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Raborn Insurance Associates Raborn Insurance Associates (RIA)- a husband and wife team whose business is structured to meet your Medicare Health coverage needs. Tell us your concerns/needs and we can make a recommendation of coverage by representing many carriers health plans.

Business: When it comes to Medicare health coverage options-sometimes we don't know what to ask, other times we don't know who to ask. Over my 11 years of experience I think I've heard about every question/concern. How do I get my Medicare started to specific coverage concerns: premiums, networks, covered medicines, out of pocket costs, am I eligible for any assistance, to name a few. Personal: we have 11 grandchildren, serve as Childrens Pastor at our church, and understand Insurance is about relationships. You get our cell phone number, not a generic switchboard service.


What's the next "big" event in your life? Many we plan, some just come our way, especially the unseen health issues.
HEALTH CONCERNS: If you or a spouse are our clients, I want to encourage you to keep me in the know. We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with you who weep. This past week I mailed out about 10 Get Well, Encouragement, or Praying for you cards. I appreciate
This year my second granddaughter will graduate High School. I have 11 and feel so blessed. Friday, Gail and I were driving our 3 year old granddaughter home. (You need to know I will be part of a Variety Show at our church at the end of March, to raise $ for a youth camp) For weeks we have been encouraging her to be a part of the show, sing a song or dance (she takes dance). Gail brought up the event once again in the car, so she says, "I want to do comedy like Papa John and make them laugh."
That girl and all my grands have many more "big" moments ahead in their life, mine so many less, but I appreciate how much joy we each can give to one another.


1. TV ads stating no health questions- This is a Guaranteed Issue policy and is the most expensive offered, example Colonial Penn with Alex Trebek. These plans do not pay full benefits in the first several years for death due to illness.
2. Life offered to AARP members is term coverage, rates increase every 5 years and you can not renew after the age of 70.
3. Current life coverage- If you own a Universal Life policy and receive an annual report you need to pay close attention to the Guaranteed section of your report- AT WHAT AGE DOES YOUR COVERAGE END USING THE GUARANTEED GROWTH IN YOUR POLICY. The cost of coverage increases each year and the non-guaranteed area reflects current interest rates being paid by the carrier. These rates can decrease to a guaranteed amount listed in your policy. COUNTLESS TIMES I AM APPROACHED BY INDIVIDUALS WHO RECEIVE SIGNIFICANT PREMIUM INCREASE NOTICES to keep their policy active.
4. If married, do you have enough investments to replace your current income contribution after your death?
Our agency represents multiple carriers offering term, permanent, and whole life final expense plans. Let's discuss your need to determine the right coverage for your family.


Medicare clients with Part C Medicare Advantage plans: know how your plans work:
Hospital co-pays are for a specific amount for a specific number of days. If you are released and readmitted the co-pay/day count starts over. ASK ABOUT HOSPITAL INDEMNITY COVERAGE to pay the co-pay.
Benefits and how you receive them vary:
1.Some offer only specific benefits listed in the Evidence of Coverage (EOC). To receive you must use a network of that carriers providers.
2. Others have no network and will reimburse for benefits received up to the amount listed in the EOC.
Most carriers have preferred testing monitors and many offer $0 co-pay on supplies for that equipment.
Take advantage of every benefit to maximize your low
est expenses possible.


Up coming dates concerning medical insurance:
Open Enrollment for medical plans for under 65 ends Sunday December 15th.
Medicare Open Enrollment Period January 1 to March 31. Anyone with a Medicare Advantage Part C plan can make one change during this 3 month period. Change to a different Part C plan, or go back to Original Medicare and select a stand alone Part D plan.
Counties in Georgia where Aetna did not renew their Part C plan have until 2/29 to select a plan. Beware, if you do not do so by 12/31 your drug coverage ends with your plan on 12/31/2019.
What options are available year around:
Short Term Medical health insurance
Dental/vision coverage
Ancillary benefits can be purchase: plan to pay hospital costs, cancer, accident plans
Medicare Supplement change or elect for the first time
Questions?, email or call me:
[email protected], 706.394.2605


Medicare premiums and deductibles are out:
Part B standard premium is $144.60 as of 1/2020.
Your COLA raise is 1.6%.
The Part B deductible is $198 beginning 1/2020.
How does that affect you: Medigap/Supplement clients with Plans G or N will now meet the $198 deductible before Part B benefits are paid.
Part C Medicare Advantage clients with most plans do not have a deductible before co-pays start. Check with me if you are unclear on your plan benefits.


Should a veteran who did NOT retire with the military but uses the VA for health coverage, start Medicare Part B when eligible? This is a personal and financial decision. Part B 2019 base premium is $135.50. An artice in AARP magazine this October stated- The Office of Inspector General found in 2017 the VA wrongly denied $53.3 miliion in non-VA claims. IF a vet starts Part B he/she now has a number of options. here is one choice: Select a Part C Medicare Advantage plan that offers a Part C buy down (puts $55 of the deduction back into the Social Security check). Then if they need to see a primary doctor at a non-VA site pays $0, and has a $90 ER copay. $50,000 out of the US emergency benefits) receives $750 in dental benefits and much more. This is at no additional costs to them. I am a Vet, I use the VA, I want to help every vet get the most bang forthe buck. GA and SC veterans, call for free advise. John 706-394-2605

Special thanks to Robert and Cathy Brown for a bushel of apples from the Georgia mountains! What a nice gift of apprecia...

Special thanks to Robert and Cathy Brown for a bushel of apples from the Georgia mountains! What a nice gift of appreciation.


Savannah River Site Retirees after one year of being enrolled in your retiree health plan, either a Medicare Advantage Part C or Medigap/Supplement you can now change and use a LOCAL health agent who specializes in Medicare coverage options. This is important for several reasons: Part C plans members- Georgia in 2020 a major carrier will no longer offer the national plan previously offered in the state- that means you have a Guaranteed Issue right to purchase a Medigap/Supplement plan or change Part C coverage. In South Carolina a new carrier will be offered in Aiken county. For Medigap/Supplement members all Plan A-F supplements must by law offer the same benefits, I can compare underwriting with several carriers and seek to get a lower premium and keep your HRA dollars in your account. If you physically want to meet with an agent and discuss options Raborn Insurance agents represent ALL Medicare Part C plans in our area and 20+ Medigap/supplement carriers. John Raborn 706.394.2605


2020 Medicare Part D and Part C Options become available on October 1, 2019! I know of FOUR NEW Part C Medicare Advantage Plans in my local region. In many counties of GA and SC new options become available.
In January 2020 changes to Medigap/Supplement choices take effect. Do not allow confusion or frustration with so many changes impact your Annual Election Period. We offer free consultation services. Not only do I have fifteen years of service to Medicare clients, I am a Medicare beneficiary. FREE CONSULTATION with Raborn Insurance Associates: 706.394.2605, [email protected]

A question for Medicare eligible individuals:Do you understand how a Medicare MSA Plan works and how it is different fro...
Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans | Medicare

A question for Medicare eligible individuals:
Do you understand how a Medicare MSA Plan works and how it is different from other Medicare Advantage plans? For Raborn Insurance Associates service areas (GA & SC) I suggest you begin your research.
"These plans are similar to Health Savings Account Plans outside of Medicare" These plans have 2 parts: High Deductible and a special type of savings account where the Medicare MSA plan deposits money into your account. (These statements are found in the Medicare article link below). To start the learning process, I’d suggest you focus on at least 4 points:
1.Savings Account - money can be used to cover your Part A and B charges and these charges count toward the plans annual deductible, the money can be used to cover other costs such as prescription co-pays but do NOT count toward the plan deductible, balances earns interest, at years end any balance remains in your account,
2.Health Coverage- like all other Medicare Advantage plans they must cover all Medicare Part A and B approved benefits. You will have coinsurance on preventative benefits, these charges count toward the plan deductible. 3.Network: unlike other Medicare Advantage plans, there is no additional network requirements. However, you will want to use “participating” Medicare providers. Non-participating providers can balance bill charges above the allowable Medicare rate. You are required to pay the excess charge and this amount does NOT count toward the deductible.
4.Part D prescription coverage is NOT included and you will need to select a stand-alone Part D plan.
If you want to receive more information on this coverage and you live in GA or SC reach out to me via email or phone: [email protected]. 706.394.2605
Link to Medicare article on MSA: https://www.medicare.gov/sign-up-change-plans/types-of-medicare-health-plans/medicare-medical-savings-account-msa-plans

Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans, a type of Medicare Advantage Plan, may cover Medicare services, extra benefits, but not prescriptions.

Ugh, rats, crap are a few "nicer" things we my say when we get a surprise bill. Emotional silence occurs when we get an ...

Ugh, rats, crap are a few "nicer" things we my say when we get a surprise bill. Emotional silence occurs when we get an unexpected diagnosis and face uncertainty in our health and the financial impact for treatments. AGENTS are not miracle workers but I feel I am part of the process. IF YOU WILL BE PATIENT AND READ THE ENTIRE POST IT MAY HELP YOU..
An individual's wife had passed away. Because group benefits were no longer offered, he must change coverage. Since I was his neighbors agent, I was called. During the meeting, he mentioned a companies name: AFLAC. Several policies were cancelled at her death and no claims were filed because he did not know he could nor did he know what benefits were available. Even though that was NOT the type coverage we were discussing, BECAUSE I COULD HELP I DID. He called last week to update me the $2500 hospital bill will be paid and an additional $5500 benefit paid to him.
PERSONAL APPLICATION: select an independent agent who not only can assist with your Medicare coverage choices, but can review with you any supplemental coverage you currently have or may need to consider.
John Raborn 15 years experience- represent over 20 Medicare Supplement carriers, represent ALL Part C Medicare Advantage plans in my local area and most throughout GA and SC, multiple Life and Long Term Carriers, numerous dental, hospital indemnity, and vision options.


MEDICARE AGE ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUAL: on a group medical policy who did not start any Medicare benefits continue to read.
The Medicare Supplement Plan F which pays 100% of all Medicare approved charges will not be offered to individuals new to Medicare as of January 2020. Since I had a concerned future client I contacted one of my carriers for clarification.
According to their guidance anyone eligible for Medicare before January 2020 who did not start Medicare benefits will NOT be offered Plan F. HOWEVER, anyone eligible for Medicare before January 2020 and they started Part A Hospital benefits (typically no premium for Part A) will be offered Plan F.


Help me educate your family and friends SHARE this post. It's kinda like a WHAT IF but with a REAL consequences.
IF you have any type of life insurance policy not labeled TERM: Open and read your annual policy statement. My recommendation- pay attention to the Guaranteed column. Policies with cash value are paid interest by the company. They have Current and Guaranteed interest rates. Twice in 3 weeks: I was paying $30ish a month and now I must pay $150. Now on a fixed income this just does NOT work and they are super frustrated and upset. PAY ATTENTION TO THE GUARANTEED. If you have a life policy not called TERM you and I need to talk with your annual statement in hand. Text me a picture of your annual statement, scan and email what ever works,.
[email protected]


Time to discuss plans that help when you have major medical and a high deductible. For $47.25 a month you can purchase benefits that pay $5,000 for an accident, $5000 for heart attack, stroke, invasive cancer, burns and more. PLUS unlimited Telemedicine consults at no extra cost.
Married?: For an additional $11 a month cover a spouse for 50% of benefits listed above.
I can email brochure and you simply email online.
Protect yourself now.


Beware of any calls received stating there is fradulent activity on your Social Security I received the call then called SS to make a report. Undoubtly it is so massive you hear a recording about this scam.

Raborn Insurance Associates's cover photo

Raborn Insurance Associates's cover photo


EVER CONSIDERED: Insurance- coverage designed to meet a need, priced to make a profit. In America consumers are use to the concept of business and profit; but none of us want to feel they took advantage of us.
RIA appreciates the fact a well informed client can empower their selves in the decision process. Here are a few "nuggets":
1.Dental (cleanings only covered) $18 a month- SWEET SPOT in GA - diabetics get 3 cleanings a year
2.Vision- $10 exam; a years contacts $0 copay, AND $10 copay single, bifocal, trifocal/lenticular lenses with $150 frame allowance- GA $15.70, $25.60 couple
SC $14.30, $23.30 couple
3.Hospital Indemnity (benefits paid when admitted into a hospital) ages 64 1/2 to 65 1/2 get guaranteed issue!

We want to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous 2019.


Medicare Clients here are 2 important announcements that may benefit you.
1. Specific Counties affected by hurricanes are allowed a Special Enrollment period. IF you DID NOT make a selection during AEP (October 15- Dec 12th, you can change:
A. Counties in SC affected by Hurricane Florence which occurred 9/8 have until 1/31/19. Call me about your county.
B.Counties in GA impacted by Hurricane Michael have until 2/28/19
2.For Medicare Advantage Part C members: whether you did or did not make a change but choose to return to Original Medicare and select a stand-alone Part D, or change to another Advantage Part C plan you CAN DO SO once between 1/1 and 3/31/19. Call me for specific guidelines and options.


Monday starts the final leg of AEP for all Medicare clients. Twelve days to make any changes which take effect on 1/1/19.For any of my clients with the Aetna Essential Part C Medicare Advantage plan, if you have NOT changed to the 2019 Freedom plan, schedule an appointment with me to do so. Lower hospital co-pays, $0 copay on tier 1 & 2 medicines at a preferred pharmacy, lower in network specialists copay, and more dental benefit.


Honesty IS the best policy.
New to an area so you ask where to get a steak. The person you asked only eats at Restaurant A. There steaks are $47. The same meat supplier and chef own another restaurant with a different name and the same steak there is $6.50. Would you want to know about the second restaurant?
CAPTIVE AGENTS CAN ONLY TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT THEY OFFER. CALL AN 800#, meet with an agent that is employed by a carrier (captive) they can only tell you about their plan(s). NO DOUBT THEIR INTENT IS TO BE HONEST WITH YOU. The problem- they can't tell you if there are any other plans where your medicines, co-pays could be less expensive.
We are independent agents representing 20 Medicare Supplement and 6 Part C Medicare Advantage carriers.
I can show you side by side comparisons of costs. Then YOU decide.
Medicare Annual Election Period is until 12/7. Even if you have made a choice you can still change until 12/7. Call for a no obligation comparison on what YOU will pay.


Medicare numbers have been released for 2019.
The Cost of Living increase will be 2.8%.
Part B premium for individuals under $85K will increase to $135.50 (1.1% increase).
Individuals with a Plan G Medicare Supplement requiring you to meet the Part B deductible before benefits begin- $185 deductible in 2019 (up $2).
Contact Raborn Insurance during your Annual Election Period, 10/15 to 12/7 for a better understanding of Medicare Advantage Part C and Supplements offered in your county. John 706-394-2605


One estimate I read stated 25% of individuals with Part D enter the Gap- this is the point your cost sharing increases. As an agent I can't stop that happening, but I can assist in other ways.
If you allow me to assist you in enrolling into a Part C Medicare Advantage or Supplement with Part D, I not only compare your prescriptions against all plans in our area, I CHECK ALL BRAND NAME MEDICINES to determine if a manufacturer offers assistance to Medicare beneficiaries. EXAMPLE:. Insulin Levemir manufactured by Novo Nordisk does offer help even if you have Part D.
Requirements to gain assistance: You reach the Gap, and have income under 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (for 1 income that is $36,180). Whereas 2 vials copay is $44ish, in the Gap it becomes $200ish. Four months of assistance saves you over $800!
Raborn Insurance Associates represents ALL Part C plans in our area and 20 Supplement carriers.
Having a local agent adds no costs to your coverage, the carrier you select pays commission, but it gives you an a pair of helping hands.
Lets talk: John Raborn 706.394.2605


119 Davis Rd, Ste 8A
Augusta, GA

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John and Gail are wonderful people and John took great care of my husband with his Medicare and supplement insurance. My husband doesn't trust many people but John explained everything so clearly to him that Jerry felt very comfortable with him and we would go to him for any of our insurance needs.
Hey Mr John don't think I will be at SOAR Sunday I have been staying with Jessica day and night and it's caught up with me but I should see y'all next Sunday! Love you guys!