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Dr Sajjad Ahmad Motivate the community to enhance its health status. studied in PAF Model School Mianwali,then in central model high school mianwali then government college mianwali then got admission in punjab medical college for MBBS and started working on preventative medicine did my Masters in public health from institute of public health lahore.

Then I moved to Canada. There I learned exercise prescription in Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma. Then I did post graduation diploma in Nutrition, Health, and sports diploma. Now I treat by managing mental health, nutrition and exercise.

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Dr Sajjad Ahmad

Dr Sajjad Ahmad


كم بيوصل تفاعلكم؟

Emotions and the Brain
Emotions and the Brain

Emotions and the Brain

The Sentis Brain Animation Series takes you on a tour of the brain through a series of short and sharp animations. The fifth in the series explains what is h...


Very warm holy Ramadan greetings to all Muslims round the globe! It’s undoubtedly the most awaited time of the year among Muslim communities everywhere. It is both challenging and full of opportunities at the same time. It is like the annual refresher course for the Muslims regarding their faith and religious practices. At the same time, it can be a great time to achieve our health targets if managed properly. The optimum health can be achieved by focusing on mental wellness, nutrition and exercise.

Let’s start with Mental Health. It is almost a taboo to talk about anybody’s mental health. Negative thinking and feelings ruin it. We can protect our Saum (fast) from being desecrated by taking care of our mental wellness. In mental wellness, control over thoughts is important because if we do not control our thoughts, the mind will be distracted towards the surrounding toxic environment.

By bringing unconditional love, intimacy, affection, compassion, empathy & forgiveness in our thought process and by avoiding hatred, revenge, anger, fear & discrimination (that lead to injustice) in our thought process we can combat sins & stresses of everyday life in an ideal way.

Thought process to activate our rest and digest system Thought process to activate our fight and flight mode
Smile, unconditional love, intimacy, affection, compassion, empathy & forgiveness in our thought process hatred, revenge, anger, fear & discrimination that lead to injustice

Why I insist so much on stress management is because in the state of stress ‘adrenaline’ (the stress hormone) is released in abundance. Adrenaline is good in emergency conditions like accidents, studying for exams and during exercise, but in normal conditions it adversely affects our digestive system due to which essential nutrients are not absorbed to full extent from the food we eat.

Let us commit that this Ramadan, we will change our thought process by continuous control over our thoughts. We will enjoy our routine with no conflict, with a greeting smile on our lips & no superficiality. We will take care of ourselves and people around us regardless of their race, language, age, caste, beliefs, dress, gender, marital status etc. In case, if someone’s behaviour is not good, we will show maturity by assuming that this all is due to one’s mental disturbance. All this kind of thought process brings us closer to each other. As a result, there will be no prevalence of hateful behaviours nor there will be reliance on punishment. This kind of sympathetic/understanding attitude is essential for the unity, that is opposite of division, and division of humans, no doubt, brings mental disturbance. And of course, there is no need to disturb our minds.

Now I come to the topic of nutrition. During Ramadan, most of the people observing Saum (fast) falsely believe that they eat less than routine. The second but more serious issue is that we take abnormal diet. In the end, instead of getting better, we end up ruining our health. Here I would like to propose a very healthy and balanced diet chart which will cover all the requirements of body in terms of nutrition.

Sehar time

Take 4 glasses of hot water when you get up for Sehar.
It is important to detoxify our body from the continuously forming toxins in our digestive system and blood.

This should be followed by a healthy fruit shake(recipe given below) with 2 eggs (omelette or fully boiled). One glass of hot water should be taken at the end of Sehar. A Walk for 5-10 minutes will be very useful after this. This diet covers all body needs and rest assured that you will not feel hungry throughout the day.

Healthy shake
Mango, strawberries, water melon, apple, carrot and banana are good fruits for a healthy shake. Make a shake by blending in a blender machine the fruits of your choice. Add 1 tablespoonful of canola oil, and water to dilute if watermelon is not available. Just Visualize how rich/dense is this shake in nutrients. It will provide you with all essential nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins & minerals.
Omelette or boiled eggs
To meet your protein requirement, you need 2 full boiled eggs or 2 eggs omelette in the breakfast.
Overnight soaked flax seeds (2 tablespoonfuls) can be used in shake.

Aftaar time
In Aftaar, preferred foods are those foods which could fulfill already mentioned needs of human body to carry on metabolism at optimum level.

There are bunch of options in afftar.
Fruit salad.
Lemon water
Baked or grilled fish, chicken, mutton and beef.
Baked potato wedges
Steam vegetables of any kind.
With chutney (recipe written below)
Healthy shake could be one option.

Fruit salad
Melon, apple, pear, strawberry, grapes, pineapple, steamed sweet potato etc. are good for fruit salad. Cut all the fruits in same size and mix in big bowl. To make it delicious and nutritious, make a sauce with 2 bananas, 4 strawberries and 1 table spoonful of oil i.e. canola oil. Blend these 3 ingredients and pour in the fruit salad bowl, mix well. Nutrient rich fruit salad is ready for Aftaar.
Steam vegetables
Cut onion, garlic, green chilies, tomato and any other vegetable you want to cook. Put this mixture of vegetables into a steel bowl. Place a utensil bigger than that steel bowl on fire with water in it for steam formation. Now place that vegetable filled steel bowl in big utensil and cover it. The steam so formed will soften the vegetables. Now take out the vegetable containing bowl. Mix edible oil 2-3 table spoons, fresh lemon juice1-2 tablespoonful and spices in it thoroughly. This is highly nutritious food that is easy to digest. This is ideal diet plan to get rid of every type of disease. You need to follow it as such.
Steam vegetables are better than boiled ones because during boiling vitamins and minerals are lost in water.

Vegetable salad.
Cut onion, tomato, spinach, cucumber, capsicum etc. in fine slices in a bowl. Mix lemon juice, canola oil & salt. Fruit can also be used in vegetable salad just for the change of taste. Mixing oil in salad increases the digestibility of vitamins present in vegetables and fruits.
Chutney #1
Two tomatoes 1-2 Dates, 3 cloves, turmeric fresh, salt for taste, curry 6 leaves, fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons, 1 tablespoonful of canola oil
Blend all these ingredients.
Now fine chop spring onions and onions, green chilies, mint leave and cilantro leaves
Mix these chopped goods in blended items. Highly nutritious and digestion enhancing chutney is ready for Aftaar.
Chutney # 2
Crush onion, ginger, green chilies, tomato, mint, coriander and dried pomegranate seeds. Add lemon juice, red chilies, other spices and 1table spoonful canola oil.

Method of preparation of drink that has no side effects.
Boil water with 1-3 cardamom and ginger in it. Remove it from fire and put 3-4 leaves of mint now serve with fresh lime that is rich in flavor. Honey can also be used as sweetener. Serve it with dates.

During Ramadan eating according to our needs to carry on our normal metabolism to optimum level helps us to get rid of diseases like Acid Peptic Disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, skin problems etc.

Our needs to carry on our metabolism to optimum level are
• Water
• Essential fats
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Animal protein
• Carbohydrates only from fruits and vegetables
Avoiding foods that are responsible for depriving us from vitamins and minerals help to obtain essential nutrients to optimum level. Such foods include caffeinated beverages, grains of any kind, milk and milk products, artificial food preservatives processed foods etc.
Even small amount of mentioned foods can disrupt our digestion process. We should visualize that new cells are continuously forming in our body to replace the old cells of digestive tract, immune cells, red blood cells, skin cells etc. and if we eat according to our needs, regeneration will occur; otherwise there will be degeneration i.e. deformed or malfunctioned cells will be formed and chronic diseases will emerge.

Positive Thinking greatly affects the digestibility of essential nutrients. Positive attitudes and behaviours markedly enhance digestion of essential nutrients. So smile is the first step in creating a friendly environment. Making friends and taking care of people around us actually helps us in making the environment healthy that ultimately enhances the health status of the community in which we are living.
When we bring incivility, anger, fear, superficiality, discrimination, they lead to injustice. This results into stress and mental health deteriorates and there is impaired digestion of essential nutrients.
There are 2 autonomic nervous systems working in our body to maintain the homeostasis.
One is sympathetic nervous system also called fight and flight; we need this system during emergency conditions like accidents, sickness, exercise. But if this system gets activated in normal conditions; digestion of essential nutrients will be markedly reduced. This happens, when we drink caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks, or we are in depression, anxiety, anger etc.
The Other one is parasympathetic nervous system, also called rest and digest; during its activation, mind & body are in rest and normal digestion is in process. Essential nutrients are absorbed to full extent and new cells which are formed during activation of this system are strong enough to combat the hardships of the environment. Creativity and thinking ability is on peak and person is in love with the surrounding.

Exercise is not only good but also essential because exercise is the only known method to develop brain, heart, muscles, and bones and to optimize digestibility of nutrients. Exercise also increases oxygen consumption and oxygen consumption is directly proportional to health.
After exercise, the absorption of essential nutrients increases to full extent. In exercise, muscles break and during rest period strong and big muscles are formed. Bones mineralization also increases due to stress on the bones during exercise.
After proper warm up resistance exercises are essential to obtain optimum health after Aftaar,


In class training and teaching of; how to achieve self motivation, what is stress and how to cope with it, mental health definition, self accountability, social and emotional intelligence is need of the hour to enhance mental health status of community.

How to Optimize Our Health? By Dr. Sajjad Ahmad

How to Optimize Our Health? By Dr. Sajjad Ahmad

Kinza Mahro Khan initiated her career as President with a successful and highly informative session about the basic tools, by using which We can optimize our health. These factors involve stress management, nutritional factors and exercises. Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal appreciated this event, one of the informative session. At the end of session, Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal presented awards of appreciations among guest speaker Dr. Sajjad Ahmad, Mr. Zeeshan Akbar (Patron UOL-IPS), Miss Kinza Mahro Khan (President UOL-IPS), Mr. Saif (Vice President UOL-IPS), Miss Taqdess Fatima Imran (General Secretary UOL-IPS) and Falak Naz (Treasurer UOL-IPS).


The rate of formation of new fat cells is especially
rapid in the first few years of life, and the greater the
rate of fat storage, the greater the number of fat cells.
The number of fat cells in obese children is often as
much as three times that in normal children. Therefore,
it has been suggested that over-nutrition of children—
especially in infancy and, to a lesser extent, during the
later years of childhood—can lead to a lifetime of


The causes of obesity are complex. Although genes
play an important role in determining food intake and
energy metabolism, lifestyle and environmental factors
may play the dominant role in many obese people. The
rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity in the past
20 to 30 years emphasizes the important role of lifestyle
and environmental factors, because genetic changes
could not have occurred so rapidly.


In starvation, after the
carbohydrates and fats have been depleted, the
body’s protein stores are consumed rapidly for energy,
sometimes at rates approaching several hundred
grams per day rather than the normal daily rate of 30
to 50 grams.


I am knowledgeable in preventive techniques to achieve optimum health of community through stress management, diet that fulfill their daily needs and by exercise prescription. Passionate about enhancing emotional intelligence, designing exercise and nutritional plans to maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, boost stamina and increase overall well being. Gaol-oriented and self motivated with talent to motivate others and developing customize fitness and nutrition plans to meet individual’s goals.


While taking history if doctors start asking Pt’s eating routine (nutrition assessment )
Malnutrition can be easily diagnosed
In treatment plan if nutrition is prescribed correctly by involving nutritionist
Recovery days and Hospital stay can be markedly reduced


Water to detox and to lubricate
Carbs are immediate source of energy and essential for normal fat and protein metabolism
Protein for protein synthesis
Vitamins essential for carbs to release energy etc
Minerals for nervous system and bone strength
Essential fat for fluidity of cell membrane that reduces its fragility and transport of different become easy


While eating breakfast, lunch and dinner
Do self assessment by noticing that you have included
Essential fat

First step towards optimum health is stress management. And first step to manage stress is to understand that what is st...

First step towards optimum health is stress management.
And first step to manage stress is to understand that what is stress.
I teach stress and how to cope with stress

First step towards optimum health is stress management.
And first step to manage stress is to understand that what is stress.
I teach stress and how to cope with stress

Workout this Sunday

Workout this Sunday

Workout this Sunday


Dear Malik Sb.
Just wanted to provide you a quick update on my progress. You would like to hear that after 25 years of smoking a pack a day of to***co, I am now smokeless for three months now. Your guidance has helped me with my weight management, every vital value in my annual physical lab reports is in the perfect range. Mental health has never been better, and physical health is on the right track. Thank you for your dedication and amazing guidance.
Adel from Virginia.

Book an appointment 03004320469

Book an appointment 03004320469

Book an appointment 03004320469

No supplementation can replace hard work, dedication and a balanced diet in any training program

No supplementation can replace hard work, dedication and a balanced diet in any training program

Whole body workout today🏋️‍♂️

Whole body workout today🏋️‍♂️

Whole body workout today🏋️‍♂️


Norm - doctor prescribes medicine
Out of box thinking – Doctor prescribes stress management, nutrition and exercise


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Not an Ad, but a Fact! Dr Sajjad Ahmad is a qualified physician, a nutritionist, a physical trainer and a psychological counselor. I greatly benefitted from his nutritional prescription, physical coaching and psychological counseling to overcome my metabolic syndrome (diabetes, blood pressure, weight gain). I'm almost there in just 3 months. I recommend his magical consultancy to all those going through complex medical/physical conditions and those wishing a better and healthy lifestyle!
Yesterday was my 2nd session with Dr Sajjad Sb after following his 3 way treatment method(diet, exercise and stress management) for 6 weeks. The results are amazing. My diabetes remained under perfect control without any medicine. Acidity disappeared and digestion improved a lot. Energy level remained amazing. I'm totally happy and satisfied. Now I believe that this is the real treatment. We must change our minds about the ways we get ourselves treated. In my view, the jolly Dr Sajjad Sb is the best choice for all your health problems! 😀😇
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