long and great prep for longer, more committed groups. They'll usually have a theme and I'll share daily workouts and nutrition tips. The other challenge groups will be longer and follow more along with the workouts and nutrition plans I use daily but provide greater long term results! I never had a great relationship with fitness growing up. I hated gym class and never joined teams because I'm not a competitive person, so the pressure of playing sports was just too much. I made the volleyball team and was too afraid to go to games and I tried rugby but the thought of getting hurt was enough too steer me right away. I even skated throughout my childhood until I got to the competitive stage. I always had an interest in yoga and working out though, I just never knew how to start and when I did, it wasn't long before I quit because I had no idea what I was doing. I tried the whole gym membership thing a few times too, but it was always so difficult leaving the house to go. I LOVE being at home. Why would I want to leave my comfortable home to go expel a bunch of energy? At the end of 2013 though however, I discovered an at home workout program I loved. It was hip hop dance based and so fun. I did it with a few others and although we'd laugh at ourselves, each other and the flamboyant video instructor through most of it, we actually saw great results. Within a month and a half of doing it 6 days a week (and actually WANTING to!! whaaaat??) I went from a size 9 in jeans to about a size 4. It was the most confident I've ever felt. Because I was always a little bit chubby in growing up, Even the girls from high school that I'd run into now and again reminded me of that after doing a double take. Suddenly even the guys that wouldn't give me the time of day in high school were suddenly popping up in my messages or trying to talk to me in the bar (Uh, BYE). It was then that I realized I had the ability to lose weight and feel great while also having fun. There's a workout for everybody and I want to help YOU find YOURS. Not only did it change my appearance, but it changed me from within. I have more confidence in myself and after going through a very rough time in my life towards the end of high school- losing my mom to cancer and having my father deported- it gave me a purpose and some stability. It was a way to let out that negative energy and be refilled with positive energy. It made me research fitness and a healthier lifestyle, which I sometimes still struggle to commit to everyday, but it gave me the tools and ability to become healthy. If you're like me, and hate to leave your house, or you're embarassed to workout in front of others, or you struggle to get out of your PJs, or you battle with anxiety, or can't seem to find the motivation or right path for yourself, then I want to change that. I want to help you achieve every health goal you have, mentally and physically. I WANT to make you healthy. Whether you're a new mom, old mom, a student, full time worker, or a homebody that fears the gym, I'm here to provide you with REAL solutions. I'm not going to sell you a miracle pill or hand you a waist trainer, and you're definitely not going to starve. BUT!! You're going to have to work hard and be ready to do it. I'll be providing not only challenge groups for people who purchase the products, but I'll ALSO be providing FREE challenge groups for those who aren't yet sure they're ready to make the full commitment and need a bit of prep. So that leads to the question...

Are you ready to change your life? I was terrified to change mine. I was also broke, and somewhat lazy (let's be honest, I still have my days and the inside of my wallet is still pretty dusty most days) but when you realize that investing in yourself is the best choice you can make, and a much better choice than a coffee and bagel everyday, then I'm just a click away

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Really RiRi

Really RiRi


a lil mashup of Fridays freestyle flow recovery workout. so thankful to have my own personal trainer on the screen at home ❤️ this one was needed. thanks @jerichomcmatthews and @jesseblakemusic !!
#mm100 #bodisbae #bod #freestyleflow #tbb #girlswholift #recoveryworkout #speedstyle #stretchitout #recover #sweatpink #keepmoving #balance #breathe @carldaikeler #365er


410 First Avenue
Petrolia, ON
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