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Basic principle against Crona Virus protection is to strengthen immune system Available Tools ;Beta Carotene 10,000 iu (...

Basic principle against Crona Virus protection is to strengthen immune system
Available Tools ;
Beta Carotene 10,000 iu (2 time daily)
Licorice 450 mg (2 time daily)
Resveratrol 500 mg (2 time daily)
Turmeric 400 mg (2 time daily)
C 1000 mg (2 time daily)
Honey (4 large spoon a day)
3 Lemon juice per day

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Because there are many nerve endings in the eye, all linked to the body's organs, iridologists assert that examination of the eye, especially the irid, its colour and markings, can indicate problems in other parts of the body and reveal weaknesses and strengths in general health, such as a tendency towards a particular disease.

Iridology is not a restorative therapy; it doesn't cure and it doesn't pinpoint particular ailments Iridologyt identifies weaknesses or overactivity in the body so that future problems can be avoided. For example, if the pancreas is seen to be underactive, it could indicate a condition like diabetes. Iridology also recognises where toxins and inflammation could be, as well as certain chemical deficiencies. to determine your general state of health and constitution.
For example, the area immediately around the pupil relates to the stomach and the area around that represents the intestines. It is said that the pattern of the irid is like a genetic map of the body, showing inherited traits and pinpointing weaknesses. Changes in this pattern can reflect changes in the body.
Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where located and in what stage it is manifesting. The irid reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and transitions that take place in a person's body according to the way one lives. Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the irid of the eye.
Proclaimed throughout the ages as "windows of the soul", the eyes are now acknowledged as mirrors of the body and likened to miniature television screens recording the condition of the various organs and tissues throughout the body.


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The study of Iridology asserts that through studying markings in the iris one can learn about the inner workings of the body.

The word "iris" is Greek and means "rainbow" or "halo." The iris is the colorful portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil.

Every fiber, color, pattern, and defect in the iris is believed to have a reflex correlation with a disease manifestation or organ system malfunction. By studying the eye, Iridologists can reveal a patient's overall state of health, as well as their tendencies toward inherited disease and possible future problems.

The left eye is believed to correspond with the left side of the body and the right eye with the right side of the body. In general, the higher organs (brain, thyroid) are at the top of the iris and the lower organs (kidneys) are at the bottom.

Iridology is used as more of a diagnostic tool than a treatment. It is not a medical exam or a definitive diagnosis of disease. Rather, it proposes to recognize:

* Toxins and their locations
* Stages of Inflammation
* Inherent Weakness or Strength
* General Health level
* Biochemical Deficiencies


Dr Bashir is completely abreast with the latest researches and advancement in this field. Being a member of International iridology practitioners Association he has the opportunity to learn about the day to day developments in this field. It is a good occasion to inform the reader that all researches are conducted on medically confirmed ailments of selected clients and results recorded are the nothing less than 90% - This should be a good message for those who are looking forward to get their health analysis. Iris examination shows the strengths as well as weaknesses of the person as he/she inherited from parents. Remember this science affords you an opportunity to know your hidden problems which may appear in future and this knowledge prepares you to take preventive action.


IRIDOLOGY is the science of the entire body's health analysis, where each body organ is connected through the iris. Each of body ailment can be detected through the correct analysis of the iris. The study of the iris, reveals the pre conditions of the body's ailments, before the body is even effected by it. Several preventive actions can be taken to prevent the ailment, before the decease appears. Please contact Dr. Bashir Choudhry for any questions or concerns regarding any health ailments.



Iridology's cover photo

Iridology's cover photo


Iridology or the iris picture can highlight the hidden condition which no lab test can ever detect. And this hidden condition may be related to numerous symptoms and medical conditions. If the source is detected matter becomes easy to solve. If anyone has any doubt about this - visit any Iridologist and find out.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


Special iridology cameras are used to take the iris image which will show weaknesses and the strengths of an individual's health status. If certain organ is underfunction, it will be highlighted by a landmark in the location area. Locations are established by iridology charts as accepted by Iridologists internationally.



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