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Caring Hands Homecare and Nursing Services Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable family centered homecare services to our clients in their chosen living arrangement. ABOUT CARING HANDS

Caring Hands Homecare and Nursing Services is a dynamic and fast growing homecare and nursing services organization with the main office in Kennesaw, Georgia.

We focus on supporting our clients in managing their health by providing skilled nursing care, companion/assist, personal/sitter care to our clients in their chosen living arrangement. As a community based homecare service, we provide customer-oriented services such as access management, infusion therapy, nutrition therapy and comfort care while maintaining a community based clientele and staff

We focus on supporting our clients in managing their health by providing skilled nursing care, companion/assist, personal/sitter care to our clients in their chosen living arrangement. As a community based homecare service, we provide customer-oriented services such as access management, infusion therapy, nutrition therapy and comfort care while maintaining a community based clientele and staff


You Need People
How many of you have been disappointed by people? How many have been rejected and betrayed by people, how many have decided not to have anything to do with people because they are mean and rude? How many would rather love and care for their pets rather than people? How many are “done” with people based on personal experience and pain caused by others? Maybe the pain and disappointment are needed for your advancement.
Do you know that some people (men and women) are in possession of what you need? You meet them all the time without a clue. What you need, what you are longing and praying for, what will make your joy complete are in the hands of who we call people. The religious ones may say “it is in the hand of God”, which is very true. I think the Biblical Moses was the last human being that saw God on a close range.
You must encounter people, or people must locate you for your story to change for the better. They are called agents of change. People must drive your vision, hire you, motivate you, support your weakness, and provide the information you need for your next level. Sometimes may need to disappoint you for you to think outside the box. The resources you need to transform your business must come from people. They must patronize your goods, services, and the products of your ingenuity before you can make profit.
These people are easy to miss, easy to ignore, easy to ridicule or suspect based on your past experience, they are easy to shut down and off because they don’t look or sound like you.
Be careful what you do with people, no matter your experience in life, you are not made an island; you will still need people. Your destiny helper is still going to be people, push away or welcome people will be your choice. Be careful how you treat people.


The aging population and the need for love.
Life is in a circle, the orbit of life begins at birth with care and love provided by the parents and the family of the new born. The fun continues with progression into adulthood with many adventures and discoveries of life. A baby born few years ago is now a fully grown adult ready to raise his or her own children. The cycle of life begins again with great expectation. Child rearing is an assumed responsibility without formal education. Nature and nurture has its place but does not guarantee successful children upbringing.
Soon the sunset of life… The one time vibrant mom and dad gradually become weak and feeble as old age sets in. I wish we can buy back time, it’s a mere wish that will never happen. I have important questions for as many that care to visit this page:

Does every parent and senior citizen deserve to be loved?
Can the seniors and the aging population get back the equal love they show on their children and the community?
How can we intentionally give back to the senior citizens with the challenges of the new millennium while we still pursue the American dream?
Your opinion is welcome.

Seminar On Path To Financial Freedom!
Seminar On Path To Financial Freedom!

Seminar On Path To Financial Freedom!

Path to financial freedom starts with self awareness and acceptance of where you are and where you ought to be.

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How intelligent are you?
There is so much talk about emotion, we know we have it and we display emotional behaviors (actions based on feelings). The importance of emotion in influencing our actions, controlling our attitudes, and shaping behavior is often minimized. It is startling to discover that there is an intelligence associated with emotion and if well managed can greatly transform behavior and improve human outcomes.
Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to have the expected awareness of personal emotion and the ability to adapt, modify, and control emotion in a way to influence behavior and achieve the best performance (Brad berry & Greaves, 2009). Every human being have the tendency to protect self and hurt others. In the process of self protection and indulgence, we hurt others, ourselves, destroy relationship, and turn friends to enemy by our outlook and attitude. Emotional intelligence is a trait that is necessary to successfully process emotional information, interact, and navigate the social world successfully. It is essential for academic success, career advancement, and effective job performance (Nauert, 2013).
Emotional intelligence domains are divided into personal competence, which includes self-awareness and self-management. Self-awareness is centered on one’s personality and ability to be aware of one’s emotion, strength, and weakness and manage it to achieve acceptable behavior. Social competence includes social awareness and relationship management. Social competence entails the ability to understand the mood and feelings of others and be able to relate and sustain relationship (Bradberry & Greaves, 2009). If you are having challenges maintaining and sustain relationships, look beyond the obvious, look inward, how intelligent are you emotionally? Pause and ponder.

Bradberry, T., & Greaves, J. (2009). Emotional Intelligence 2.0. San Diego, CA: TalentSmart Inc.
Nauert, R. (2013). Importance of Emotional Intelligence Validated. Psych Central. Retrieved on January 16, 2015 from of emotional intelligence

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Today is a miracle for those that God granted the gift of today, the benevolent God attached blessings to each day. Despite its deployment, It takes grace and mercy to contact these commanded blessings; the reason for the successful, and unsuccessful, the toilers, and the privileged, the struggled, and the favored, the frustrated, and the fulfilled, some among men even enjoy the predestined preference, it is a function of who they know and who knows them. Who do you know? and if I may ask, who knows you? Think about it.

Caring Hands Homecare and Nursing Services's cover photo

Caring Hands Homecare and Nursing Services's cover photo


Your Place
If you don't know your place in life you will take any place, if you don't know your place, you will struggle for places that does not belong to you, if you don't know your place, men and women will put you in a place, you will accept any place, and respond to every dog that barks; every place may also looks appealing to you.
You have a unique place. Until you get to your place, provisions may be scarce and advancement may not be visible. Discover your place and achieve your greatness. You will only thrive in your place.


Find your greatness
What captured and captivated my attention during the last Olympic was not only the competitions but the commercials, the outstanding one that made me think was "Find your greatness" 'Nike commercial'. It reminded me of the embedded greatness that resides in all of us. It reminded me that greatness was not reserved for the privilege few, or the Olympians, everyone of us possess greatness. What we are, or have does not define us, rather our success and accomplishm are concrete reflection and manifestation of our internal greatness, the internal greatness that drives the external outlook. You are great, live your greatness, take your place, live your worth, you are born to be great, discover it to live it. Find your greatness.


Strive for the best
Your dreams will ultimately become the destiny you live. Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will land among the stars. The only accomplishment of wishes is longing and unfulfilled desires. You must live in your dreams and consciously put plan in place to make it a reality. Do more than your competitors, the one who endure and toiled more than others become the champion.
Strive for the best..


What are you living for?
This generation is earnestly waiting for those who believe in the capacity of their dreams not the whimp. Though it may tarry, wait for it, your vision will propel action, and correct actions will produce the desired result; but where there is no vision human being live for nothing. There is more to life than live, work, have children and pets, raise another vision less generation and die. The vision of the present generation will feed and sustain the next generation. What are you living for?


Wealth without health is a waste, wisdom without longevity will deny generations of much needed guidance, you need good health to enjoy good life. What you do everyday determine your overall health, be wise.


Beauty does not last forever, riches grow wings, youthfulness is a function of time, and opportunities are tied to time. The worst regret in life is the regret of missed oppourtunities, missed career, missed friendship, missed relationship, and missed words that could have been said or not said. For every dot in your life there are reasons for them and you will understand these reasons only if you can connect the dot.


Mid - life

The beginning of ones life is full of joy, fun, excitement, and many people thought they 've had it all. Recently, I discovered that every stage of life not only have its own challenges but wrapped around it are joy, fun, and more excitement. The beauty of mid-life, the love and acceptance that surrounds it made me think middle life "Rock" do not waste your life wearing diapers and playing with Legos but grow up to see the treasures and pleasure of mid-life. Don't focus on its crisis but think about all its blessing.


Food for thought
Riches is an attitude, and poverty is also an attitude, your net-worth depends on your network and both are the major determinant of your greatness. Make sure you surround yourself with the people with great attitude, because attitude is infectious.


Know You
Human beings are so complex the world best internist and psychoanalyst cannot know; do not waste your time trying to know and understand people but focus on knowing you. If you succeed in the endeavor of knowing you then your greatness is sure.


The Sight
Every human being is endowed with a unique power; the power to conceive and perceive, the power to create and re - create, it is called sight. What can you see? the beginning of life start with sight and human progression is determined by sight. There may be diversion along the path of life but the higher the gradient of diversion the better is the progression. What can you see and how are you seeing? If you cannot see it, it will be difficult to create, pursue, or long for, and achieving it will be impossible. But if you can see it you will create it, and what you create you will achieve and live for. Your sight is important.


Strive for More
Talent is a gift that everyone cannot receive, ability is an endowment that is available to all, achievement is a product that does not know creed, color, or race, and greatness is a task that everyone can achieve. Desire greatness in all you do let your good become better and your better become best, never let your life turn ridiculous before it become miraculous.


The Price
Many people want to have great success but few are ready to pay the price; many of us still exist in "wish and wonder land." It is obvious that such wishes will never come true. The reality I discovered in life is that I only get what I planned and prepared for not what I want. The more I play the lottery of life, the worse my chances of winning are. Instead of wasting my time in the “wish and wonder land,” I have decided to toil and confront my obstacles headlong. It will remain a hindrance as long as I allow it to stand on my way. Henceforth, I have resolved to confront any obstacle knowing fully well that if I don't confront it, I will never conquer it. If it does not cost me something, it may not be worth anything.


Today Matters
Those who understand the ephemeral nature of life run as if destiny is chasing them, today’s matters I am not saying your yesterday is not significant, in fact, you are a product of your yesterday it has given the best it can offered, make today count, it’s shorter than u can imagine. Love today, utilize today, embrace today, make sure you complete everything u have to do today, today is a gift cherish it and use it to prepare for tomorrow; today is guaranteed but tomorrow may or may not come.


5330 Brookstone Dr NW, # 801502, Ste 250
Acworth, GA


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Son, you are doing great. More grease to your elbows. Pls be safe and take good care of yourself and family.