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Erika Firlotte - Head Lice Removal Specialist Many people try to get rid of head lice on their own. They search the internet only to find contradictory information galore. They try home remedies or over-the-counter treatment shampoos and conditioners that not only don’t kill lice eggs, but can be toxic and dangerous to children.

They spend weeks and weeks thinking they have the problem solved, only to have another nit or louse appear. Not to mention the hours and hours of unnecessarily doing laundry and cleaning the house “just in case”. Get the professional expertise to solve your head lice problem and stop the stress. Erika not only provides lice removal treatment and education, but also offers safe and effective products to ensure your lice problem is addressed – the right way.

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This is an absolutely legitimate issue, and the over-the-counter 'medications' that you're spending your hard earned mon...

This is an absolutely legitimate issue, and the over-the-counter 'medications' that you're spending your hard earned money on are not doing the job that they did 20 years ago!

If you're struggling with lice, please contact me. I can offer you a safe, toxin free and most importantly an EFFECTIVE option for lice removal.

It's time to break the cycle!

Yep, "super lice" is totally a thing. Researchers found strains of lice are now immune to common over-the-counter treatments and even prescriptions given by a doctor.


Seems to be that time of year again! There's been a substantial influx in calls for head lice removal support, so it's clear that there's a little epidemic happening! Gentle reminder to check your kids hair regularly, as the sooner it's caught, the easier it is to treat! And if you need any assistance, help is only a phone call or e-mail away!

Direct from Parents Magazine:Head lice have become an increasingly prevalent problem in our nation's schools and child-c...
Head Lice FAQs

Direct from Parents Magazine:

Head lice have become an increasingly prevalent problem in our nation's schools and child-care centers, according to the American Head Lice Information Center. Some 12 million people are infected with lice each year, most of them children between the ages of 3 and 12. Although head lice never present a serious health threat, they are a major annoyance. Whether you're trying to help your child avoid these bugs altogether, or just trying to get rid of them, you'll want to read the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What are head lice?
Head lice are tiny, translucent, brown- or gray-colored mites that have plagued humankind since ancient Egypt (lice larvae have been found on mummies). Because they're so small, lice are hard to detect without a magnifying glass. They live on the scalp and feed by drawing blood through the scalp, causing inflammation and itching. Adult female lice lay about six to ten eggs per day, which cling to the hair, causing your child's head to become a breeding ground for the pesky bugs.

How are lice spread?
Contrary to popular belief, lice don't fly or jump, but they can move very fast. According to Kate Shepherd, founder of Lice Solutions Inc., a group in Jupiter, Florida, that provides lice education, a louse can travel nine inches in one minute. To get from one head to another, it will grasp onto a strand of hair with its six hooked legs and ride over to the new host. Lice are spread most easily by direct person-to-person contact. This is often the case when children touch their heads together during play. Lice also can be spread indirectly, when kids share combs or brushes, pillows, or head gear such as hats or helmets.

Does personal hygiene play a role in whether a child gets head lice?
According to James Herbert, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician in San Angelo, Texas, "It doesn't matter how clean you are; if your child is exposed to someone with head lice, she has a pretty good chance of getting it herself. There are cases of families with very good hygiene who are just devastated when they learn their child has lice," he says. "The child's whole classroom might be exposed, but they're still embarrassed when it happens to them."

Can I get head lice from my child?
Because parents aren't likely to share hats, combs, clothing, and other items -- or to come into direct head-to-head contact -- with their children they're (thankfully!) unlikely to become infected with lice. "We don't see parents with lice very often, and only occasionally will we even see siblings with it," says Dr. Herbert. Still, if your child does become infected with lice, it's a good idea to have another adult inspect your head just to make sure they haven't taken up residence.

How can I delouse my house?
Head lice can't survive away from a human scalp for more than 48 hours or at temperatures above 120 degrees. You can use these weaknesses against them when cleaning your house and possessions. For instance, soak all hairbrushes, combs, and hair ornaments in hot (not boiling) water. Wash all stuffed animals, bed linens, towels, and recently worn clothing in hot water, and place them in the dryer on a high-heat setting. Items that can't be washed or dried in this manner can be dry-cleaned or stored in sealed plastic bags for several days. You should also thoroughly vacuum all furniture and carpeting. Although fumigating your entire home with an anti-lice pesticide spray may seem like a tempting, fast alternative to cleaning the entire house, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding the use of these sprays because they contain harsh chemicals. It's more time consuming, but a thorough house-cleaning is a much safer way to go.

What happens if the lice return?
If despite all your best efforts the lice show up again within 10 to 14 days of the first outbreak, ask your pediatrician if your child should be re-treated. In stubborn cases, doctors may prescribe a lindane-based prescription shampoo. Since lindane has been known to have side effects when used over a prolonged period of time, it's best to exhaust other methods first.


What are head lice and how can you get rid of them?


Just a reminder! Be vigilant about checking your childrens hair! With summer camps, pool time and extra sleep overs, the summer is actually the season that you're most likely to experience head lice in!

Remember, if you stumble on it, before you buy the chemicals, call me first! Chemical & toxin free head lice removal - guaranteed!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


Summer tips for avoiding head lice!

1) Keep long hair tied back!
2) If you're at the pool, keep your clothes and towels in a bag!
3) Bring your own pillows and sleeping bags to sleep overs!
4) Check hair regularly! (Early detection & removal nips infestations in the bud!)

Remember, while Lice can be difficult to remove, they're not dangerous, poisonous or disease-spreading. If you're struggling with removal, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to assist you!

Happy Summer Vacation!


Had a pretty busy last couple of weeks! If you know anyone struggling to get free, please don't hesitate to pass along my information. If you know of any schools in the area that are struggling with head lice, please let me know too! I have business cards I'd be happy to share with them! Thank you for all of your continued support!


Shazaam! I hit the magical 30 "likes" benchmark already! Within 6 hours of this page being active. That's awesome, and I totally appreciate the support of all of my friends and family. ♥

If you're in the Niagara area, and you have children in public school, I'm curious to know if your school has implimented any kind of regular "head checks" for your kids. I'm really surprised at how few schools
have regular, scheduled checks. As a preventative measure within my childrens school, they are checked on the first Monday of every month; and since this has been initiated, there has been a steady decline in the number of children experiencing issues with lice.

And if you know any school accepting volunteers for regular checks, I am available!

Just a thought! ;)


Official Headlice Removal business facebook fanpage. :) Bear with me while I figure out the process behind this page. I know I've stretched to the far realms of my friends list, including friends throughout the US and so forth, and I appreciate all the support!

I imagine I've set a number of scalps itching, just at the mere mention of headlice, but again, I appreciate all of your support as I endeavor to build up a business. If the itch is more than just psychological, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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