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Doximple was born as a result of personal need. When founder Grant Moller suffered from debilitating pain due to Lyme disease, he tried doctor after doctor and numerous temporary fixes before a chance connection led him to the specialist who eventually cured him. The struggle to find appropriate care is common, but happy endings like Grant’s are not common enough. Doximple — the online marketplace that will revolutionize how you shop for cash-based healthcare and wellness services. Doximple is a user-friendly web portal that allows you to explore your treatment options like you would shop on popular e-commerce or travel sites. Using simple search terms, not complex medical terminology, you can find and compare healthcare and wellness service providers, upfront cash prices, consumer ratings and reviews. Doximple empowers you to take your health into your own hands by comparing the services of various providers before scheduling an appointment. The healthcare industry can feel vast and impersonal, but we’re working to change that. Doximple’s mission is to drive awareness, transparency and convenience in healthcare and wellness services. Read on for more information on what Doximple enables you to do: Consumers: • Doximple is fast and easy: Search by user-friendly terms, not complex medical terminology. • Doximple is FREE! NO membership, NO credit card and NO insurance required. • End the medical bill sticker shock! Compare up–front prices from top providers. • Search globally available health and wellness options — all in one place — to find the best services at the right price for YOU. Healthcare & Wellness Providers: • Reach out to new customers! Create a profile to advertise your services and prices on the simple and user-friendly marketplace, Doximple. • Improve your marketing, branding and customer reach using Doximple’s advanced analytics. • Strengthen your client base by running promotional campaigns on offers and services to pre-qualified customers. • Increase revenues and reduce customer acquisition costs. Doximple doesn’t charge any commission so you keep what you earn. Get started early with a free account during our beta release. Sign up for your free trial of Doximple right away at Send us an email to [email protected] to join the beta.

Mission: The healthcare and wellness services industries can feel vast and impersonal; we wish to make it transparent and convenient to access.


Congratulations to Dr. Josh, AtlasMD, and all the #directcare practices out there for keeping up the good fight. The time is now to make your voices heard in DC.

We're getting reports that our website keeps crashing - our apologies but Sean Hannity's fans are amazing. Looks like America Wants #directcare

Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care

Big victory for patients, primary care, Florida and #DPC

Pleased to report that Florida Senate Health Policy Committee unanimously passed SB240 in support of Direct Primary Care today. This bill was amended to allow a request of waiver from CMS to use DPC for Medicaid patients in the State of Florida. Further committee hearings in the Senate and House to follow for the legislative session that officially begins March 8. To date in 2017, DPC has had 3 committee stops without a "no" vote.

Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care

Great news for #DPC!

Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee unanimously passed the DPC bill this morning Yeas 8, Nays 0. SB 240 will likely go on to further committee assignments before the March 8th start of the legislative session. Tomorrow, the House will hold a hearing specifically dedicated to DPC. We will share a link for a live feed tomorrow.

#DPC is the way to go!  Perfect analogy by Alex Lickerman
Direct Primary Care Journal

#DPC is the way to go! Perfect analogy by Alex Lickerman

Opinion Here's an alternative to your despised high-deductible health care plan By: ALEX LICKERMAN In January, after having spent 20 years as a faculty member at the University of Chicago, I left academia to start my own direct primary care practice, ImagineMD, in downtown Chicago. Currently there are approximately 4,000 to 8,000 such practices in the U.S. Just as you don't use your car insurance to pay for oil changes and tire rotations, in direct primary care, you don't use your health insurance to pay for primary care visits. [ 32 more words ]

Couldn't agree more. Would love to see more of these practices in Northern Virginia.

Couldn't agree more. Would love to see more of these practices in Northern Virginia.

Even while enjoying DC I got to talk about direct primary care, our "Compass Concierge" service. A relationship between a patient and a provider- works when you do NOT allow insurance companies to intrude!

Osteopathic Center for Family Medicine

Go #DPC!!

Little comparison after a repair of a head laceration:
Local ER: who knows how long of a wait accompanied by a nice *several* hundred dollar charge
OCFM: from the initial telephone call to the last stitch trimmed: 45 minutes, $35
Who says direct care doesn't save time and money? BOOM! (mike drop)

Insight Primary Care

#directprimarycare is awesome!

Patient comes in for his physical. Wife is limping along next to him. "What happened?" I ask.
"I think I sprained my ankle."
"Well let's take a look." I reply
"I didn't think you could do that. It's his appointment. Don't I need to make a separate one and come back?"
OF COURSE NOT! #iamdirectcare


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