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Zachs Healthy Lifestyle This page is all about having fun with exercise, food, and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a huge advocate for having a well balanced quality of life.


Shoulder Care Exercise Program
This program is designed to be completed in three days. Do each cluster of exercises on one day and record weights use. The shoulder is comprised of small muscles making up the rotator cuff that stabilize the head of the humerus inside the joint. Because these muscles are small it is important to train with lite weight and do lots of reps.

Exercise Prescription Record Weight:
Row 3way 2 sets 15
Shoulder ER 2 sets 15
Shoulder Hum Extension 2 sets 15
Shoulder Adduction 2 sets 15
Shoulder Functional ER 2 sets 15

Pull Down 2 sets 15
Snap Squeezes 2 sets 15
Chest Stretch 3 way 2 sets 30 seconds each
Seated Push downs 10x 5 second holds
Wall Ball circles 2 sets 15 seconds

Side Lying Internal Rotation Stretch 2 sets 30 seconds
Side Lying External Rotation 2 sets 15
Prone Ts 2 sets 15
Prone Ys 2 sets 15
Prone Extension 2 sets 15

Contact Zach Gulley to understand correct form
[email protected]


Lower back pain hip strengthening

The lower back is a section of your body that is supposed to be a very stable place however it is positioned right in-between two very mobile sections which is recipe for havoc. When a mobile section is no longer as mobile as it should be the sections above or below in the chain (low back for example) are now the new places of mobility. This is a problem because the lower back does not have the structural capability of being mobility by design of the large lumbar vertebra. In order to combat this new found pain we must train mobility and strength in the hips and mid back. A sound lower back pain program designed to strengthen the hips, core postural muscles, and the mid back.

Here are a few example of Exercises that would address these problem areas:

Piriformis stretch
Glute Med/min stretch
TFL stretch

Side lying hip exercises
Hip Internal rotation mobility
Lateral Band walking

For complete program description and design specifically for you contact Zach Gulley
[email protected]


Drinking water is hard when you have a job where you sit all day! Today I took a course through titleist performance institute to give me the tools to improve golfers movements that cause undesirable swing characteristics. During those 8 hours of what could be a typical work day for some I think I drank make two water bottles.

And I'm paying the 💰 with a headache right about now. Drink your agua 😱


Monday motivation.

Do you feel like you are just entitled to be healthy and successful?

Or do are you being responsible with your actions to make you healthy and successful?

What kind of things do you do that help you stay more responsible with the sweat equity needed to achieve both of these?

Happy Monday all. Let's blow up this comment section with ideas to help us all out.



We have all been told to stand up straighter! stop slouching! chest out and stomach in! But is our posture actually bad or is our structure of our body in a position it has adapted to? Our bodies like most things take the path of least resistance. Posture can be corrected just like we can build a very erect building if we use a sound design. Bones are like scaffolding for our bodies and muscles hold our bones in place. If we have weak links in the chair(weak muscles in posterior chain) our scaffolding would be like that of a pool noodle. Our heads would fall forward, shoulders would round, back would be stretched and these are all things that prevent a full rotation into the back swing.

Corrective Exercises:
Chest stretch 2 sets 30 seconds
3way Rows 2 sets 15 each
lat pull down 2 sets 15
Lat stretch 2 sets 30 seconds
Scap squeezes 2 sets 15


Happy Saturday all! Get out there and enjoy it with family and friends. A Great way to release stress from a long week of work is to experience something new to get you smiling and laughing.


We all know what is bad and what is good. When it comes to eating we know what we should stay away from and what's better for us. I am all for enjoying your vices and eating what you want any when you want it. BUT if you want to make a healthy lifestyle change limit those vices. I challenge those who want a change to try the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time you eat like you KNOW you should. 20 percent eat like your soul wants you too.

You won't regret it when you start feeling awesome!

Good luck😁


Hi good afternoon, If I have ever worked with you with regards to fitness, programming, or healthy will you please take a minute to write me a review?

Thanks 🙏


How many glasses of water have you had today?

Even tho it's cooling down it doesn't mean we decrease our water consumption.

Healthy water consumption is around 13 cups(3liters) for men and 9 cups(2.2 liters) for women.

I'm working on my 4th refill of my water bottle right now. Goal is to get to 8 by bed time.


As the weather starts cooling down it sure does feel nice to get out at dusk and get some exercise in.

If you are unsure what to do, I can help!


Stuck in the chair

A few weeks ago I heard a yogi from eastern europe talk about how westerners sit on average 23 hours per day. This number was not all seated relaxing but all times when the body was in a hips bent position (sleeping, driving, eating, working at computer). This got me thinking about how hard it is for most people to even be active up and moving for that ONE hour of the day that they aren't "resting". There was a time when we would hunt and trap our food while going days without eating. We don't have any excuse not to be able to invest into our health by getting out of the chair.

I figured I would use some figures from the American College of Sports Medicine to entice you. Sitting is seen to increase health risks caused by higher waist circumferences, body mass index, systolic blood pressure, triglycerides, plasma glucose, and fasting insulin, as well as lower high-density lipoprotein. On the contrary even those who meet the 150 min/week of moderate intensity exercise and sit for 9 hours a day still experience metabolic abnormalities. With this being said the best possible way to reduce risks mentioned about us "active couch potatoes" is to have spaced 10 minute exercise routines multiple bouts per day.

So where am I going with this rant that caused me to sit for 25 mins??? Do not treat exercise as this daunting task that must be planed for and should only be done on certain days a week. Just get out and do something.Do it for a combined time more than 1 hour. Have fun with whatever you are doing and have fun finding new ways to increase your heart rate and feel a burn in your muscles.

If you have made it this far. I appreciate your time...... sitting ;)



Hi all who like my page. Please share my last post on your wall so I can spread the words of health! Thank you for your help.


#1 killer in the western world is Diseases of the heart. Take control of the modifiable risk factors that can help you lower your risk of heart disease. Things like poor dieting habits, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle are things that can be changed and play a huge rule in your health.

Get out and play! Eat Clean and often. Live Long and prosper!


Happy monday everyone! This week is filled with events and activities to keep us all engaged in healthy lifestyles. Get out and enjoy this beautiful october weather!


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