Kris Eichten's Independent LipSense/SeneGence #200876

Kris Eichten's Independent LipSense/SeneGence #200876 LipSense+SeneGence! Amazing cosmetics and skin carewith advanced anti ageing technology (waterproof, kiss proof) kisses felt not seen! 18+ hours of wear.

Makeup that works as skincare...say what!!??? Yes, studies and results prove it. Lead free, wax free, gluten and vegan free, not tested on animals. Made in the USA in a pharmaceutical grade facility. I have never found another product that I would share with my family and friends. I know it and love that much.xoxo


Fun! Will EVERYONE please just take 2 seconds to answer this...
Be as honest as you can- I won't be offended!
πŸ’›I already have a SeneGence business
πŸ’™I have been thinking about trying LipSense.
πŸ’‹I want to order more SeneGence/LipSense
πŸ’–I'm not interested in SeneGence or LipSense, but I love your posts or I love you, so I am okay with it.
πŸ’œI'd love to start my own team - can you send me info
πŸ’šI'd love to sign up but worried I won't do as well as "everyone" is doing
πŸ’”I would love to start but am worried about the cost to start
πŸ’ I want to get started as a distributor for the discount only.
πŸ’˜ I put LipSense to the test and I want to order more!!
πŸ’• I wear SeneGence/LipSense already and love it!
πŸ€” I don't know anything about LipSense.
Please comment which emoji(s) relate(s)to you.

Why SeneGence? Why Now? #MOMENTUM!

Click like if you watch. This is life changing. Honestly!!!! I would ask for your time if it weren't worth the time. Promise.

SeneGence and MOMENTUM! #lipsense #empire #momentum Remember the 4 Phases of Growth and the Momentum Phase I mentioned? Its real, y'all. And I quote: "The be...


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Denver, CO


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