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A.M.D Global Health Web base all natural supplement business. Supplements include core health, tighten, tone & firm, detox, skin care etc... It Works! our way: the It Works! way.

I am an Independent Distributor for It Works!® Global. I joined this business just to help pay for my products. As of March 2015 I'm working the business as a owner should. You don't have to be broke all of your life. You don't have to live paycheck to paycheck I told myself. This is an excellent product and business. I've been taking the product for the past 2 years and giving to my family and cl

ose friends. All love the product so let me get my business off the ground for a better life for my family. Global started in 2001 and is now debt-free and expanding all over the world. But no matter how big we grow, we'll always do things at It Works! IT WORKS! IS ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES
IN THE UNITED STATES. In 2011, It Works! was ranked on Inc. Magazine's prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in its category. YOU WON'T FIND PRODUCTS LIKE THESE ANYWHERE ELSE. offers the world's first naturally based body contouring line that delivers maximum results in minimal time. You simply won't find anything like it in the world today. THE ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR HAS BEEN FEATURED
AT EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY EVENTS. The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator has been featured in the Emmy® and Oscar® Awards celebrity gift suites, as well as promoted by celebrity makeup artists on movie sets. "The last ten years have been life-changing for so many as we introduced a first-to-market product with no competition, became debt-free, and expanded around the globe. The next ten years are about you: your life, your family, and achieving your dreams." – CEO Mark Pentecost

A product so special as the Ultimate Body Applicator could only come from a mind that is both brilliant and passionate about the use of safe, natural ingredients: Luis Mijares. Luis, the formulator behind the It Works! body contouring and skin care products, has been a friend and business partner to Mark Pentecost since their first introduction in 2001. Luis' passion for research and development in the skin care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries began when he was a child, learning natural remedies from his grandmother in Mexico. His abundant credentials, including his experience as the CEO of a top pharmaceutical company, his international reknown as an herbalist and university educator of phytotherapy (the uses of plants for medicinal purposes), along with his keen personal interest in natural solutions made Luis the ideal candidate for the It Works! Product Development Specialist.

The It Works! supplements line began when Mark made a routine visit to his doctor’s office several years ago. On this visit, Mark’s doctor instructed him to start taking a daily multi-vitamin supplement. But when Mark asked his doctor which one he should take, he was taken aback by the physician’s response: “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take a cheap one. You only live once!"

"I didn't know what to do with that," recalls Mark. "You want to know that you're putting the very best things in your body, so I began the long and hard search for the best multi-vitamin on the market." Mark took a trip to a local nutrition store looking for answers. Sales people swarmed after him. Vitamins filled the shelves, all claiming different benefits. Over an hour later, Mark left feeling more confused than when he had gone in, overwhelmed with options. Next, he began asking his friends which vitamins they were taking. Some made their choices because the vitamin had a nice package. Others simply looked for a mid-priced vitamin, unsure of what exactly they were putting in their bodies. And others picked up the most expensive item, hoping that it was, in fact, the very best for them. "The more I got into the education of a vitamin, I started learning more about what's all natural versus synthetic," says Mark. "A lot of times you'd find that a product might have 100-200 ingredients, but there wasn't enough of each ingredient for the product to actually do what the clinicals showed they could do. You want something foundational that you know has the key ingredients to help keep us healthy and be the best we can be." Eventually, Mark's search brought him to meet Don VerHulst, MD, a doctor with an extensive background in researching the effects of nutrition and natural remedies on today's common health issues. Mark and Dr. Don worked together to kick of the It Works! premium dietary supplements line with It's Vital, an advanced formula multi-vitamin, mineral, and enzyme supplement with all the known nutrients the body needs on a daily basis. In his pursuit to find the best vitamin to keep his own body healthy, Mark has made it possible for you to have access to the same superior formula for yourself and your family. This standard of providing the best quality supplements on the market has carried through all our product formulations and remains the driving force behind the It Works! dietary supplements line. Today, the It Works supplements line is a comprehensive collection of nutritional solutions for real people like you to help you combat the elements and stay healthy. We proudly stand behind our commitment to nutritional supplements that contain the highest quality ingredients, offering you real, life-changing results at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, lose weight, get top-notch nutrition, regulate your digestive system, or turn back the hands of time from the inside out, there is a solution for you in the It Works! supplements line.

In 2010, It Works! expanded into Australia and select areas of Europe, and the company continued to break new records throughout the year. "We have been blessed with products and an opportunity that not only withstood the financial market of recent years, but sales have skyrocketed from 2009 onward," says Mark. "We want to pour hope and goodness into people's lives through our product solutions and the It Works! opportunity, and we continue to be honored to be able to touch the lives of more and more people every year."

In 2011, It Works! Global made the move from Grand Rapids, Michigan where it all began to a beautiful new home in Bradenton, Florida. The corporate headquarters is nestled in a thriving community, just 20 minutes away from multiple world-class beaches and only a short mile down the road from It Works!' new sister company: Stoneybrook Golf Club of Bradenton.


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Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Meet your vital nutrition needs with the essential vitamins, superior calcium absorption, and triple strength support fo...

Meet your vital nutrition needs with the essential vitamins, superior calcium absorption, and triple strength support for heart health of all three It's Vital supplements in one daily pack. Contact me for more information

Does your vitamin measure up? The Its Vital by It Works Global is produced from whole foods cold-pressed to preserve vital vitamins and minerals in their mos...


Watch the ItWorks Fat Fighters do their magic! This replicates what the fat fighters do inside your stomach. Bye Bye Fat!


Does this sound like you?
You could earn an extra $500-$2,000 in time for summer
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$99 to start and includes 4 skinny wraps
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text "join" to 678-437-2980 for more info and to reserve your spot!

Ask me how?

Ask me how?

I joined this business just to help pay for my products in February 2013. My thinking to me is becoming an Distributor f...

I joined this business just to help pay for my products in February 2013. My thinking to me is becoming an Distributor for It Works! Global just made sense to get these wonderful all natural supplements at cost and can make extra cash. I love this company and now I'm ready to help YOU become an It Works! client for life.



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