Sandy Hill Animal Clinic

Sandy Hill Animal Clinic Sandy Hill Animal Clinic has been serving the pet community for many years. We specialize in cats and dogs of all sizes. We have 3 doctors on staff for all animal emergencies.

Come in and meet Dr. Anast, Dr. Mike Saver and Dr. Tyler Fields. Please feel free to call our front desk receptionists for a warm and kind greeting. Hopefully, whatever the issue is with your pet, Dr. Anast and staff will take care of you and your pet. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Operating as usual


3752 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:30
Thursday 08:00 - 17:30
Friday 08:00 - 17:30
Saturday 08:00 - 12:00


(702) 451-8808


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DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE, Sandy Hill Animal Hospital. If I could give this place a negative ZERO, I would. The vet is old and something is SERIOUSLY wrong with him! . Dr. Anast refused to treat my dog because I told the Vet tech that she didn't need to squeeze my dog's muzzle tight. I said, "you can go ahead and just hold his muzzle and he will be fine." Dr. Anast was trembling in fury, when he JUMPED to his feet and went ballistic on me! I offered to wait in the waiting room, and begged him to just give us medication for my dog's SEVERE rash. He THREW us out of his clinic and I was forced to take my dog (urgently) somewhere to get him cared for. Let me say that again, Dr. Anast THREW us out, and as a VET, refused to treat my DOG that NEEDED urgent care!!! Completely unprofessional. I would NEVER take your pet here. Dr. Anast is EXTREMELY unprofessional!!! Literally the WORST vet EVER! I
Dr George Anast Has been taking care of my animals for many years. Several cats and dogs. Most of them Rescues.
Hi Dr George and staff. I just tried to call the office and it said it wasn't a working number. You have been on heart and I wanted to wish you well. A friend that I grew up with in Mo., is a vet and posted an eye opening post about what it is like to be a vet now with COVID. I will try to post it on here. I would love to know you are ok and well."This weekend I euthanized twice as many pets as usual. Owners cannot justify unexpected bills when they have no idea when their next paycheck is coming. This weekend I rationed my anesthetic drugs, as they are being diverted to humans on ventilators. I carefully considered each pain injection knowing that opioids will be diverted next. I pulled a sewing needle out of a puppy's throat while wondering what I would have done to save her life without these medications. This weekend I gave tragic news and terminal diagnoses over the phone, over and over again. To owners whose face I had never seen. To familys who sent their pet inside, unable to accompany them because of covid. This weekend I wore reusable mask and cap into surgery to save a dogs life. My disposable caps and masks are being donated and diverted to our human counterparts. She had severe heart disease and was unstable under anesthesia. She survived this surgery, she went home to her mom, in part due to the ventilator that kept her breathing steady. The same ventilator that is earmarked for donation to human hospitals if the need arises. This weekend for the first time in my life, I euthanized pets without stroking their fur, rubbing their ears, or hugging their grieving owners. I stood 6 feet away, wearing a face mask, and giving my injections and condolences from afar. It broke my heart a little more every single time. Your veterinarian isn't on the front line of this war, we are the rear defense. We are being called as volunteers in states where human medical professionals are overwhelmed. We are donating and rationing our medications. We are giving up our ventilators. And we know why. We know that our actions will save human lives, and we won't hesitate at doing what we have to. But don't for a second think that our hearts aren't breaking too. And as this virus spreads, it will get worse. Please, Stay Home. Your pet can't catch covid, but it can hurt them nonetheless."
This is the best place in las Vegas awesome Doctor kind and understanding
Dr. George and his staff continue to bless me even when my Snuggles is in heaven. Thank you!
Thank you, once again, Dr George, for being such a compassionate vet and friend. You always take good care of Snuggles, but help me to not worry and are so patient with my concerns and questions. You take great care of both of us!!!!
Anyone looking for this precious dog?
I am in complete shock right now. Tonight I board a plane to move out of the country and earlier today my chihuahua's tooth fragment from an extraction another clinic completed a month ago became infected. This morning she had a giant bulge under her eye. Since I am leaving her with my mom when I move, my mom recommended I bring her to her vet, Sandy Hill Animal Clinic. It was 11am on Saturday and they close at 12pm. Dr. Anast not only immediately recognized the problem, he immediately brought her into surgery and stayed open past close to complete it. When I went to pick her up, Dr. Anast would not let me pay for the surgery. He told me I should not have to pay for it again after paying for the first surgery at another place. I am completely flabbergasted. I simply don't even know what to say other than that this is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me or Jessie, my precious companion. We live in a time where the kindness of your common man can be hard to find. Dr. Anast stands as a testament to the intrinsic good that people are capable of. I am not a crier, but I cried that moment as he shook my hand. I wept openly and I have no shame admitting that. I wish a simple thank you was enough. It isn't enough. I will thank the clinic in another way, but for now, will do my best to sing their praises into the digital universe.
Thank you Dr. Anast and all the staff at Sandy Hill for being so good to Pinky before we moved across town. George, you saved her life when you got just the right combo for fighting her valley fever from the beginning. I was having to hand feed her and she was so weary until you got the right mix. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge last Sunday Morning. Your care helped her make it 9 more years after she was so sick. Thank you! and thank you for being so kind to all of my furry friends
Sandy Hill will be open again effective this Monday, 19 Jun
Thank you for the amazing letter dr Anast.. Fiona will be returning to sandyhill as soon as you open ... I miss you all so much ..we have been through the death of my sister Geri Toder who cloud and star her dogs were your patients,,,you've helped 3 of my kitties cross to the bridge kizzy in 2008 and Lydia in 2014 and Lola 2016 in dec ...and I have Fiona left and there is no other vet but you Dr Anast ..I will call you right after you reopen .,thank you all for being part of my family ... as you see Fiona is patiently waiting for you to reopen