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Keough Senior Living Keough Senior Living is a family owned and operated assisted living facility that cares for your loved ones as you would. We provide the house that hugs.

Operating as usual


We are looking for nurse aide pca cna, reg med aide for 7pm to 7am shift.


Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this pandemic. For those that are caregivers of those with underlying health issues stay proud and keep up the great work. We do have a few rooms available for new residents but are making sure our environment that has been virus-free remains that way. Our residents are the most important part of our organization as are our staff. I cant thank both of them enough. Our lives very important as tomorrow is not promised. Take care and let us know if we can help you in any way we can.

We love supporting Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and Inova Health Foundation because of what Inova stands for.  Childhood Can...
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We love supporting Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and Inova Health Foundation because of what Inova stands for. Childhood Cancer is a horrible thing for any family to have to deal with. If you can, please donate to support Team Jeremiah. Due to COVID-19 this 5k is going to be done virtually.

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Here we are into the month of May and everyone is doing well. We still pray for everyone on the front line. Inova Fair Oaks we are thinking of you all during this rough time. Fairfax fire and Rescue Co. 15 thank u for all u do for us and everyone in Chantilly. Sully district Fairfax County Police thank u for keeping Chantilly Safe. We cant wait to allow the new residents that have been wanting to come check out our facility.


I got to meet some really nice families exploring assisted living for their loved ones this week. This is one of the greatest parts of my job. Taking care of our residents is actually a blessing that we have been graced with by their family members. As a small business owner I love not working to make stockholders happy, I am making families, residents and staff happy instead. Keough Senior Living is looking to welcome new residents into our family.


It is almost 2020 and we have a few openings for new residents to get as much or as little care as they need. Make sure u are making the right choice for mom or dad and consider their feelings and what u think will make them happy. Sometimes making someone who is an introvert, participate in group activities with others can cause them to act out or feel uncomfortable.


I hope everyone received what they wanted for Christmas. I know I was happy to be with family and friends. Some family comes from far and wide. Unfortunately not all family members are not as ambulatory as we would like them to be so they can come to some gatherings. I was able to speak to a few families regarding care for their loved ones. It turned out for them it was a great way to make sure their safety was also observed. Reaching out ahead of time before being told by the hospital that it is not a safe discharge to send them home without care support. I love being able to assist families with understanding all of their options and costs associated. Not all facilities are able to meet the needs of every person. Some residents are "safer" in a smaller facility if they tend to spend alot of time to themselves. If I can be of any help to any family looking at care options please give me a call anytime. Sincerely, Patrick Keough


There are many advantages to moving into a small facility vs. hiring a home care company to send aides to help mom.
In a small facility your ability to meet and talk to EVERY employee that will be caring for mom is possible prior to even moving in. That should be one of the items on your checklist on you journey in finding a solution to caring for mom. Unfortunately when contracting with a home care company you are at the mercy of the person whose job it is to schedule aides for each family that needs a caregiver and hope that someone shows up on time and is capable of doing the required task. I encourage our residents families to get to know the staff and familiarize themselves with them so that it makes them feel comfortable and able to sleep at night knowing that they can trust that the required care is being received.
As the Administrator I can safely say I know all about our staff with regard to their work habits so that I can assure families of our residents.


It's that time of year again. Time to check on our family and friends who dont get around as easy as we do. We all appreciate seeing a smiling friendly face. The weather is cold, and the kids have us tied up in all of their holiday concerts and end of the year activities. Maybe we should go to the doctor with mom to make sure her health is in check and the blood pressure is under control. For us as children to spend a few extra hours out of our schedule could spare someone from a heart attack or stroke. This could also help with falls as well. Alot of falls are preventable. If you love and care for someone help them out. Alzheimers and dementia are also nasty diseases that affect too many people. Safety is the best policy. If we can help out your family please contact us @ 703-579-9972. We are here to help many families who are not able to care for mom or dad.

This is disgusting.  How is she able to run a daycare.  I feel sorry for the families that supported her.
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This is disgusting. How is she able to run a daycare. I feel sorry for the families that supported her.

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Holidays and the end of a great year are approaching us rather quickly. Taking care of each other is what family does. We help each other the best we can. If someone is in need of care that family is not capable of meeting their needs assisted living can be an amazing option. Not only do they get the care that that some need but also the social aspect of not being alone. There are many options for assisted living. Make sure that you thoroughly look at who is giving the care. Talk with family members of current residents to find out pros and cons. I know I make sure that current family members dont mind speaking to families that are interested in our facility.


The way you interact with residents on a daily basis affects everything. I really enjoy talking with the residents several times a day at different times. Just seeing their smile is the most important thing I look for. They love to joke around and laugh just as you do when you see meme's on facebook. I love my residents and know that they love me too.


As the summer is coming to a close and families have gotten together to do family events, take one more look at mom and dad to make sure they are doing ok. We always need to make sure their needs are met. I know with fall approaching and getting kids back to school, own parents can often be put off to the side. Our parents did a great job caring for us as they raised us. Now it's our turn to show we care about them. There is no right answer as to when is the right time for assisted loving other than safety concerns. Give us a call anytime. Our facility is in a single family house and able to offer more one on one to each resident. You are able to get as much care or as little care as you need with affordability.


We are looking for nurse aide pca cna, reg med aide for 7am to 7pm shift.


Its summertime when we all get together with family and friends. Please take time to check on Mom and Dad. We are not getting any younger. Our needs change. Make sure that they are taking care of themselves properly. Also might be a good time to talk to family and make sure someone has Power of Attorney for Mom and Dad just in case medical decisions are able to be made if they are not capable. There is no right answer as to the right time for assisted living. However there are reasons when Assisted Living is no longer an option. Please keep these things in mind. Have a Happy 4th of July. If u have any questions we are always here to help.


Here we are into the second half of 2018 and everything is going well. I want to thank God and the lovely staff of Keough Senior Living for providing me with strength to keep going. I honestly love the work that they do every day to keep every resident happy. We might be small but we are mighty. Our Keough Family is THE best.


I want to thank the best staff in the world that work for Keough Senior Living. I did have a heart attack Thursday which required CPR and shocked twice before being admitted to ICU at Reston hospital. I can always depend on my staff and they can depend on me because we ARE family. These ladies are one of a kind which makes our facility the best. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.


2018 is here and our specialized team of caregivers is growing as well as our plans for the future. We started in 2005 and learned a lot about how to care for people. Many types of individuals have come through the doors of Keough Senior Living looking for happiness in their life. We feel we have not only achieved our goal but exceeded it proudly. We have 2 beds available currently. With the many families that we have made happy, this is not looking like these beds will be empty long. We will keep everyone posted on our new goals for this year.

Keough Senior Living

Keough Senior Living

Keough Senior Living

Keough Senior Living


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What made you decided to open an Assisted Living Facility?

Both of my grandparents having alzheimers and looking for a “safe” facility to move my grandfather to was definitely a challenge. We did find a small facility which was the best we could find. Grandpop had 4 falls in one month. The last fall is what eventually took his life. He made me promise that if anything happened to him that I would take care of my grandmother. I held that promise close to my heart which paved the way for Keough Senior Living. My grandmother was a resident here for the last year of her life and painlessly passed away in a homelike environment. I love being able to care for people who need assistance with their daily living tasks.

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