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Functional Medicine Georgia Membrane Medicine; Getting to the Root Cause of Dysfunction in Neurological Disorders One Cell at a Time. We pride ourselves in Customized Patient Care using Cutting Edge Research, Specialized Diagnostic Testing, and the Art of Food Science.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Krishna Doniparthi MD & Hema Doniparthi, specializing in Membrane, Addiction, Obesity and Anti-aging Medicine.

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When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
- Ayurvedic proverb

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July weekend.

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July weekend.

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July weekend.

Check these out!

Check these out!

AND then there were 3.... NEW flavors! @suziecarpenterhealth has spent tireless hours working on these to get them PERFECT and we can’t wait for you to try them 🥳🤪😜🥰😍 #grainfree #glutenfree #nongmo #DELICIOUS

Happy Saturday……

Happy Saturday……

Happy Saturday……

A Cellular Regenerative Approach to Autism Speaker:Dr. Krishna Doniparthi M.D.Happening Now….

A Cellular Regenerative Approach to Autism

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi M.D.

Happening Now….

Functional Medicine of Georgia is closed today in observance of Memorial Day.  Wishing you a safe and fun day with famil...

Functional Medicine of Georgia is closed today in observance of Memorial Day. Wishing you a safe and fun day with family and friends.

Functional Medicine of Georgia is closed today in observance of Memorial Day. Wishing you a safe and fun day with family and friends.


🇺🇸🇺🇸In observance of Memorial Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Functional Medicine of Georgia will be closed
Friday May 28th - Monday May 31st

Thank you to all our service men & women for your service and sacrifice for this amazing country we live in called the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Be safe everyone...

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Of all the people who pour sunshine into our days, moms are the best.From our Family to yoursWishing all the mothers out...
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Of all the people who pour sunshine into our days, moms are the best.

From our Family to yours
Wishing all the mothers out there a
Very Special Mothers Day.....

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Functional Medicine of Georgia

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Free Public Event
Functional Medicine of Georgia
Saturday, June 12th
9:00am - 2:00pm
Due to limited seating, please RSVP
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A Cellular Regenerative Approach to Autism

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi M.D.

Autism, like other neurological conditions, is a complex medical issue. Many theories are being researched by universities, medical institutions and private companies, to find the origins of autism. Current research focuses on genetics, environmental issues, vaccinations, and other points. Unfortunately, not much has been found as to causes of autism in the conventional medical and research world.

The only treatment modalities focus on symptoms: ABA therapy and similar therapies, art/music therapy, and anti-psychotic medications. As for helping someone afflicted with autism, some things have been suggested: stem cell therapy, pulsed electrical magnetic fields, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, ionic foot baths, dietary changes, gut bacteria, chelation, biologicals, mineral replacement, certain supplements and so on.

There are very few reversible causes and cases of autism. Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, the Chief Medical Officer at Neurolipid Research Foundation will present possible root causes that may lead to autism and explores novel ideas of addressing genetics, non-genetics and nutrition. In addition, he will present information of reasons why autism incidence is increasing every few years.

Sponsored by

Due to limited seating please RSVP

Click on the link below to Register

Check out our event on Saturday, Jun 12, 2021.

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Enjoy your Easter Weekend! 🐣

Happy First Day of Spring🌺

Happy First Day of Spring🌺

Happy First Day of Spring🌺

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Checkout these amazing products!  Who said grain free had to taste bad- 😎
Siete Family Foods

Checkout these amazing products! Who said grain free had to taste bad- 😎

Happy Friday Everyone......Take the time to enjoy some sunshine today❤️

Happy Friday Everyone......
Take the time to enjoy some sunshine today❤️

Happy Friday Everyone......
Take the time to enjoy some sunshine today❤️

Happy Friday Everyone.....

Happy Friday Everyone.....

Happy Friday Everyone.....

Happy Monday Everyone😎

Happy Monday Everyone😎

Happy Monday Everyone😎

Karen Kelly Brannoni guess I better lock ma car up!  🤔

Karen Kelly Brannoni guess I better lock ma car up! 🤔

Alright Milton, We come to you again today to reinforce the Lock,Take,Hide campaign. Overnight, the city was hit by criminals that were entering into cars. As we currently sit, 100% of the vehicles that were entered were left unlocked. PLEASE remember to ALWAYS LOCK your vehicle, TAKE any valuable items out of your vehicle, and HIDE any items that you cannot easily remove. These criminals are looking for crimes of opportunity, when they find a car unlocked they will rummage through it and take items of value. When they find the door locked, they will move on to the next vehicle. Our detectives are currently working to identify the suspects. If you have any information regarding these incidents, please reach out to us through DM on Facebook. If you find you have been a victim of these crimes, please call 911. Lock it up and have a safe weekend!

Yum yum...

Yum yum...

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Savor Street

Savor Street

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Happy Thursday Everyone... ❤️

Happy Thursday Everyone... ❤️

Neurolipid Research

Neurolipid Research

Let’s all continue to learn about foods that help our body and cells. Nutrient Dense fresh and organic foods can provide protein, fiber, minerals , vitamins and essential fatty acids that we need. Stroll your organic farmers market each season and take home nutrient dense foods

Happy New Year..... ❤️

Happy New Year..... ❤️

May the light we celebrate lead the way into a new year.
May each day be a new opportunity to peace and social harmony.
May life be gentle to all of us...
Good morning 2021...
Good morning dear friends ~


Happy New Years Eve 🎊

Our Office will be closed at 12pm today. Thursday December 31st & Closed on Friday, January 1st.

Wishing you all a Very Happy 2021! 🎉

Happy Wednesday Everyone 😎

Happy Wednesday Everyone 😎

Merry Merry Christmas 🎁

Merry Merry Christmas 🎁

Happy Thursday Everyone 🎄

Happy Thursday Everyone 🎄

City of Milton, Georgia - Government

City of Milton, Georgia - Government

This Saturday, December 19, don't miss the opportunity to wave hello to Santa Claus as he passes through Milton before he makes his way back to the North Pole to get back to work with the elves.

Santa is getting fired up.... aboard a Milton fire engine that, escorted by Milton Police officers, will wind him through Milton. Attached is a list of the subdivisions and areas of town where Santa will pass by.

If your neighborhood is not on the list, you can have your chance to say hello while social distancing near City Hall and along Deerfield Parkway.

The special red ride will roll that day between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

**please note that all times are approximate

Wishing You AllA Very Merry Holiday with Joy, Peace and Prosperity in 2021Holiday HoursLimited hours : Wednesday Decembe...
’Tis the season for being jolly 🎅

Wishing You All

A Very Merry Holiday with Joy, Peace and Prosperity in 2021

Holiday Hours

Limited hours : Wednesday December 23rd (9am-12pm)
Thursday & Friday December 24 & 25th


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To all our practitioners.... Don’t miss this great opportunity!

To all our practitioners.... Don’t miss this great opportunity!


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What sounds better then listening to Dr. Patricia Kane and Dr. Krishna Doniparthi with a delicious cup of hot chocolate?

Happy Holidays!!

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Milton Police Department

Milton Police Department

We want to take a moment and say a huge THANK YOU to a local Milton restaurant. Scratch Fresh is located on Highway 9 across from Walmart and has been serving delicious breakfast, lunch and now dinner for years. Over the past couple months, they have been gathering donations from our awesome citizens to provide meals for first responders. Today they brought over a full spread for our entire department to dine on and will be coming back this evening to feed our night shift. There are also two shifts that will not be on duty today and Scratch is coming back on Friday to feed them as well. We not only want to thank Scratch, but we want to thank you, our citizens, too. Without your generous outpouring of love, this would not have been possible. So again, we thank you. Thank you for making Milton the greatest city in the county! #supportlocal

Happy Saturday.... ❤️ Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Saturday.... ❤️ Have a wonderful weekend!


401 S. Main St Building C
Alpharetta, GA

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(678) 242-0204


IV infusions, addiction treatment, neurological conditions (dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, autism, environmental toxins, toxic metals, etc.).


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Tried to make purchases on your website but was unable to do so. you should check into that. Had to purchase a similar product elsewhere
The Stanford Health Library is hosting a lecture on Functional Medicine Approach to Health by Susan Payrovi, MD, a physician practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine at Stanford’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Thursday, April 8 7:00pm Pacific Time Online Register here: Functional medicine is an evidence-based, patient-centered system of medicine that treats illness at the root cause level. The focus is on restoring balance to the underlying dysfunction of cells, biochemistry, etc. Dr. Susan Payrovi will speak about this useful tool for treating chronic diseases (cancer, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease for example) using lifestyle habits along with natural supplements and complementary therapies to restore balance.
Dr. D., I saw this on a post about Vitamin D and would love to hear your thoughts. Copied from another post: 1) Vitamin D is a hormone, and it’s the most powerful hormone in the human body. Our bodies are designed to MAKE hormones not consume them. We are meant to eat the building blocks of this hormone by consuming minerals, fat, and cholesterol. If our bodies aren’t making hormones we need to be asking why and getting to the root cause not trying to supplement them. 2)every single study that’s been done is correlation not causation. (Low storage d is caused by disease/inflammation it’s not the cause of said disease) 3)you cannot not find one single study that shows anyone low in the active molecule which is 1,25(oh)d. (Doctors are only checking the storage molecule which is 25(oh)d and that means absolutely nothing because it has to become an active molecule before it can do anything to our body). 4) anyone who is “low” in 25(oh)d is low due to oxidative stress and not because of a lack of sun. When the storage molecule is low the active molecule will be high and that’s because the body is doing what it’s supposed to, this is how it handles the inflammation. (so ask your doctor why they aren’t checking the active molecule) 5) synthetic vitamin d3 (cholecalciferol) is rat poison and it’s killing humans just like it’s killing rats and dogs just at a much slower pace. You can look up how dog food companies are being sued because it’s causing kidney failure in dogs. 6)the range that everyone is shooting for is false. 80-100ng?! That’s absolutely dangerous! It’s just a rumor that’s being spread with absolutely no evidence to back it up. There has never been any proven benefits of a storage level above 21ng. Studies have proven the lowest mortality rate is right around 20ng. 7) vitamin d requires magnesium in order to become active so anyone who is “sick” or inflamed most likely has a magnesium deficiency (magnesium needs to be checked inside the red blood cell for an accurate measurement) 8 ) if taking a D supplement you are using up even more magnesium (when you’re most likely already low to begin with and this is not a good thing since magnesium is super important for several different functions in our bodies). 9) supplementing with vitamin d causes potassium wasting (which majority of people are low in as well because it’s nearly impossible to get what we need from diet alone which is 4,700mg per day) 10) vitamin d needs to be in a specific balance with vitamin A which is a 10:1 ratio (thats 10 A to 1 D) so supplementing d is going to cause further dysregulation there as well. It tanks retinol in the liver. 11) our bodies and all nutrients and minerals work together in a specific balance so supplementing with one thing is going to knock something else off balance and that’s not a good thing. Think of a teeter totter- too much weight on one side throws off the balance. 12) everyone who takes it claims to feel better initially but this is only because it’s acting as a steroid in the body. It’s just suppressing the immune system. This temporary relief will vanish as soon as you stop taking it or eventually even if you continue to take it. This is similar to the effects of a pharmaceutical drug- it may help you feel better but it doesn’t address the root cause of why you’re experiencing the symptoms of disease in the first place and will only cause further issues in the long run. 13) the person who came up with this whole low vitamin d thing (Cannell) is also the head of the vitamin d council and is making millions off of it (it’s just another main stream medical scam- start a council>fake the science with associations>sell supplements>become a millionaire) 🤦🏽‍♀️ Doctors and labs are profiting off of testing and they aren’t even testing the molecule that matters! Not to mention they keep raising the reference range to fake a deficiency, back in 2010, it was considered sufficient at 12.5ng! Now they have it raised to 30-100ng even though there’s no proven benefits of a level above 21ng and the lowest mortality rate is found at 20ng?! 🤔 yeh, I’m not falling for it. 14) vitamin d is stored in our tissues, organs, and fat cells and our body pulls it out as needed (these measurements do not show up in a blood test) 15) vitamin d transports calcium from the intestines into the blood and raises calcium deposits into the soft tissues, muscles in joints (know anyone with calcified arteries, joint pain, bone spurs, or kidney stones? 😳) don’t forget they’ve been adding it to our milk and other processed foods or years. 16) over time synthetic vitamin d can lead to adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders (thyroids need lots of retinol and remember I mentioned taking vitamin d uses up A), kidney stones, and could eventually lead to hospitalization. 17) if pregnant it can even cause calcification of the placenta!!! 18) there are many people in the secosteroid hormone d group who have been severely damaged by supplementing with vitamin d long term, most of them by recommendations from their doctor, who has very little understanding on how vitamin d metabolism actually works. Doctors often prescribe patients 50,000iu of vitamin d per week to raise a level that means very little and then they aren’t even checking the molecule that really matters 🤦🏽‍♀️ 19) majority of doctors have no clue about nutrition and are only doing what they were taught in medical school or told by their peers. Which is if something is low you need more of it which is not always true even for other vitamins and minerals. They really have a very basic understanding about the metabolism of vitamin d and they should not be recommending it to anyone if they don’t understand all of these things I’ve mentioned above. But really it’s not their fault because like I said they are just doing what they’re told to do so unless they’ve decided to continue their studies they just don’t know any better or just haven’t put two and two together yet. Remember it’s a practice and unfortunately we are the lab rats they’re practicing on. 20) safe sun exposure (we don’t need very much), working on underlying disease, reducing the oxidative stress, and proper mineral balancing is all that is needed to solve your “low vitamin d” (remember no proven benefits over 21ng in storage). 21)taking D supplements lowers our ceruloplasmin which is one of the most important enzymes in the human body. It’s what carries copper around, and regulates our iron. So taking anything that has a negative impact on ceruloplasmin is probably not a good idea. Copper is super important for creating ATP, which is the bodies main source of energy! 22)People are often told to take k2 to protect them from calcification but k2 cannot protect you on D’s initial pathway to the liver. K2 doesn’t come into play until later. So this is just another assumption that’s going around by people who don’t truly understand how our bodies work. K2 will not protect us from calcifying our bodies with supplemental D.
Dr. D., can you give your thoughts on pumpkin seeds in the shell? Is it OK to eat the shell?