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Liz Filippone, RYT, CMT, HHC is a New York-based Performance Artist inspired by butoh, physical theater, yoga, and holistic bodywork. Also a Group Fitness/Yoga instructor, she inspires others to make a change in their life to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Liz teaches and performs in Albany, NY, and is available for bodywork and Movement Coaching sessions.


I literally sunk into a #butohdancetrance for a moment during this dance conditioning section of this workout. When the trainer slowed the pace down, the moves became almost meditative and hypnotic for me for bits of time. Breathe, move, butoh
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Bring in some undulating movements into your movement practice. I got this one from @lara.heimann It feels so good and gives the spine some traction. Plus its fun!
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Move the energy by moving your body! I had a good cry after this workout and I knew it was something moving through. I didn’t question or try to analyze. I just let it go. How are you moving your body today?
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I needed to move some energy this morning in a different way. Loving these dance workouts in addition to my repertoire of movement. As I move towards growth in my life and career, I’m celebrating each step! Happy Thursday 🔥☺️


Journaling, moving, processing. Getting the kinks out. 5th and 6th chakra work. Cluttered and decluttered.


Completing Day 5 of a 21 Day Training Releasing your Trauma


I see clients virtually instructing them to be aligned, with posture and engaging muscles
I become that myself and forget to just freakin move how my body wants and needs to
In constant contraction
Here just moving fluidly and freely. It’s liberating.


It Begins

It’s been awhile since I practiced #butoh and I’m grateful for my dear friend and first teacher who began a group virtual practice since this #pandemic started
The other night before teaching yoga online, I meditated and journaled. I was having an emotional day of it - isolation, homeschooling, working from home etc. I needed release and relief. I fu***ng realized how much this dance practice helps in times like these. Instant Catharsis! I’m taking baby steps back into this practice 🙏🏻💜


My only audience was the trees and streetlight @theartfullmindbody


Retrace your steps @theartfullmindbody


Allowing the outer cartilage of the bones in my torso to massage the muscles within @we_move_lab @theartfullmindbody


Carefully opening and closing my energy and heart

@we_move_lab @theartfullmindbody


I journey through the process alone because no one else can do it for me. I am supported but solely it’s only me who can work with it. @we_move_lab @theartfullmindbody


Perspective walk series. I studied the walk in my butoh dance training. Different ways, speeds and levels. Such fun! @theartfullmindbody


Uninspired to dance, but inspired to move thanks @somaticstart for the inspiration to express un-inspiration 💜 @theartfullmindbody


Core is equilibrium, the grounding of my body in space. Without it, I fall. @theartfullmindbody


The change of season settles everywhere 🖐🏻 It’s uncontrollable 😑@theartfullmindbody @wemovelab


Repetition can make me feel like I don’t really get anywhere @we_move_lab @theartfullmindbody


Rock on 🤘🏻 and May the 4th be with you 🙂 @we_move_lab @theartfullmindbody


The moment I finally feel I got my s**t together. I embrace thee! @theartfullmindbody


Dragging in the beginning, then moving on. This is how I experience change. Resistance. Contemplation. Acceptance. @theartfullmindbody


Water is life and my bottle bringeth 💦💧 @theartfullmindbody

Dance instead of walk 😁

Dance instead of walk 😁

For sure 🤘🏻#funnydancememes

For sure 🤘🏻



I love my work. I get to move my body and help others move their body to feel healthy, energized and happy. It brings me joy. Tons of different equipment to add in, but I prefer using the weight of the body.

Your body is your equipment.

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The theme between sharing and hiding, expressing and disappearing. To be honest, lately I’ve been wanting to hide and disappear, yet that pull to share itches to get out.


Agility Dance


Blown Away at the Super 8

#iambutoh #iamtheelements


Digestion taking it’s toll from too much indulgence. I let it react throughout my body as it wishes. @wemovelab



Moving outside gives me more to absorb. More play. More emerging. Really. More butoh.



This is Agnes. My alter ego in my performance art and physical theater days. She can’t make decisions, gets overwhelmed, and right when she’s about to decide, she runs away.



Speed Skater slow-mo maneuvering or cat burglar 😼

#iambutoh #winterolympicinspiration


Letting the white noise wash over the stagnancy @we_move_lab


My brief interlude during bath time

#iambutoh #metime


Allowing the wild side emerge slowly through every piece of me

#iambutoh #wild


Albany, NY


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