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Caverly Pharmacy Solutions Caverly Pharmacy Solutions provides pharmacy design services, flexible pharmacy fixtures, and advanced technologies to improve efficiency and safety.

I have a client who has been asked by a contractor to try to sell the following products. Basically, they bought it in T...
Erlab Captair FLOW 71" Laminar Ductless Fume Hood, 115V from Cole-Parmer Canada

I have a client who has been asked by a contractor to try to sell the following products. Basically, they bought it in Thunder Bay for a project that was meant to open a few months ago. The project fell through at the last minute and the contractor wants to get some money back for it. x 1 $14,240.31 each x 4 $758.80 each x 1 $2,062.75 each

The products will not be under warranty as they were purchased December 2016. It has not been taken out of the box.

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On my way to Northern Saskatchewan to start the next Caverly Pharmacy Solutions design.


Off to Toronto for one-on-one meetings with senior executives of Canada's chain pharmacies, at the Neighborhood Pharmacy Expo.


On my way to Saskatoon to begin the next Caverly Pharmacy Solutions design project.


Visited Heart Pharmacy in Victoria B.C. today to see how the latest Caverly Pharmacy Solutions design is coming along. They have a wonderful renovation team on the job and progress is impressive. Can't wait to see, and share, photos when it's finished.


On the way to Boston for the NACDS conference.


On my way home from Calgary and the Canadian Pharmacists Association Annual Convention. Met some old friends, made some new friends, and picked up some business to keep me busy this summer. Congrats to CPhA for another great event.


Ready to leave Newfoundland and head home. Bonavista Pharmacy has a beautiful, functional new dispensary thanks to super installer Pat. Photos to follow once I have a better Internet connection.


With the installation of CFB Borden completed it's off to Bonavista, NF to install the next Caverly Pharmacy Solutions pharmacy.


On my way to Las Vegas for the Global Shop trade show to fill my head with lots of new design ideas. Drop me a line if you will be there.


Off this week to the Global Shop conference in Las Vegas. An incredible number of exhibitors and many informative seminars. Hope to see you there. I'll be in the Uniweb booth as much as possible. Contact me for a specific meeting time.

A must have for every pharmacy: For many years in my lectures and published articles I've said every pharmacy should hav...
Rx-Recon : Electronic Reconstitution Unit - Caverly Pharmacy Solutions | Pharmacy Design,...

A must have for every pharmacy: For many years in my lectures and published articles I've said every pharmacy should have 3 things: An IVR system to answer incoming phone calls and automatically process refills; a simple table-top counting device with bottle bar code recognition; and a water dispenser. The water dispenser ensures you are dispensing the right liquid (water vs. alcohol vs. methadone) in the right quantity.

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions can improve pharmacy efficiency & safety. 30-years’ design, workflow, and technology expertise.


On my way to Toronto to begin a contract for 4 pharmacy designs. Busy times.


On my way to Regina to measure a pharmacy.


Not often I stay in hotels in my own town... but with a 5:30 A.M. flight to Regina it seemed like a no-brainer to stay overnight at the Marriott in the Dorval airport.


News from the Canadian Healthcare Network about Quebec Pharmacy.

MONTREAL | The cash-strapped Quebec government’s move earlier this week to lower generic drug prices has ignited a debate that risks spreading across the country.

In its latest bid to reduce health-care spending, the province plans to introduce a tendering system to decide which generic drugmakers would become exclusive suppliers for specific medications.
Were this to succeed and other provinces to follow, you’re potentially talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in public sector savings every year
Quebec is the fourth province to take a stab at implementing such a bidding system after unsuccessful attempts several years ago in Saskatchewan and Ontario. British Columbia launched tenders for seven drugs earlier this year.

Although generic drug prices have decreased significantly in recent years, Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette said the province is still paying far too much.

“We believe we can get significant savings if we go through a group purchasing process,” he said in an interview Friday, adding lower prices would also be passed on to private insurers.

The minister declined to provide details of the process, including how many drugs would be subject to tendering or potential cost savings. But he believes other provinces will be watching very closely and will follow suit if the effort is successful.

“The issue here is about public finances and the capacity of provincial governments to provide drugs at a price that we can afford. It is a very, very significant issue across this country.”

But Quebec’s association of pharmacy owners says it is prepared to launch “a big battle” against changes that it says would hurt local drug manufacturers and cost pharmacies, threatening the survival of some.

“It’s dangerous how the minister has simplistic solutions to complex problems,” said Jean Thiffault, president of the association quebecoise des pharmaciens proprietaires.

Thiffault said he believes low-cost manufacturers in India or China would likely win the tenders, addling that Quebec pharmacists have suggested alternative ways to achieve savings that don’t run the risk of leading to shortages or quality issues.

Barrette said he disagrees with the association’s position but is prepared to deal with its concerns.

“There are ways to prevent any financial harm in the process,” he said, refusing to say if that would involve financial compensation.

Previous moves to lower drug prices prompted large protests at legislatures in Ontario and Alberta. But Mike Law, associate professor of the University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health, believes Quebec has the greatest chance of succeeding and it could prompt other provinces to follow.

“Were this to succeed and other provinces to follow, you’re potentially talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in public sector savings every year,” Law said in an interview from Rwanda, where he is on sabbatical.

In a 2013 study, Law found that 90 per cent of the top 82 generic products were less expensive outside Canada. New Zealand launched drug tendering in the late 1990s and the move as been copied by several countries in Europe, as well as in Australia and by the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department.

About $4 billion is spent annually on generic drugs in Canada, representing 65 per cent of prescriptions filled and 25 per cent of dollars spent. Quebecers spend the most on prescriptions but use the lowest number of generic alternatives.

The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association said Quebec’s tendering proposal is “inconsistent” with the tiered pricing framework adopted across the country.

“Tendering is a risky approach in Canada with the potential for exacerbating drug shortages, delaying the introduction of new cost-saving generic medicines, and reducing jobs and economic activity in the generic pharmaceutical sector in Quebec and Canada,” it said in an email.

University of Calgary economics professor Aidan Hollis said savings from tendering could be offset by delays in getting generic medications to market. Without the incentive of being first on the market, generic companies may avoid launching legal battles with patented drugmakers.

The current formula results in high profits on some drugs and minimal or no profits on others, said Keith Howlett of Desjardins Capital Markets, who described Quebec’s legislation as a “surprise proposal.”

He said it would hurt Jean Coutu’s Pro Doc generic manufacturing business. Pro Doc is the legal manufacturer of many of the most profitable drugs, often subcontracting production to others.

Jean Coutu (TSX:PJCA.A) declined to comment. Its shares sunk to a 29-month low at $17.50 in Friday trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Off to Toronto to check the status of the latest Caverly Pharmacy Creation: A central fill and specialty pharmacy, all outfitted with Uniweb pharmacy fixtures

The Future of Telepharmacy is NOW

Short spot on the lecture I did last year at Pharmacy U Vancouver and Toronto. All about using telepharmacy to make more money.


New Spotlight item on our website The p-link solution to will call issues. Works without changing your current method of storing prescriptions waiting for patient pickup.


Shoppers Drug Mart campaign raises money for women's health orgs. Shoppers Drug Mart launched its Growing Women's Health campaign on Sept. 12 with a goal of raising $3.3 million for women's health organizations.


We’re delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions. Caverly Pharmacy Solutions will merge four of Mr. Wayne Caverly’s well-established business entities--The Caverly Consulting Group, Solutions By Design, Efficient Pharmacy Solutions and the Efficient Pharmacy Institute--under a single banner. Wayne has been a pioneer in pharmacy design and dispensary automation since 1984.

The new operating entity, as well as our brand-new website, will be officially launched in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more news and information…


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