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PMC NLE EXAM Preparation This page is about PMC NLE EXAM Preparation for Pakistani Foreign Medical Graduates FMGS and Pakist


Pmc ko dough krny ka review


Pmc ko handle krny ka review from last year.


Pmc pmdc ye kya drama chal raha ha fmgs ko grinder main peesna band kro koi bhe ay lykin doctors k matters nai rukny chahiay pahly bhe pmdc sy pmc k safar k doran logo k 2 keemati saal zaya ho chuky hain or ab ye phr sy wo he harkatain kr rahay hain kab united ho gy FMGS ?????


Who received roll number slip for nle 2?????


NLE 2 Result expected on Friday ni8 or Saturday morning


Which examination center is better for step 2 NLE??????


Good Decision by Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department Punjab .

New Policy Regarding Adhoc Appointments.

1. Advertisement will be floated by P&SHC Dept.

2. Applications will be opened on 03/12/2021at portal only. No submission in hard will be accepted. No previous application will be entertained.

3. Last date of application will be 10/12/2021. A candidate may apply for many districts and many HFs.

4. Last date of scrutiny will be 13/12/2021. The scrutiny committee will be comprised of DHO HR, MS DHQ and Focal Person for Adhoc.

5. Committee has to update the Decision regarding Scrutiny on portal for each candidate. MoM of scrutiny will automatically be generated. Committee will sign the MoM and upload it on portal.

6. Redressall of Grievances will be dealt by P&SHC Dept till 20/12/2021.

7. Revised Merit List (after Grievance Redressall) will be available on 21/12/2021.

8. Districts will conduct interviews before 31/12/2021, on any date decided by the DRC.

9. DRC will only award interview marks (maximum 5).

10. Focal person will get signature on final merit list, MoM and upload the same on portal while complete case will be submitted by hand to Hisdu as per previous practice.

11. Hisdu will issue appointment orders.

12. The process will repeated 6 times in a year (after every couple on months).

Queries are welcomed


: December 2 Morning Session

1. mcc of rectovaginal fistula:
obs delivery
pelvic radiation

2. not seen in drug induced lupus? glomerulonephritis

3. placenta previa bp 90/60 nbs: blood transfusion or emergency c section

4. sclerotomes dervied from which mesoderm? intermediate? paraxial?

5. lateral and 3rd ventricles enlarged. Blockage of? intraventricular foramen

6. GBS csf: high protein low cell count

7. Hypercalcemia management? hydration

8. Patient with palpitations and K+ as 6.6
Nbs: IV calcium gluconate + insulin + 25% dextrose

9. patient had Na 112 and confusion etc. Due to SIADH

10. GCS if confused, withdraws to stimulus and eyes open on pain??
[02/12, 10:27 am] Y: 11. around 10 qs on appendicitis

12. tmj supplied by maxillary nerve?

13. contraindication to renal transplant: metastatic cancer

14. absolute CI to iud? prev history of ectopic? purulent vag discharge
[02/12, 10:27 am] Y: 15. some covid patient had left eye pain and left nose swelling? orbital vasculitis?

16. same presentation nbs? ct scan
[02/12, 10:32 am] Y: 17. some schoolteacher with active lifestyle had low grade fever redness erythema of leg? cellulits? dvt

18. patient had colon cancer treatment then post op chest pain and sob and clear lungs? PE

19. colon cancer of what causes anemia? cecum?

20. question on fibroadenoma

21. q on long thoracic nerve injury after mastectomy

22. which is a cause of massive blood loss of colon? diverticulitis

23. question on exacerbation of copd

24. whats not seen in pneumothorax? hypertension

25. measles is? paramyxovirus

26. HepB baby? vaccine + hepB igG

27. how to determine treatment of someone with PCR 5000 of hepB? HbSAb or HbE??

28. pygoenic liver abscess is? polymicrobial?

29. question on amebiasis

30. nasolacrimal duct drains into inferior meatus?

31. palpitations in hyperthyroidism management? propanolol

32. hypothyroid baby will have? prolonged jaundice?

33. 2ndry cause of HTN? pheochromocytoma?

34. Cortisol released from? zona fasciluta??

35. hemaotgeneously spreads? follicular cancer of thyroid

36. non absorbable suture? vicryl?

37. in which do u transfer blood supply from donor to receipient? free flap?

38. causes hepatitis tb drug? rifampicin

39. mdr tb due to resistance to? inh and rifampicin?

40. had to diagnose tb acid fast

41. patient with MI ST segment elevation will be convex or concave

42. in general hospital of small town? Pci or heparin +nitrates

43. non catecholamine something? dobutamine

44. mcc of squamous cell of cervix? hpv 18

45. upper esophagus cancer? scc

46. q on achalasia

47. q on cancer esophagus

48. q on cholangitis

49. alcoholic cause of liver cirrhosis will show? mallory bodies

50. 2qs on HepA

51. cause of earache after tonsillectomy? cn 9 10 5 or all of above

52. cataract + esr 100 nbs? check for chronic disease

53. berry aneurysm associated with? coarctation of aorta

54. aneurysm of aorta distal to renal arteries cause? atherosclerosis

55. down and out and laterally deviated eye? 3rd nerve palsy

56. right temporal lobe damaged? left homonymous heminanipsia

57. question on ebv

58. question on aplastic anemia

59. q on thalassemia he had splenomegaly and frontal bossing

60. q on folate def
61. q on b12 def
62. folate in preg is 5mg till end of preg?
63. inc AFP in defect of neural crest cells?

64. dysgerminoma has inc ca 125?

65. pelvic cancer has inc? cea?

66. liver fatty + diabetes inc risk of? pancreatic cancer

67. mechanism of ARB

68. how to prevent lung cancer? regular exercise??

69. question on primordial prevention 2 qs

70. that population q was it 70 years 1% rate of population and double when?

71. q on medicolegal officer

72. best site for bone marrow? femur

73. if trauma?2 peripheral iv bore lines

74. for elective cholecystectomy over night fasting

75. for elective cholecystectomy? 2nd gen cephalosporin

76. stone in cbd + gallbladder? ercp + lap choley

77. q on anaphylaxis

78. q on igE anaphylaxis

79. most common type of shoulder dislocation? anterior

80. cant extend mcps and extend thumb damage to? median nerve?

81. erbs duchenne c5 c6

82. cervical spine injury nbs? mri

83. u stabilize c spine in? airway

84. bleeding leg nbs? stop bleeding

85. how to prevent renal damage in diabetes? optimim glucose control? acei

86. oligohydramnios due to? renal agenesis

87. q on iugr baby was small size

88. age 2 weight? at birth 3kg
11-12 or 9-10

89.v severe malnutrition? muac


2nd december Evening


Q 1
Which anti tb drug cause jaundice?

Q no 2
Hepatomegaly is feature of
Budd chiarii syndrome
Alcoholic cirrhosis
Hep B
Hep C

Q no 3
Patient present with severe throbbing pain to one side of head associated with nasue and extreme sensitivity to light but not association with bending
Cluster headache
Tension headache

Qno 4
A child come to Eye OPD for visual field examination. His left optic disc severity . His field will be
Blind spot
Temporal hemianopia

Qno 5
HeadacQ 5
Which anti tb drug cause jaundice?

Q no 6
Hepatomegaly is feature of
Budd chiarii syndrome
Alcoholic cirrhosis
Hep B
Hep C

Q no 7
Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy feature of

Qno 8
A child come to Eye OPD for visual field examination. His left optic disc severity . His field will be
Blind spot
Temporal hemianopia

Qno 9
Headache for few hours, the presenting feature associated with stroke will present as
Cluster headache
Preceded by aura

Neurological deficitshe for few hours, the presenting feature associated with stroke will present as
Cluster headache
Preceded by aura
Neurological deficits


Any hint for tomorrow exam???????


Anyone got email from pmc for nle2 exam????


2021 Batch Mbbs Pass out


What is NLE? Why PMC wants it? Why Pakistani Doctors are against it?


Today meeting Shafqat Mahmood Very Good Decision Matric or Inter All Students Pass


Pmc or is k masly masail
Why students not getting good marks in nmdcat


Who is ready for CSE NLE????


A 20 year old female patient was evaluated by a neurologist. The neurologist examination reveals severe headaches, papilledema without mass, elevated CSF pressure, and deteriorating vision. The diagnosis will most likely be:

A. Arnold chiari ll

B. Dandy -walker

C. Hydrocephalus exvacuo

D. Normal pressure hydrocephalus

E. Pseudotumor cerebri





NLE & MDCAT Schedule now available:


The lists of recognised and accredited colleges are only available on the PMC website.


The final date for NLE registration has been extended due to the upcoming Eid Holidays.


For accurate and authentic information regarding PMC, please refer to our website and official social media accounts only.



5th JULY is the last date to register for NLE


Who is giving up coming NLE exam?????

ملک کی مختلف ہائی کورٹس میں این ایل ای کے خلاف رٹ پیٹیشن فائل کر دی گئی ہیں. دو لاہور, ایک اسلام آباد اور ایک سندھ ہائی ...

ملک کی مختلف ہائی کورٹس میں این ایل ای کے خلاف رٹ پیٹیشن فائل کر دی گئی ہیں. دو لاہور, ایک اسلام آباد اور ایک سندھ ہائی کورٹ عدالتی معاملات میں وقت درکار ہوتا ہے.ان کیسز کی اہمیت میں مزید اضافہ کیا جاسکتا ہے اگر ہم اس مدعا و مقصد کو عوامی مسئلہ بنائیں.جسکے لیے پورے ملک کے تمام میڈیکل کالجز میں کمپین چلائیں جائیں. ایکٹیو و ذمہ دار لوگ سامنے آئیں.
میڈیا و سوشل میڈیا کے ذریعے ہر کالج کے سامنے اپنا احتجاج ریکارڈ کروائیں. تمام میڈیکل اسٹیک ہولڈرز پی ایم اے, وائی ڈے اے , پامی اور تمام میڈیکل طلباء تنظیمیں متحد ہیں.
لیکن بنیادی طور پر یہ مسئلہ ہم میڈیکل اسٹوڈنٹس کا ہے اور اسے ہمیں ہی لے کر آگے بڑھنا ہوگا.خاموش رہیں گے تو باقی لوگ بھی چپ ہو جائیں گے جیسا کہ ماضی میں رہے. ابھی پی ایم سی پریشر میں ہے اور قوی امکان ہے کہ ملک گیر تحریک اور اسلام آباد میں میگا دھرنے کے نتیجے میں یہ ضرور پیچھے ہٹیں گے.
حسن بلوچ


Press Release regarding PMC's Undergraduate Education Regulations for Medical and Dental colleges in Pakistan.


Wellcome to nle preparation







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