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Avaiden Designs, LTD Avaiden Designs was inspired by my three daughters and my three passions: essential oils, photography & my adventures in crafting and refurbishing.

My goal is to provide beautiful, handcrafted items and providing education on essential oils. Welcome! AD provides handmade creative gifts and accessories for use with essential oils, in addition to custom adhesive vinyl projects, refurbished furniture pieces and other creative endeavors. If you're interested in learning more about essential oils, feel free to private message me for more information, or request an add to my group AvaidenEOLife


I've been busy organizing my various groups and pages...I'm going to be sharing essential oil education on my page Avaiden EO Life for anyone who wants to follow that...I'll be keeping this page strictly for my handmade diffuser jewelry and essential oil accessories...
Thank you!!


Emotional health has a direct impact on our physical health. Being able to use essential oils to support our emotional health and wellbeing can be incredibly beneficial, and even life-changing.
Essential oils can help soothe irritability, reduce feelings of stress and tension, and even uplift and improve mood and focus, just to name a few. I love to apply them topically, diffuse them, or even apply them to my diffuser jewelry...it makes a huge difference for both myself and my family....my kids love using oils too.
Oils are potent, so a little goes a long way. I encourage everyone to do research, and learn how to use their oils safely and appropriately.
Happy Oiling!!


Most of us wait until we are sick before we seek medical attention. Everything we put into, and onto our bodies has an effect on our health! The foods we eat, the chemicals we clean with and the personal care products we use can negatively affect our bodies, our minds, and our emotions.
Having natural options for managing health is important since over-the-counter products can be more harmful than beneficial. Incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into your daily routine can positively impact the health of yourself and that of your family.
As a Registered Nurse, I have experienced the benefits and witnessed the effectiveness of these oils firsthand for both myself and my family. I have had several struggles with my own health which led me to educate myself on alternative treatments. Through my journey, I have a newfound respect for prevention, through a holistic, alternative approach to health management.
My goal is to help share and educate others on the benefits of high quality, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and provide beautiful accessories and jewelry to use with them!

Thank you for visiting, liking, and following my page!


Are you in need of last minute gifts? I'm having a sale on my diffuser jewelry through the end of this week!! I will be sharing details later this evening!


I had a great time this afternoon and did my first clay pendant/ornament workshop for a friend of mine! It was lots of fun!

I may consider doing more of them in the future if there is enough interest...hope evryone had a great weekend!! 💜


Convention has been incredible, and so busy I have hardly had a chance to post anything! I did get a chance to share some jewelry with our team, as well as some new amazing friends I made (you know who you are!). I have had an incredible experience and can't wait for next year!
I recommend using high quality essential oils with my diffuser jewelry, since it comes in contact with your skin, and absorbs quickly. (DoTERRA essential oils are what I would recommend). If you do not have any and would like more information on getting started, feel free to send me a message. I'd love to help!


Thanks to all of you who have visited and liked my page over the past few months!

I've been keeping some of my other hobbies on a back burner while I've been working on my jewelry, so eventually, I'll get around to sharing some other projects here as well!

I'm not sure about each of you, but I am someone who has about a thousand things I love to do (essential oils, crafting, furniture refurbishing, calligraphy, photography, cooking, monogramming, blogging, decorating my house, gardening, reading), that I'm passionate about.....Life is just more fun when you can find something that you're passionate about, something that brings you joy!

I hope you've all had a great weekend, and you're taking some time for yourselves, doing something you love to do!!!

AvaidenEOLife (my eo group!)
Avaiden Designs, LTD


I've decided to extend my special until 10 tonight! If there's anything you'd like to purchase please comment on the video or the pictures or private message me thank you!


I hope you all had a chance to view my video! It looks like the first one posted even after it cut me off, so sorry but there's two all together!! Thanks for viewing! If you have questions please message me. If you're interested in getting free shipping today (and no added tax) please comment on the video post and specify the item you'd like, by 4pm today. Thank you!! Hugs, Emily


Happy Saturday!! To celebrate tax-free weekend shopping I'll be having a flash sale today from 2-4 pm! I'll be posting each item and the first person to comment "SOLD" on the item post will get the item. Invoices will be sent out via Paypal. Be sure to check it out and get some fun new jewelry for yourself, or someone you love.


Diffusing essential oils is actually good for your health! You can do this by using a quality diffuser, or wearing diffuser jewelry for example. Its always best to use high quality, certified pure essential oils that are free from fillers and contaminants.

I like to apply oils to my jewelry that are energizing or calming, depending on my mood, or how I'm feeling. Oils like Lavender, Balance, Serenity, Elevation or Wild orange, are great ones to try! When I'm working on a project, or refurbishing furniture, I love diffusing energizing oils to keep me motivated!

What is your favorite oil to apply to your diffuser jewelry?


Greg's Pharmacy in Bluffton is carrying some of my essential oil jewelry, so feel free to stop into Greg's and check them out!


Do you, or someone you know use essential oils and looking for accessories? Check out my squareup store for a variety of handmade beaded diffuser jewelry and carrying bags!

If you're interested in essential oils, you can visit www.mydoterra.com/emilyulrey


Welcome to my page! I'm in the process of updating my online inventory, so if there's something you're looking for (color, etc) on my webpage, just message me here and I'll see if it's something I have made that I can add to my online store. All of my jewelry is handmade, other than the pendants, which I purchase online for my beaded necklaces.
I hope you can all find something you love!
I'll be adding more eo bottle bags in my online store soon!

If you're interested in learning more about essential oils, send me a message and I can add you to my essential oil group. Thanks for visiting!


Welcome to my Avaiden Designs, Ltd business page! I've also launched my square.com shop and I've posted it here on this page. Thanks for visiting!!


Bluffton, OH


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