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Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers out there who hold their babies in their arms and those who hold them in heaven. We are humbled and to have taken a part in ushering many into this Motherhood journey. Have a restful and blessed day.

Covid Coversations

Join Alpha Alpha Epsilon Omega and The Augusta (GA) Chapter of The Links Incorporated for Sunday Brunch as we answer YOUR questions about the Covid Vaccine

The Deadliest U.S. State to Have a Baby

Dearest AWHWC family. As you know, I have dedicated my life to ensuring the health and well being mothers and babies. In January, I was asked to participate in a brief docu-episode by Vice Media that focused on the issue of Maternal Mortality in the U.S.. If you have 20 minutes, please take a moment to view the clip below and amplify the message that we as a country NEED to invest in our pregnant mothers and babies. Thank you for watching.

The United States has the highest rate of pregnancy-related deaths among developed nations, and the situation is far worse in rural parts of the country. In ...

Doctors Hospital of Augusta

Do you have concerns about your upcoming labor and delivery experience in the age of Covid-19 ? Doctors Hospital of Augusta is prepared to make sure your experience is still happy, safe and worry free !

The birth of your child is a special time. We want you to know what to expect and what we're doing to keep our moms and babies safe during COVID-19. Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett guides you through our facility and safety process. Learn more about maternity care at Doctors Hospital:


Dear Patients:

1.) We will continue to maintain distancing by limiting patients to no more than two per waiting room

2.) We will continue to limit visits to the office to patients only. No visitors. This will allow appropriate distancing between other patients and staff. Patients may FaceTime or video record visits for family members.

3.) All staff members, including Dr. Pickett, will wear masks.

4.) We will continue to disinfect all surfaces, including doorknobs, armrests, counters and remote controls after each patient and every 30 minutes

5.) We will continue to encourage our patients to only leave their homes for physician visits and other essential visits.

We have not received an official communication from the Coronavirus that it has decided to go away. When we receive that fax, email, or social media post that Covid-19 has packed its bags and returned home, we will be sure to keep you in the loop.

In the meantime:

We are not willing to rely on chance that our patients, their unborn babies and staff will be among those infected who will only have mild disease.

We are not willing to sacrifice our patients, their unborn babies, our staff and their families to potential life-long heart and lung disease, potential loss of limbs and DEATH for our convenience.

We will continue to follow the science and the pace of medical breakthroughs and will allow it to direct our decisions regarding how we care for our patients and our community.

We know there is much anxiety surrounding your pregnancy during these uncertain times.  This is a great perspective on t...

We know there is much anxiety surrounding your pregnancy during these uncertain times. This is a great perspective on the hidden blessing.

One month ago, I was 38 weeks pregnant, full of anxiety, anger and fear. Hospital protocols were changing daily. Visitors were banned. Laboring women could only have one person with them. This isn't what I pictured delivering my third baby would look like.

Two weeks later, my husband and I walked into labor and delivery and were handed masks. We were told to wear those any time any one entered our room. The nurses were always masked, as was the doctor. This was my third baby and the whole process was so different than the other two.

During my first two deliveries we had guests in and out while I labored and more guests after delivery. There were no masks. No scary protocols. It was a celebration and everyone was invited.

This time, it was just my husband and I. The room was quiet. No chaos of visitors. The conversations were just him and I. Just the two of us for the first time in six and a half years.

I'm just going to say it: delivering during the pandemic was a blessing in disguise.

We delivered with quiet hallways in a quiet room filled with just the three of us. We welcomed this baby with no expectations of people rushing in during skin-to-skin. We established nursing without having to wear an awkward nursing cover.

It was just us and our little guy. It was perfect.

Twenty-four hours later we returned home. Due to social distancing, there were no visitors and no school. There was no early morning school drop offs or mid-day school pick ups. There was no "panic cleaning" for visitors. There was no schedule and low expectations.

Our girls have been able to bond with their little brother all day, everyday. Having no schedule with a newborn has been dreamy. We are all sleeping, nursing, and bonding with no interruptions. There's no pressure to get out of the house. There's no reason to try to squeeze into pre-pregnancy clothes.

If you are a pregnant momma set to deliver during all the chaos of the world right now, rest easy. Take a deep breath. While this is probably not how you imagined your delivery, find the blessing through this mess.

Enjoy this break from real life, snuggle up with your newborn and enjoy every last minute of the newborn stage. Too soon, that teeny tiny baby won't be teeny tiny anymore.

To read more from Stephanie:


COVID-19 Educational Post:(copyright: D.Adams-Pickett, PhD MD)

What is accomplished by Social Distancing ?

Let's do a little microbiology here:

Viruses are Obligate Intracellular Parasites. That means they are OBLIGATED, they ABSOLUTELY MUST, reside in a living cell to survive and increase their numbers.

Covid-19 has decided that the cells that they MUST live in are respiratory droplets.

Every time you speak, sing, cough, sneeze, sniff, yawn, laugh you release little tiny drops of saliva from your mouth or secretions from your nose into the air.

Saliva and nose secretions are all living cells. When those secretions are freshly leaving your body they are happy vibrant cells FILLED WITH VIRUS (if you happen to be infected)

If someone else walks, talks, sniffs, or touches those vibrant virus filled cells, they take in the virus and the virus now has a whole new batch of living cells in which they can live.

But here's the thing :

Once cells leave your body, they do not live forever unless they are provided another living environment in which they can grow.

In other words, human cells on the counter, the floor, your clothes, other inanimate objects will not last forever, they will eventually die. EVENTUALLY

Given enough time, if another living being does not touch, sniff, or breathe in that cell teeming with virus, that cell will die . If the cell dies, then the virus is a goner too because, remember, it MUST, it is OBLIGATED to have a living cell to survive.

If we are not close to each other, we can not touch, sniff or breathe that cell.

The little lonely virus filled cell never gets a new home.

It doesn't get a new home because you stayed in your home.

Social distancing allows all the cells to stop where they are.

Viruses NEED cells to survive.

Be stingy with your cells. Keep your cells at your house, away from gatherings, away from other people in general.

#StopTheSpread #FlattenTheCurve #BeStingyWithYourCells #StayHomeNow


Dear Patients and Friends,
The current Coronavirus pandemic is one that is continuously changing how we work and live in our community. As the effects of this virus changes how we function daily, we must adjust how we approach your medical care to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. With this in mind, we have instituted the following changes to how we care for you :

1.) All patients with respiratory symptoms to include cough, fevers, difficulty breathing, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment

2.) No visitors will be allowed to accompany you during your visit. Patients will be allowed to record or “Face-Time” family members during their appointments

3.) Only 2 patients will be allowed in each waiting room at any given time. If the maximum of 4 patients total is reached, you will be asked to wait in your car until we are ready for you to come into the building.

4.) You will be called to schedule your follow-up appointment immediately after your appointment is over. Please ensure we have an up to date phone number for you.

5.) All doorknobs will be disinfected after each visit and routinely every 30 minutes

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Remember we care for you, mind and body !

Augusta Women’s Health & Wellness Center

Hello Patients and Friends !  Here are : 5 Fast Facts about Covid-19 the Novel CoronavirusFact 1- What Is Covid-19 Coron...
CDC Works 24/7

Hello Patients and Friends ! Here are :
5 Fast Facts about Covid-19 the Novel Coronavirus

Fact 1- What Is Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Covid-19 is referred to as the “novel” Coronavirus because it is a new strain of a virus that has long been associated with common cold, respiratory and gastrointestinal (“stomach bug”) illnesses. What is unique about this particular strain is the severity of the symptoms that can result from infection with Covid-19 which can in turn be fatal.

Fact 2- How is Covid 19 Coronavirus Spread?

What we know about the virus now is based on what we know about similar coronaviruses. While additional information may be forthcoming, we do know that person-to-person spread appears to be the primary form of infection. Transmission of the virus can occur through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs within approximately 6 feet of another person . Infection may be possible if someone with Covid-19 touches a surface after touching their nose, mouth or eyes and someone who is not infected touches the same surface shortly thereafter.

Fact 3- What are symptoms of Covid 19 Coronavirus?

Typical symptoms of a Coronavirus infection may include fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and cough. It is also possible to have gastrointestinal symptoms of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Symptoms may resemble the flu with fever and body aches. Severe infections may cause persistent fever, worsening cough, difficulty breathing, pneumonia and respiratory failure. Once infected with the virus, symptoms can take up to 14 days to appear.

Fact 4- Is there a cure or a vaccine for Covid 19- Coronavirus?

Because it is a virus, there are no antibiotics for Covid 19. Antibiotics are only for bacterial infections. Antibiotics may be used if bacterial infections occur secondary to immune compromise from Covid 19 infection. Supportive care for the symptoms of the virus, i.e. rest, hydration, fever control, anti-tussives for cough, anti-histamines for runny nose and decongestants for congestion are the only treatments currently available. While there is research on a possible vaccine, vaccine development can take a minimum of 14 months for completion

Fact 5- What can one do for prevention of spread of Covid 19- Coronavirus?

- SOCIAL DISTANCING- Social Distancing is the practice of limiting participation in mass scale events (concerts, sporting events, rallies), and meetings to minimize the potential chain of infection and spread. This is why many of your favorite events have cancelled. It is in an effort to slow down exposure so that health care resources can keep up with new infections. Avoid gatherings of 25 or more. If you are over 65 avoid gatherings of 10 or more.

- Self-quarantine, by staying at home and away from others when sick. Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues and discard the tissue in the trash.

- HANDWASHING IS KEY !! Vigorous handwashing of a MINIMUM of 20 seconds (sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or the chorus to Prince’s Kiss ) throughout the day after bathroom visits after coughing, sneezing and touching body surfaces, after touching others will greatly decrease the risk of spread and infection.

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects. When you wash your hands in a public place, pull your paper towel down FIRST. Wash your hands. Use your paper towel to dry your hands, turn off the faucet, AND to open the door to the bathroom.

For a more in-depth review please check out the official website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.

How many of us are OVERWHELMED by the healthcare system ?? Even as a physician, I have found myself on the other side as...

How many of us are OVERWHELMED by the healthcare system ?? Even as a physician, I have found myself on the other side as a patient or as an advocate for a loved one and truly DROWNING in all of the details involved in making sure my loved one is safe and well taken care of.

My good friend Dr.Nicole T-Rock Rochester re-configured her career as a pediatrician to that of a "Healtcare Navigator". The tips and information that she can provide for you and loved ones as you enter the maze of health care is nothing short of AMAZING !

As you and your family grow older and encounter healthcare hurdles, she is THE ONE to help you jump over them.

Please check out her Navigator Nuggets below and subscribe to her page !

I am so excited about the return of Navigator Nuggets tonight at 8:00 pm EST! 🤗 After some soul searching, review of analytics, and unsolicited but valuable advice from my 24-year-old daughter (gotta love millennials!) I’ve decided to switch things up in 2020.

What’s new?
- Episodes will be SHORTER! ⏰ You’re busy juggling caregiving duties, work, family, etc. and your time is precious.
- Episodes will be more FOCUSED! 🤔 Each month will be focused on a particular theme. In January we will focus on dementia.

I look forward to seeing you tonight and every Monday at 8pm EST right here on my page.


AWHWC Family and Friends, we are on the move !

Now seeing patients at our new location:

3652 J. Dewey Gray Circle

We are just two buildings down from the green glass building.

We may have changed our location but we haven't changed how much we care about you and your healthcare needs !

Black women are dying in childbirth at a rate 4 times greater than any other ethnicity. As a board certified OBGYN, I am...

Black women are dying in childbirth at a rate 4 times greater than any other ethnicity. As a board certified OBGYN, I am on the front lines of the fight to turn this statistic around. Every day we work tirelessly to save the lives of pregnant women whose voices are not heard and whose lives are not valued. Through Timeliness, Education, Advocacy, and Mentorship we are working to create a TEAM to support our Mamas and keep them safe.


Augusta Women's Health & Wellness Center

Augusta Women's Health & Wellness Center

Feb. 9, Hour 2: Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett discusses puberty. Then we resume our discussion on overcoming sexual performance anxiety. | Speaking With . . .™

Hello AWHWC family ! Dr. Adams-Pickett was recently featured on the Carl Thorton Jr. radio show "Health Matters" discussing how to helping your tween as they travel the path to puberty. It is a very frank, detailed discussion, so buckle up ! We hope you find it helpful !

Category: Listen Online - At Your Convenience! | Comments Off on Feb. 9, Hour 2: Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett discusses puberty. Then we resume our discussion on overcoming sexual performance anxiety.


Hello AWHWC Family ! As you know I have a special interest in helping our young ladies navigate the bumpy road to puberty. One question that is posed to me often is “How do I teach my daughter how to use tampons ?” . I have created a little instructional video below that you may find helpful with this particular topic. Enjoy !

Tune in for some timely information from Dr. Pickett and her colleagues !

Tune in for some timely information from Dr. Pickett and her colleagues !

We're partnering with the Greater Augusta Black Chamber of Commerce to bring the State of Black Health FB Live event! Join us on Facebook on Thursday, February 22 from 12pm - 1pm as leading physicians in cancer, heart, women's and primary care talk about the health issues and preventive care for the African American community. Invite a friend, too!

Happy Holidays from the Augusta Health & Wellness Center Staff !

Happy Holidays from the Augusta Health & Wellness Center Staff !

In case you missed yesterday's segment on the Jennie show on how to talk to your children about puberty and how to appro...
JENNIE: Augusta doctor writes books for kids on puberty and talking about the changes in their bodies

In case you missed yesterday's segment on the Jennie show on how to talk to your children about puberty and how to approach your gynecological care, here it is in the link below !

AUGUSTA, Ga.– Dr. Donna-Adams Pickett has written two puberty primers to assist parents in having “the talk.” Dr. Pickett’s goal was to create something simple, easy to rea…


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