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I have an amazing story to tell you about my first encounter with Forever Living Products. In 1999 my father was having very low energy and looked pretty sick due to a liver condition which he got undergoing a surgery because of the unsterilized hospital equipment. He was looking for the ways to improve him self so he came home one day and brought some yellow bottle of some juice with him. My mom

being always protective and careful took it from his hand not allowing him to drink it until she checked out what it is and where it come from. My dad said that he had a very good feeling about this product that some lady gave him. Apparently it had a lot of beneficial compounds and it appeared it would not hurt him. In couple of days my mom rushed to a local library and found a lot of literature regarding aloe vera and was quite amazed with the discovery. After our "doctor mom" approved he started drinking aloe vera gel that very same yellow bottle accompanied with the liver diet. After 3 months of this highly disciplined diet we went to the hospital to get him checked, and he looked and felt great and his liver condition became normal. I become so passion about aloe vera products that I had to find the way to dedicate my life to spread the word. I looked into the marketing plan offered by forever living products and the business was born! God knew what to make in one very special plant. Aloe vera is good for everybody, people who just want to maintain their health or people who want to improve their conditions. It kick starts our immune system in an amazing way and our body functions the way it really should. I hope this story will open many minds and you to will try these product. They really will change your life forever. Our mission is to reach everybody who would like to join our movement. Obesity and so many other health hazardous conditions have became to common, and with the simple knowledge on practical nutrition you can preserve your health and help your loved ones. Feel free to become part of our family, we welcome you with the open arms!


You can be in Toronto and try them at Balkan Girl Grill
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I have reached 4.5K followers! Thank you for your continued support. I could not have done it without each of you. 🙏🤗🎉

I have reached 4.5K followers! Thank you for your continued support. I could not have done it without each of you. 🙏🤗🎉


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