Graff Lymphatic Recovery is a hydrotherapy scrub that differs from the traditional Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage All plans are unique. and more.

Graff Lymphatic Recovery is a hydrotherapy scrub that differs from the traditional Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, by acting first to split, through an acid base reaction, the fatty molecules of the lymphatic fluid (lymph is a light oily substance,) rendering it measurably more fluid. The technique also differs, using scrubbing and fluttering as well as the long, shallow brisk strokes of the Vodd

er Method. GLR, is covered under RMT services and is generally part of extended benefits. To know, if your plan covers RMT services, or the extent or conditions of your coverage, please consult your insurer. Lymphatic Drainage is primary to the improved health and recovery process for an extensive number of medical conditions and concerns, such as, pre and post surgical, stiff joints, fatty deposits, muscle pain, swelling, fatigue, changes due to aging, rosacea, cellulite, acne, detox, chronic pain, stiffness, edema, fatty deposits, skin refinement, breast pain, natural face lift….. More and more fertility researchers, practitioners and educators are naming lymphatic drainage as an important part of the support and preparation for successful outcomes. A consultation is mandatory.


The lymph carries away toxic waste that is hostile to healthy cells. Toxicity causes local and systemic inflammation, fluid build up, thickening of connective tissue anchors; exhibiting a visual fatigue. Itching, blemishes, dry, patchy or excessive oil production, as well as age spots, sagging, discolouration, dull, flaking skin, poor circulation, roscasia, etc., are all related to toxic build-up. Lymphatic drainage is now resident in every spa and most esthetic modalities.

Your movements and constrictions effect the mobility of the lymph, housed just exactly beneath your skin. The lymph is effected by body mechanics, dietary and environmental toxic loads and by emotional response. It is always washing over you and bathing every cell in your body. The environmental toxic load is ever greater. Our need to co-write our future is equally so.

In the early 80's, lymph, and its entire realm of tissue, fluids and vessels, came through a revival of interest after years of medical amnesia, when it proved to be key in the battle against AIDS. Lymph is now under constant research and investigation as our communities are showing ever increasing immunological deterioration, the importance of the lymph is immeasurable.

Graff Lymphatic Recovery is a remarkable innovation in lymphatic drainage, as it creates a special circumstance that allows the lymph more fluidity, easing the access of the lymph into the collecting vessels.

Dry skin brushing is an excellent way to increase lymphatic flow and generally improve the function of the skin as an or...

Dry skin brushing is an excellent way to increase lymphatic flow and generally improve the function of the skin as an organ of elimination, and in many ways directly effect the body’s elimination.

Believe it or not, the skin is responsible for one-fourth of the body's detoxification each day, making it one of the most important elimination organs. More than one pound of waste products are discharged through the skin every day. Toxins from everyday soaps, cleansers, antiperspirants / deodorants, lotions, cosmetics and synthetic fibers worn next to the skin can gather beneath the skin's surface and prevent the skin from breathing, which can contribute to a variety of skin problems and conditions. If the skin becomes inactive because its pores are choked with millions of dead cells and chemical residues, impurities will remain in the body. Then, other organs of elimination, mainly the kidneys and liver, will become overworked, which eventually creates discomfort and disease.

Dry skin brushing benefits the body in a number of ways. It helps in obvious ways, removing dead skin layers, tightening skin, removing cellulite and stimulating circulation, but it works on other levels as well. This is because, from TCM perspective, the skin is associated with the lung. Clearing the skin of toxins actually improves lung function, which results in a stronger immune system. The lung is also paired with the large intestine inTCM, which explains why dry skin brushing also improves digestion. The technique is highly beneficial because it also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps to further rid the body of waste.

Best to use a bamboo dry skin brush

How To Dry Skin Brush:
1. Skin brush before showering or bathing. It should take you about 5 minutes to do your whole body. (Do NOT wet the skin as it will stretch it and not have the same effect.)
2. ALWAYS skin brush towards the heart and then towards the left armpit.
Brush the soles of the feet first, because the nerve endings there affect the whole body. Next brush the ankles, calves, and thighs, then brush across your stomach and buttocks, and lastly brush your hands and arms.
3. Do lighter strokes over and around breasts, but do not brush the ni***es.
4. Brush each part of the body several times.
5. Take a warm bath or shower, using a loofah to further enhance exfoliation. Remember to finish with a cool rinse to invigorate blood circulation and stimulate surface warmth.
6. Wash your brush every few weeks in water and let it dry.

by Zoe Ackah, Epoch Times - February 2012Canadian Massage Therapist develops unique system of lymphatic drainageSpecial ...

by Zoe Ackah, Epoch Times - February 2012

Canadian Massage Therapist develops unique system of lymphatic drainage
Special Feature

You know there’s lymph somewhere inside you, but what, exactly, is it doing for you?

A less-talked-about but no-less-crucial constituent of the vascular system, lymph is a light oily substance that floats in the layer of fat just below the skin, moving around in its own system of vessels.

Lymph is essentially plasma that transports hormones and fat to cells. It’s responsible for moving large particles and everything fat-soluble. It also transports waste, debris, bacteria, toxins and other unwanted stuff from cells for elimination.

One of the crucial functions of lymph is to deal with toxins--to “take out the trash”.

And here’s the kicker--the lymphatic system has no pump. The motion of lymph depends upon exercise. Our sedentary lifestyles combined with the sheer volume of toxins our bodies are bombarded daily with make it easier for the tiny vessels lymph travels through to become clogged.

When lymph drainage is sluggish or impaired the waste and toxins that should be eliminated can be stored in our fat. There they stay, causing symptoms from stiffness and puffiness to skin irritation, fatigue, severe swelling, physical pain and weight gain.

Mild and severe symptoms can be relieved with lymphatic drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage was pioneered by Emil Voder in the 1930s to help lymphedema patients. Voder’s technique of gentle massage has been the mainstay for lymphedema patients until now.

Canadian innovator

Registered Massage Therapist Marie Graff has created a unique method of manual lymphatic drainage. The results have pleasantly surprised patients at the downtown health and wellness clinic Bodyone where Graff is the proprietor, heading a team of massage therapists, acupuncturists and estheticians.

Graff Lymphatic Recovery (GLR) uses a combination of all-natural fat-splitting ingredients that are absorbed by the skin, in combination with aggressive lymphatic drainage massage to help unclog parts of the lymphatic system that are not circulating properly.

"The primary problem", says Graff, "is that when the lymph gets backed up and stagnant it gets thick like lard. The [lymph] vessels are microscopic. You are not going to get lard into a microscopic vessel."

Graff’s method of splitting the fatty molecules uses ingredients you might find in your refrigerator, which break up the congestion below the skin. The aggressive massage flushes waste and toxins through the lymph vessels and into the elimination channels of the spleen and liver.

“Many of the things that weight the body down come from toxicity,” explains Graff. “Toxicity is corrosive and aggressive to tissue. Getting it out is important and in modern life we accumulate toxins like never before.”

Purposeful stimulation of the lymphatic system has a surprising number of uses.

Pre- and Post-operative
A number of Graff’s clients have found GLR treatments helpful in recovering after liposuction, breast enhancement and other kinds or surgery where the lymphatic system had been damaged.
“Some plastic surgeons in France and the United States will not do elective surgery without a regime of lymphatic drainage before and after surgery,” says Graff, “the results of healing are so much greater.”
43-year-old IT professional Irina experienced serious complications after cosmetic surgery.
“There was no movement in the tissue in my cheeks, chin and sides. The tissue was swollen and very tight. Touching and moving the skin on my face would result in needles-picking sensation with a shooting pain. I would get very strong headaches and sever pain in my temples area in the evenings.” In essence Irina had lost the use of her face.
After 7 GLR treatments Irina reported that her condition improved significantly, “I was able to start feeling my face again. I stopped to feel as if I had a hockey mask on top of my face.”
For other patients like Margaret the lack of proper lymph circulation had created serious problems.
“I had sever total body swelling…pain greatly inhibiting my ability to walk, climb stairs or sit without pain,” recalls Margaret. “Prior to the treatment my feet and legs were so swollen I could not get boots on.”
After 7 days of intensive GLR treatments Margaret wrote in a letter of thanks, “I can walk now with no pain except in one localized area [where a previous injury had occurred]…at the end of my last day of treatment my body congestion, [and] inflammation were reduced by over, in my estimation, 85%...You provided a solution that was drug free, effective and not available anywhere else.”
Improved skin quality
GLR has also helped patients with recurring skin problems. Ana, 42, works in IT as a business analyst.

“I had severe acne mainly on the chin area and a lot of scaring. The area looked inflamed and I used to get pimples, [which were] very painful.” Before her GLR treatments Ana had been prescribed antibiotics. “It helped for a few months then the problem reoccurred.”

After 10 sessions of GLR Ana reported a lasting change, “I didn't have the chin acne problem since the treatment, last year in June.”

Lorena, a 39-year-old educator and the University of Toronto had been diagnosed with adult acne that covered her chest and back. She was offered a prescription. “There were a lot of potential side effects, and I was not prepared to risk it.”

“GLR did improve my symptoms by eventually taking away the acne altogether…my skin felt completely renewed and nourished.”


You may have assumed cellulite is a natural part of ageing, only to be banished with serious exercise and liposuction. We tend to think of it as an aesthetic problem. These fatty deposits not only store fat: A buildup of fat-soluble toxins in the body can adversely affect our health.

Charina, a 34-year-old investment accountant began a 7-day course of GLR treatment in 2009. “I had cellulite even as a child,” said Charina, “The symptoms were poor circulation, lack of elasticity in the skin, [and the] ‘cottage cheese’ look.”
“The treatment improved my symptoms immensely…I immediately felt improved circulation. I was able to start wearing shorts and short skirts that summer without feeling as self-conscious.”
For Charina the effects were lasting. She hasn’t seen the cellulite return since the treatment.
A safe bet

Clearer, brighter skin; smoother thighs and cellulite reduction: This may remind you of the many benefits that new lazer therapies claim. did a review of a lazer product that uses the same basic idea as GLR – heat the fat until it is less liquid and send it back into the lymphatic system for drainage.

In the light of a dramatic W5 report aired last month on unregulated lazer use and a hidden epidemic of lazer related injuries, you may want to think twice.

Though GLR is more time-intensive than lazer therapies, it completely natural, using long massage sessions and all-natural ingredients to create similar, if not better results.
Marie Graff can be reached for consultation at BodyOne 302-688 Richmond St W. Toronto, ON (416) 516-2114

Covers a range of general massage practices including, fascial massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, relaxation massage etc. light work to deep.

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