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Thornhill Pharmacy Thornhill Pharmacy At Thornhill T&T Pharmacy, our goal is to put YOU in charge of YOUR HEALTH. We provide a number of clinical services to improve your health.

We are a full service pharmacy and are mainly focusing on providing superb pharmaceutical consulting service in addition to and separate from dispensing services. These consulting services are offered at a personal level and in a format that are easy to understand and easy to follow. It is a fact that our healthcare system is restrained by the amount of cash available to be instilled into the syst

em. Year-by-year, we see the gap in this dollar amount to widen. Consequently, we see this disparity influencing the decisions made by the government to cut back on health care services at different levels, anywhere from hospital to community services, anywhere from medications to laboratory testing covered, and the costs are being passed on to the public. All in all, HEALTH is an asset that we individually need to cherish, to nourish, to learn about how to maintain it and to sustain it for as longest a time as possible. Many regard their homes, their cars and /or other belongings as their assets. But they ignore the single most important investment of all, and that is the health of oneself. We see our consulting services as a means to that end that is your precious health. Our services are divided into:



Here is a short list of consulting services that we offer:

* Cardio-vascular Risk Assessment

In this program, we use a number of your health information such as a complete cholesterol profile to estimate one’s risk of encountering a coronary heart disease within the next 10 years. This information enables us to devise ways to help you reduce your risk and also to keep your heart young and healthy. Benefit-to-You:

To give you a functional picture of your body and its condition
To make you aware of your risks of heart problems
To delay or prevent the start of heart and vascular diseases
To delay, minimize or prevent taking and paying for costly medications
To have access to a consulting pharmacist who knows you

* Diabetes Management

There is currently close to 9,000,000 Canadians either living with diabetes or at its primary stage. Our program is dedicated to identifying individuals at risk and to prevent or to delay sliding to a full blown phase for as long as possible. We are also committed to empowering people with diabetes, with tools to guide them control their condition effectively. Benefit-To-You:

You will be able to recognize the symptoms of high or low blood sugar
You will learn how to sustain or control your condition effectively
You will be able to manage your health costs
You will be able to enjoy your life with lesser or no complications
You will have access to a consulting pharmacist who will know you

* Diet and weight Management

There are convincing evidence linking what we eat, our weight and fat distribution in our body to diabetes and also heart disease. Therefore, if we can inform and educate people about what they put on their plate, we should be able to prevent many illnesses. Our program is aimed to identify individuals who are over-weight on the basis of medical categorization as well as those who try to achieve a weight beyond their healthy target. We also provide in-detail sessions on how to interpret labels on food as a means to help control and maintain one’s weight in a healthy range. Benefit-To-You:

To learn about your health and know your body
To manage your weight in a scientific way
To learn about the quality and quantity of food and their effects on your diet
To learn ways to maintain a healthy and balanced weight
To prevent or to delay going on costly medications

* Asthma Management

We are all different and live in different environments. Our program is a personalized assessment of people with asthma or other chronic lung conditions, and medications they use. We then provide a customized plan for each individual to effectively control their condition. Benefit-To-You:

To learn about your environment and its effect on your health
To monitor for symptoms that indicates your condition worsening
To learn about your medications and how to utilize them in different circumstances
To breathe easier

* Eczema Management

Many Canadians suffer from eczema and other skin conditions that are affected by humidity and temperature. Our program is intended to identify factors in one’s environment as well as nutritional deficiencies and/or medications that can negatively impact or delay the process of healing. As part of this program, we provide highly individual-specific remedies and information to alleviate their condition. Benefit-To-You:

To maintain a healthy and well-hydrated skin
To recognize the environmental and nutritional factors affecting the health of your skin
To heal or reduce the areas of skin with inflammation, deficiencies and cracks
To receive remedies that maintain a healthy, vibrant and well-hydrated skin. For a complete list of our consulting services, please consult our website at Our Consulting Services are developed with YOU in mind and for YOU. Consulting services are important because there is a disconnection between diagnosis (and receiving medications) and actually getting better. There are close to 9,000,000 Canadians living with diabetes which is a huge health burden, economically for the government and financially for the families of those living with diabetes. The world of medication therapies and their specific knowledge are growing at a fast pace and it will be almost impossible for one profession to diagnose, to prescribe and to monitor the progress of each patient. Pharmacists have a unique expertise in diseases; their applicable medication therapies and the management of diseases. Our consulting services are also important because it can detect mismatches between an individual’s medications early and to prevent them from harming the individual. It is not a surprise that many take vitamins and herbal remedies with or without the knowledge of their healthcare professionals. Many do not realize that herbs do possess a chemical that provides the clinical benefit. But many herbs can and will interact with medications and that may harm individuals. We possess the specific knowledge in the area of herbs and their interactions with medications, and we can help YOU. Our Consulting services are also aimed to detect individuals at risk of different medical conditions early and to help them get the right treatment. It is also our goal that these individuals are managed effectively and they achieve the therapeutic outcome expected.

“Pay for Your Tomorrow’s health by Investing in Your Health Today”.




Staff at Thornhill Pharmacy wishes an joyous christmas for all our clients and also the people of Ontario. Enjoy the delicious food at this time of the year but do not forget the Rule of "Moderation" in consuming food and specially alcoholic beverages.

Thronhill Pharmacy

Thronhill Pharmacy

We are a full service drugstore in Thornhill, Ontario that provides a variety of health products and services. Our pharmacy is located on famous Yonge Street just above the city of Toronto and below the city of Richmondhill. We provide prescription services, prescription refill and renewal services....


We had our Flu Shot Clinic this past Saturday. Thank you to all who took the first step to protect themselves and their loved ones. It went on smoothly with no real waiting.


Thornhill, ON


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