Albany Emergency Medical Service, Inc

Albany Emergency Medical Service, Inc Albany EMS provides emergency 911 ambulance service for portions of Delaware and Randolph Counties. We also offer non-emergency transfer services as well.


Albany EMS is looking for a Part-Time Paramedic to join our team. 12 or 24 hour shifts available. $17.50 per hour.

PALS Certification (or agreement to obtain upon employment)

One year Emergency 911 experience
Current IU Health BMH Affiliation

Stop in and apply at the Albany EMS Station located at:
500 E State St
Albany, IN 47320


Email your resume to:
[email protected]

For additional information call 765-789-4015

Indiana EMS Memorial

Indiana EMS Memorial

We are deeply saddened to learn of the line of duty death of Paramedic Mousa Chaban today in Miami County. Our prayers are with the family, friends, and coworkers of the fallen. Your selfless public service will not be forgotten.

Dan for Muncie Mayor

Dan for Muncie Mayor

If the push for an EMS takeover continues, it seems to be the opposite of Economic Development. We will be adding 16 employees according to Chief Bell at average salary of $40,000 each. However, the county will need to terminate 70% of the County EMS staff which amounts to 31 people. (70% of runs in the city). Over the next 10 years, the net economic impact in our Muncie area would be a whopping negative -$9,022,273 in lost wages. That's $9,000,000 fewer dollars being spent at local hair salons, local auto repair shops, local insurance agents, local restaurants, local retail stores, donations to local charities, and so on. Plus many of these newly unemployed might find positions at other EMS departments in Central Indiana. This puts us (Muncie and Delaware County) at risk for more population loss if they move away in order to live closer to their new employment. Exactly how is this change a good idea?


REMINDER: The IU Health BMH/Albany EMS EMT class informational meeting is tonight at 6pm at the Albany EMS Station. Anyone who is planning on taking the course, or just wants information regarding the course is encouraged to attend. Attending the meeting does not obligate you to take the class and you still can take the class of you can't attend the meeting tonight. Call 789-4015 if you have any questions.

ALBANY EMS IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR OUR 2018 EMT CLASS!!The course runs from January to May with class days on ...


The course runs from January to May with class days on Monday Wednesday and Saturdays. The cost is $800.00 (includes book). This course will prepare the student for the National Registry Test. You can contact us here on Facebook, send a message on our website at, or call 789-4015 and speak with us directly. We will have an informational meeting on MONDAY NOVEMBER 6TH @ 6PM at Albany EMS 500 E State St Albany, IN to answer any questions for all interested applicants.

Albany Police Department

This is a very good read! We run into this problem frequently as Albany EMS has immideate response to 3 seperate Counties. This can, and periodically does, lead to a delayed response time. We've had patients and their families ask us in frustration why it took so long to get to their house because they called 911 ten minutes prior. It's perfectly understandable. However, EMS arrived within 3-4 minutes from being "toned".....the other 6-7 minutes were spent between the dispatch centers passing information, entering it into their system, and dispatching the correct department(s). During that time frame, we are not aware of any 911 call in our area. For example, we know there are a few residents around the Fairview (Randolph County) area that get RUSH County dispatch when they call 911. We try to tell Green Township residents to specifically ask for Albany EMS if they KNOW they are within our jurisdiction to ensure a timely response. Thank you APD for the info.

PSA - When calling 911, make sure that you pay attention to how the operator answers the phone. They will answer it as Delaware County 911, Randolph County 911, or Jay County 911. Pay attention when calling to which county they say they are from. There are times that your address may verify as a valid address in their county as well. Dispatchers do their best make sure that verify which county you are calling from but make sure to listen yourself as well and if they answer as one county and you are in a different county, the dispatch center can transfer you to the correct 911 center. Cell phone services hit a tower and those towers are directed to certain 911 centers which means though you may live in Delaware County, you may hit a Randolph County tower which will direct your call to Randolph County 911. We know your emergency is important so help us help you and make sure to pay attention to what county has answered your call for help!!!!!!

Portland Police Department

Portland Police Department


Most of us have expected it, but it has been confirmed.

The Indiana State Police Lab has confirmed that trace amounts of Carfentanil (Gray Death) have been found in evidence that The Portland Police Department submitted.

Carfentanil is 100 times stronger than Fentanyl

Fentanyl can be 50 times stronger than Heroin

These drugs are used as a cutting agent in Heroin.

These drugs can easily be disguised and can be absorbed through the skin.

There have been incidents throughout the states, where officers have become sick and overdosed by coming into contact with these drugs.

These drugs can go through latex gloves and be absorbed through the skin.
First Responders wear nitrile gloves to try and prevent this

Albany EMS is hosting our annual blood drive. July 29th from 10am-2pm. Please consider donating! Contact us to schedule ...
Indiana Blood Center urges donors to give as hospital orders temporarily halted

Albany EMS is hosting our annual blood drive. July 29th from 10am-2pm. Please consider donating! Contact us to schedule your appointment today!!!

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Indiana Blood Center is asking for donations due to a critical need for all blood types. As of Wednesday morning, their inventory of blood components was below a one-day supply. Standing hospital orders have reportedly been canceled temporarily as they have very few O negati...


Albany EMS would like to congratulate our member Nathan Pelton on the completion of his undergraduate at Ball State University. Wishing you the best in your future!

Albany ems

Visit our site for additional information including employment applications and exciting upcoming events.

Albany EMS is excited to announce that we are expanding our operations to include Advanced Life Support and Non-Emergent Transports! We will still proudly be operating our 911 service just as we...


Albany EMS is currently hiring for the following positions:


The pay rate for EMT's: $11.00 per hour
The pay rate for Paramedics: $17.50 per hour

12 or 24 hour shifts/48 hour minimum per month.

You can set your own shifts (per availability)

You can work as many hours above the minimum 48 as you want. (per availability)

Starting in 1975 as the first ambulance service provider in Delaware County, Albany EMS is now a rapidly growing ALS service and we are looking for people to join our team as we expand even further. Benefits of working for Albany EMS include, but are not limited to:

• Flexable scheduling
• Weekly pay
• Restriction free work environment (You can work for any other emergency service as well)
• Guarenteed spot in Advanced EMT Courses
• At level training to include: monthly A&R, hands on training, cross training with other services
• District 6 medical task force participant
• New equipment for both BLS and ALS
• Active in a variety of PR events
• A fun, yet professional work environment
• Opportunity to gain 911 emergency experience
• And so much more......

To apply, you can pick up an application at the Albany EMS Station located at:

500 E. State St.
Albany, IN 47320
Go on-line to and print an application.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone at 765-789-4015,
by e-mail at,
by PM on this page,

Or, for complete confidentiality, you can contact Director Larry Swhier personally at 765-760-7325.



It has come to my attention that people from the Albany area have been contacted by telephone from a person claiming to be an employee of Albany EMS asking for a cash donation for the EMS Department.


DO NOT leave any cash in/on your mailbox, porch, or any other requested location for a "later pick up" as again, this is NOT Albany EMS.

Please share this post and/or pass along this information. If you have been contacted by this person, please contact me directly.

We have an amazing community that supports it's Emergency Services and we don't want anyone to be scammed thinking they are supporting us.

Thank You,
Larry Swhier
Executive Director
Albany EMS


500 E State St
Albany, IN


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