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Jennifer Myers Photography Specializing in Families and Children in Cullman and Winston County, AL. Like my page for seasonal discounts! I live in the Cullman County area, and do travel for on-site photoshoots for a little extra fee outside of the county.

I have a page and a website where you can visit to preview some of my work as well. Most of my previews are uploaded to Facebook unless the family expresses otherwise. You can find me here: and My name is Jennifer. I am a married mother of three children - two boys, and one girl who is the center of it all. ;) My camera is with me at all times, and I thoroughly love what I do! I enjoy capturing sweet memories for your family and loved ones, especially children... nothing beats a smile on a child's face! Definitely something that warms the heart. Any other questions or information that you need, you can contact me at this e-mail address: [email protected] Thank you for considering me as your family photographer! I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. :)


Hi everyone. I apologize for the inactivity on the page. I've been going through a lot of medical procedures and office visits the last 5 months to find out what I have wrong. I'm experiencing constant pain, pins and needles, neuropathy, parasthesia, and muscle weakness. They've diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, while still doing a lot of blood work and testing to rule out other autoimmune diseases with my symptoms. They've tested for Lupus, MS, ALS, RA, etc. They do know that I am full of inflammation, even in my heart, causing excess fluid in my heart. They are setting up appointments for that now.
The past 2 years have been a back and forth for me, and I've tried my best to keep up my photography because I love what I do. As this disorder progresses, I keep getting worse and worse and have found myself unable to push myself without it landing me on my bottom with days of recovery.
Please know that I am working to finish up sessions I still have to get finished. It's been so hard for me to keep a deadline because while I may feel ok one day, the next 3 days I may not be able to lift my arms. :( I appreciate all of the patience from everyone so far. Those of you already booked and on my schedule, I still plan to keep booked, unless you would rather reschedule until later this year. No worries there. I'm hoping to develop a pain management plan with my physician that will enable me to rejoin the functioning world.
As of right now, I won't be taking on any new clients. I still plan to come back for late summer and Fall, as this starts my favorite time and hate to miss it. If things worsen to the point of me having to stop indefinitely, I will update you all here, but please help me pray that I get better instead of worse.
Right now, this page is the ONLY way to get in touch with me for photography related business. The Jennifer M. Myers page is locked out, and email is checked infrequently.
Thank you so much. I felt you all deserved an explanation and update on why I've been absent and mostly silent.
I appreciate how kind most all of you have been.
Until the next update,


Cyber Monday Print Sale until 11pm. Order goes in by Midnight and prints should be available for pickup/deliver within a week!

20x30 - $65
16x20 - $25
11x14 - $16
8x10 - $9
5x7 - $6
4x6 - $5.50
8 wallets - $12



1. Mini Sessions! 20-30 minute quick sessions, 8 high resolution images. Immediate family members only please. Sale price, $60!! Buy 2 for $110. Buy 3 for $150!

2. Family sessions! In 2017, these will have no time limit! They can last 30 minutes or 2 hours. However long you need for your family to warm up to me and be themselves. :) 20 high resolution images. Immediate family only. Extended family can be added in for additional pricing. Message me to discuss this beforehand. Sale price, $90!! Buy 2 for $165. Buy 3 for $240!

3. Newborns! Newborns typically last between 2 and 4 hours, and I'll take every bit of that 4 hour time span unless you let me know prior that you are time restricted. Come make yourself at home while I take care of your little one for a few hours and get some gorgeous photos in the process! 20 high resolution images. Sale price, $150!!
*I am limiting newborns to one per month next year. Don't miss your chance to book by waiting! Book early, as soon as you find out. :)

4. Seniors! Seniors have 2+ hours of time in front of the camera, multiple outfit changes, and 2-3 locations within reasonable distance of each other. Further distances can be discussed with mileage a factor. 25 high resolution images. Sale Price, $150!!

Extra images can be added after the session for an extra charge. Let me know when/if you plan on adding to your package. :)
Each session will have their own private galleries online to view and select your favorites! You'll have the option to purchase prints as well!
Please print your photos! I am always blown away at how beautiful a portrait looks when I get a print in the mail for a client.


Small Business Saturday! :) Support me today by ordering a 16x20 print from any past session for $25 and gain an extra entry into my free sessions for a year drawing! Message me with the image you want to order and your email address for invoicing. Payment is due by midnight tonight! No limit on prints! Each print gets one entry. :)


Tonight, the Addison football team goes to Pickens County for their semi final in the championship games. My daughter marches and is super excited about the idea that she may get to march at Jordan Hare if they win tonight! We are going to root for our boys tonight with her. I will send all invoices tomorrow! Please continue to post and message me your Black Friday orders! I have a few left.
Cyber Monday will have more sales for specific sessions, more minis, and for past clients. Keep sharing the contest image for your chance to win free sessions for a year! Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!


Hi everyone! I was going to post a Black Friday sale tonight, but I am worn slap out from hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner today. :) I'm going to be heading off to bed soon so I can wake up and start my Black Friday posts in the morning! Start looking around 10am! Sales will be live from 10 to 1 tomorrow, so get here early!
In the meantime, I think I'm going to post a giveaway post to play overnight and I'll draw a winner in the morning! :)


Oh, look!!! I'm 29 likes away from 2000 likes!!! Oh my! 😍😍😍 Just in time for Black Friday specials!!! Are you guys ready??! Lots of goodies in store for Friday! Put me on "Get Notifications" so you don't miss out! All deals will be limited, and you definitely don't want to miss these for 2017.. AND for my past clients who have already received their galleries.... I have some prizes for you as well! Woohoo, come on Friday!!!
Let's get to 2000 likes and I'll throw something extra special in there! ;) ;)


I had this afternoon open up for last minute fall sessions!! I have zero availability after today unless someone cancels again. I can bring Christmas props and make it Christmas as well... but today is it! $65 for 30 minutes, 5 photos, $75 for 45 minutes 8 photos, or $100 for an hour and 15 photos. 3:15 til sunset.


If I open up a weekday toward the end of the month for Santa to come visit me at my home like we did last year, would there be any interest?
Also debating on coming back to Black Creek Park in Fultondale. If I get enough interest and we can fit a time in Santa's busy schedule, I'll do another date!


One spot left for Santa today! 10 minutes, 1pm. $40! Last one!!


Don't forget I have Santa on the 12th in Birmingham!! Who is interested in a special package and price??! Message me!


Today's Deal!

Seniors!!! This one is for you!!! Book your senior session during 2017 for only $100! Big savings here! This includes 2.5 hours of shooting, no limits on outfit changes, and 2-3 location changes within a reasonable distance of each other.
I do have a $25 travel charge outside of Cullman County or Winston County (Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham for example). You will receive at least 25 images, more if the session goes well. :)

Senior sessions are one of the other drastic changes that will be taking place next year! I'll be leaning more toward in person sales, gallery reveals, and ordering prints and such at your gallery reveal. I'm so excited about these changes!!! It's always an amazing feeling to see your images come to life in beautiful prints!

I have only 4 of these deals! Post your email address below, or comment ME and message me privately!

Remember to like AND share all of these Today's Deals posts to win a free one hour session in 2017!


It's been a busy weekend! Friday our Addi Bulldogs won the first round of the Playoffs and we got to watch! Yesterday resulted in a lot of running around and got in super late. So I'm posting my Today's Deal today and I'll draw a winner tomorrow!! Look for a new post soon. In light of the high school championship games all around, this one's for you guys! ;)


I have one full session left for 2017 priced at $70! Price includes 15 images with print release. *excludes Santa, Boudoir, Newborn, Cake Smashes.


Tonight's deal will be posted tomorrow. :) Tonight, we are watching our ball team in the first game of their play offs. :)


County Road 1037
Addison, AL

General information

Thank you for visiting my website. I feel compelled to tell you a little about how Jennifer's Jewells transpired. As I was growing up, my grandparents held such a deep place in my heart. They taught me love and compassion, and instilled strength, knowledge, and faith into my little body. I grew up loving and craving the Lord and his teachings. My "Papa" was a preacher in his lifetime, an evangelist that went wherever the Lord led him to be. He saved many lives and restored many that had lost their faith and hope along the way. He did so with the Lord's grace and compassion. Never anything less. When he passed away, my grandmother carried on his teachings and never for one second let us grandchildren forget everything he had taught us. Nannie called us jewels. We are all jewels that are to adorn the walls of Heaven, of God's great palace in the sky! Created each with our place, our perfect fit. I was her "Ruby", a July baby. She passed away last July (2012), and I found a letter in one of her notebooks that I would like to share. It is simply titled: "My Jewels" In this ole world we live in, I never had alot. I made my choice for Jesus as I was in my teens. As I grew up and finished school, I found a job. With the money that I made, I put into the kingdom of God. Many souls of [our city] God sent by to save, that our lives could count for Him and treasures could be made. My mom and dad were Rose Zircons. They taught me right from wrong. They planted seeds of righteousness, which in turn bore fruits of love. When love began to bare it's fruit, it brought forth it's gifts of peace and happiness to learn to be content. When time for marriage came along, I found another jewel, an Alexandrite. He loved the Lord Jesus too. We wanted Jesus to be first. We didn't push for worldly gain. We wanted to be content with what people gave. Sometimes the gain was very small, and sometimes hard to get by, but we let Jesus lead the way and we have never been alone. The things of earth have always been second hand things, but Jesus gave us jewels of Heaven that no money can buy. God has made us rich beyond compare, and I would never trade. The jewels he has given to us are oh, so more than fair. The beauty of each one of them, I look upon each day. I treasure them and bless them in God's own special way. I see the light of Jesus as he shines forth in their lives, and I am so very proud of them. They are jewels that you can't buy. As I gather them all up in the depths of my heart, let's look them all over and see what God has wrought. Garnets, Amethysts, and Aquamarine. Diamonds, Emeralds, and Alexandrites. Rubies, Sapphires, Rose and Blue Zircons. Oh such priceless worth -- but they came to us to fill our lives, and we were oh, so blessed. We gave them all an earthly name -- for each in their own way are as different as the jewels I have named. [Then they each found their mate, and their children all came along.] These are all my jewels that I love so much. I had two sisters in life that I was in between. God gave my parents we three girls to love and teach. They taught us Jesus Christ to serve. We had our shares of ups and downs, but it all worked to our good. We learned good character, principles, and responsibilities of life. Thank God for Dads and Moms. We are Garnet, Sapphire, and Ruby -- and we sparkle quite alot. When time comes for us to go Home, each one in their place, each jewel will shine their brightest in the walls of Heaven's temple of Grace. -- © Inez Cherry Now all of her grandchildren are grown, and still growing... some having children of their own. Our own jewels. I have three; A Ruby, an Alexandrite (my pearl), and a Peridot. Three more beautiful, shining jewels to add to the walls of Grace, as my grandmother has named it. I am grateful for my life, for my belief and faith, and for my children ~ my special jewels. For this reason I have chosen the name "Jennifer's Jewells". Two Ls because once upon a time I had been nicknamed "jewelly" and always loved it. :) My dream is to take my hobby and turn it into something bigger! I had a vision one night as I was going to bed. I dreamed that I owned a studio, and each smiling face that I photographed was given a jewel, their birthstone. There was one wall in my studio dedicated to these jewels. Each one was made into a piece of a grand mosaic art piece throughout the years, until the area was bright and sparkly each time the sunshine came in through the windows. I thank my Grandmother for this vision and her sweet words that set forth this idea. One day, I have faith that it will become a reality and everything will be perfect. Jennifer Myers


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