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The QuickSleeve Infusion Sleeve The "One & Only" PICC Line Infusion Therapy and Dermatology Sleeve you will EVER need! Free sleeve with every order during Lyme disease awareness in May!

New website coming soon! Stay tuned. Designed for TPN, ABX treatment, dialysis, chemo, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis & any IV Infusions. Made for everyone. Made to order and pre-made standard sleeves. The QuickSleeve® is an innovative, unobtrusive arm-sleeve designed for protection, discretion, and aesthetics. The QuickSleeve® was designed with the person in mind. From latex-free to sleek design to slim, stretchable and breathable materials, the QuickSleeve® was created for continuous comfort, aesthetic-design and of course-basic protection. The QuickSleeve® can be worn all day, inside and out, upside down, how ever you please. We do recommend taking it off at least once, especially if you would like to sleep with it on. Although it is made for maximum breathability and comfort, we still find (from personal experience) that taking it off 1-2 times a day to air out the skin on your arm is quite beneficial (most importantly). So enjoy it all-day, everyday. We know its not easy both mentally and physically to have a PICC line or any other type of catheter in place, and that makes daily tasks and experiences all the more difficult. So we decided to come-up with a solution to assist you with everyday-life. That's why we created the QuickSleeve® because we are just like you! The QuickSleeve® is currently available in 2-sizes (Petite and Regular). The Petite is between an extra-small to small, and the Regular is between a medium to large. The material is made to expand and be worn continuously without any dermal irritation, maximum breathability and lasting-comfort. Currently there is only 2-available colors (Beige and White), and can be worn all-day and night. From the creators of the QuickSleeve®, we are pleased and proud to offer and share with you this innovative solution to assist people with everyday living. Having a catheter and/or PICC line should not stop you from enjoying life and living, so Go out, Have fun, and Seize-the-day! #stopthesnag

Mission: Our shop started from an idea to help. We believe we can make a small difference in those in those in those need that little extra comfort, or hope, or safety, and we believe-fervently that every little help-can and will make a difference. So here we are, helping however we can. Made strong, to stay strong, like the people who wear them. #STAYSTRONG Courtney & Jeremy




In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month we are posting discount codes for our PICC Line Sleeves.
We are also having a special discount for Mother's Day until May 15th. #MOTHERSDAY15

Please use the codes below during checkout.

Sending continued love and support during your journey to health.


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Check out the free #walkforadog app to help animal rescues and shelters just by walking your dog!

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