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Your Best & Brightest - Virginia Leigh Feel Your Best & Brightest. Energy wellness for you: healing, coaching, teaching, and writing. Reiki energy medicine. Natural beauty & anti-aging treatments.

Intuitive counsel and coaching.


emotional intelligence empowers us to make wise decisions for our wellbeing 💙🌊

our heart has the biggest magnetic field in our body 🧲 💗

open hearts are free 💚✨️

Treat your Personal and Professional Pursuits as an Art form. Work for the Beauty of your Art.

Treat your Personal and Professional Pursuits as an Art form. Work for the Beauty of your Art.

LIGHT DREAMS ✨Dream the big dreamsThe ones that light you upLive into those dreamsAnd light up our livesSee you in the l...


Dream the big dreams
The ones that light you up
Live into those dreams
And light up our lives

See you in the light




Beauty 🌸❤️

Beauty 🌸❤️

Reiki is a treasure 💛.

Reiki is a treasure 💛.


Be humble for you are made of earth
Be noble for you are made of stars

- Serbian proverb


💗every day on 🌍


🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌎


Fly 🦋

When we live lightly.
From our inner lightness.
We float.
We fly!

Your turn 🦋


MINDSPACE 🌸 Clear your mind and watch flowering thoughts blossom 🌸

Now and always, meditation is a game-changer for the psyche. We all meditate, some on a regular basis, some when we remember. Some of us sit down for formal practice, others are more informal about it. Some chant, some dance, some walk, some run, some paint, some listen to music, some cool, some bike. How do you like to meditate? Whatever clears your mind is the best way for you. Different forms of meditation develop the psyche in different ways.

In our age of information (overload) it seems many of us need a form of meditation that relaxes the mind so we can let go of all the psychic debris we’re constantly collecting and absorbing. All those impressions, all those details, all that media, all those words. Especially with COVID, were in bombardment - all the numbers, shifting rules and regulations, choices and adaptations. Mental burnout anyone?

So we meditate. Anything that helps you disconnect from the dynamic and constant inflow of newsfacts, and lets you zone in and allow your mind to breathe. Creating space in the psyche to process all we’ve been through and all that lies ahead. Whether you make it a regular practice or whether you take five minutes when you can, taking some time out for reflection does wonders for the brain.

Even taking a few minutes out of your day to listen to music with your eyes closed can be so restorative and help us shift to a more expanded perspective. Meditation in whatever form makes sense for you does wonders for your sense of calm, compassion, clarity, and creativity. It helps build psychic boundaries between you and our overstimulated world, which empower your own sense of confidence in your own discernment. Trust yourself. Meditate. May the flowers of your thoughts blossom with ease and grace. I love you 🤍🌸🤍

ENFOLDMENT 🐚Change is natural and cyclical. Sometimes it feels like loops, but it’s actually a spiral. We can understand...


Change is natural and cyclical. Sometimes it feels like loops, but it’s actually a spiral. We can understand the cyclical nature of change through the idea of being liminal. When we are liminal, we are in between what was and what will be. Liminality is the focal point around which transformation occurs. It implies a state of change - anytime we go through a transition, we naturally experience the liminal state.

It’s a beautiful experience we can learn to relax and flow into, and work with the energy of this space for our highest good = ascension spirals ♥️🐚✨

Learn more about how to navigate the state of liminality for your most harmonious and natural enfoldment by following the YB&B liminal series or one on one energy coaching, link in bio. 🤍🖤🐚🖤🤍



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