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Nurse Ratched's Corner I started this site just for fun, but the "Baby Boomers" as they call us need to be more informed on the care of aging parents..medical as well as legal..


I want to thank each and every one of you for liking my page...i do plan to resume writing about the care of aging parents...i am currently working with attys to be law specific. ..again uf any of you have any questions pkease feel free to ask abd i will do my best to provide correct information. .


We'll my FB Friends and Family.... I initially wanted to start this page to communicate with people from my generation 1960's and 70's the "Baby Boomers" as we are often referred to...however I have recently had to place one of my parents in the nursing home and would like to share some things I have has been one the biggest challenges in my life.. So hopefully someone will benefit from this..,,


Well I am going to get my dad from the hospital on Monday,,he has been discharged from the nursing home because he escaped from there and had a violent outburst,,so no other facility this side of St, Louis will take him,,,I am so distraught with this whole situation from him all the way to Jefferson City,,as I told you I have been in the Medical Business for almost 40 yrs and I have never ran into a situation like this...Their reason is that he is a elopement risk and has violent how do they expect me to manage him at home when he can not be managed in a controlled enviroment..He needs to be placed in a Secured Lock Down and Behavioral Unit...the resources in this area is severly limited...Sad to see our elders slipping thru the cracks, but what is one to do,,I was advised just to walk away and act like I never knew him..Personally that would have been an easy decision, but that just isnt the person that I am...I will be posting more...Again if any one out there is going thru any situations involving your parents and nursing homes post on this site and I will share what i have.


The ones that I sent personal invites to, please post and let me know what you think of this idea..I will be posting the legalities and resources available to care for the aging parent..Also I am going to include post on the care of the mentally ill seniors and the care available to them..You guys know what I have been through and going through with my dad...


Well folks I started this page just for fun...but as I have continued to care for my father with Alzheimers, I have decided there is a great need to educate the "Baby Boomers" as they call us on taking care of our aging parents..I have been a Nurse the greatest part of my life, and specialized in Geriatric Medicine. I never thought a great deal about the day that I would have to take care of my parents...I hope to share about the problems I have encountered and try to prepare you for this stage in your life...I have not yet decided if it is to be a privilege or a burden to do this...Maybe a little of both..Anyway as I invite you to like my page please feel free to comment or post any information you want to share with us to make this transition any easier..I will be posting more real soon....


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