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Hello Everyone. I have recently moved back to Las Vegas and am looking to start up Personal Training. I can meet you at a park, your home or have you in my home. Special rates to the first 20 clients! $20 for an hour session that includes an email meet and greet to understand your goals to make sure we are starting off on the right foot with your fitness goals! Please personal message me for more info! After your first session we can discuss package deals for training sessions.


Sorry I have been away from this for a while, but be sure to check back, post things, ask questions. Make this more interactive! Have a Great Weekend!!!


Get a good session in today of cardio and weight training. Treat yourself tomorrow, but get right back at it the next day! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Don't make excuses...... Just train hard!


If you have an injury don't postpone everything, better yet work around it..... A leg injury? Do some upper body stuff or Arm Cardio Machine ..... Shoulder injury? Do some legs or a stationary bike...


It's Monday! Start the week off right by getting in a real good cardio session, push the pace a little bit harder today!

BMR Calculator


How many calories should you be eating? Remember fuel your body with healthy calories, not empty calories

You use energy no matter what you're doing, even when sleeping. The BMR Calculator will calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day.


Want to improve some upper body strength? Do some push-ups every other morning or night...... Do a set to failure, take a 30 sec rest then do another set till failure.


Be sure you are fueling your body with a well balanced supply of protein, fat, and CARBOHYDRATES!!!! That's right, if you are working out and being active your body will love you for fueling it carbs. Trust me..... I had a loaf of white bread this weekend.... why??? Because I ran in the Ragnar Relay and my body needed it!

Want to know more.... Just ask :-)


Remember, if you get side tracked one day during the week to get right back into it the next day.... Don't push it off until Monday. Monday isn't for another 6 days.....


Wanna get back into shape, just have a down week for working out, or try something different and not lose strength.... Do a circuit workout.... push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, tricep dips, bicep curls, squats, and crunches. Try and max out on the body weight excercises and 15-20 reps on weighted excerises. Throw in 30-40 minutes of cardio at the end.


Get out there this weekend and do something fun and active. Away in Zion National Park, UT this weekend.


Get at some cardio and abs. Go and hit a track. Sprint the straight aways (contract abs when breathing out), power walk or lightly job the turns. But before sprints trigger your abs with some crunches, leg lifts, or planks. After each sprint do 100 jump ropes, burpees, or pop squats. Remember, push through it!


Las Vegas, NV




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