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Pediatricians agree that lukewarm soaking baths provide a great way to treat the dry skin of eczema in children. Following the bath, you should gently pat your child dry to avoid irritating the skin with rubbing, and then liberally apply moisturizing cream.


Choosing a great pediatrician is very much a way to offer your child more than just health care. It’s a way to ensure that they are comfortable seeking medical help when it’s needed on their own, and also a way to ensure that any issues that could affect them as adults become clear and can be dealt with.


The first pediatric hospital in America was The Children’s Hospital established by Dr. Francis West Lewis in 1855. He recognized the value of dedicated pediatric care during a trip to London, where he visited the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children.


One of the easiest ways you can help your child stay healthy is to ensure their fingernails are always properly trimmed. Not only is there less chance they’ll cut themselves, but there won’t be as much room for dirt and bacteria to hide under their nails, making it a little safer if they constantly put their fingers in their mouth.


Did you know that infant reflexes are responses that are normal in babies but abnormal in other age groups? These include the moro reflex, sucking reflex, startle reflex (pulling arms and legs in after hearing a loud noise), and step reflex.


Pinkeye is a very contagious condition. One way to prevent your child from catching it is to make sure he or she is properly washing his or her hands.


About 13 percent of all babies in the U.S. are born prematurely, according to the Hastings Center. That adds up to about 520,000 babies born before a full 37-week gestation period in 2007.


Are you concerned that the medications you have to start taking could be harmful to your baby who’s still breastfeeding? Let’s talk about the medications you’ve been prescribed and whether it will be necessary to switch your child to formula while you’re on them.


The human appendix causes a problem when it becomes inflamed, especially in children, and this can become quite serious. Appendicitis usually occurs in children older than 5 but can happen to children under 5 years as well. If you suspect your child may have this condition, see your pediatrician immediately. Treating an inflamed appendix before it bursts inside of the abdomen can spare your child much pain and stave off secondary infections.


A high-fat diet is not healthy for your children, but neither is a zero-fat diet. Having some fat in their diet is important for health, and is a key energy source for young athletes. Go for low-fat foods as well as non-fat foods.


Founded by Charles West in 1852, the Great Ormond Street Hospital in Bloomsbury, London was the first pediatric hospital in the English-speaking world. In 1929, J.M. Barrie gave the hospital the copyright to Peter Pan, providing funds for the institution ever since.


While children tend to get fevers occasionally, high temperatures warrant immediate medical attention. If a child over the age of 6 months has a temperature higher than 103 degrees, you should take him or her to an emergency room.


Did you know that, when traveling on an airplane, a child is best protected when properly restrained in an FAA-approved care safety seat? In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be restrained in aircraft until they reach 40 pounds.


The American Academy of Pediatricians has issued recommendations for the use of infant seats. Toddlers should ride in rear-facing seats until they are two years old and then move to seats that face forward and are equipped with harnesses until they reach height or weight guidelines.


Many times babies who are held in the neonatal intensive care unit are healthy, but doctors would like them to be monitored until they are big enough and strong enough to home with their parents.


We realize that the first time your child develops a high fever can be a frightening experience for any parent. Remember, many high fevers are the result of the immune system fighting off a virus and are not necessarily the sign of something serious.


If your son develops a sharp, almost unbearable pain on one side of his sc***um, he may have testicular torsion. This condition occurs when the testicle twists on the spermatic cord, similar to an apple twisting on its core. In doing so, it can cut off circulation to the te**es. About 1 in every 4,000 boys under 25 will develop this condition.


No doctor is better equipped to care for your child than a pediatrician. From fun and welcoming offices, to caring staff and equipment sized for their unique needs, a great pediatrician can help them become comfortable with going to the doctor, which can mean a lot.


Most kids don’t like the doctor. When you get a shot nearly every time you go, that sort of goes with the territory. Thankfully, choosing a pediatrician who has a kind and kid friendly office can help offset some of those feelings.


Do you know how to optimize your children's muscle recovery after playing a sport? You can help their young muscles recover fast by having them eat or drink a high protein snack within 30 minutes after they exercise.


Both male and female babies are born with some of their mother’s estrogen remaining in their system. This can cause the appearance of tiny “breasts” on both boys and girls, and a slight mini-period in baby girls. Both effects go away soon after birth.


At the height of summer, extreme heat can really end up making your child sick. It’s important to call your pediatrician immediately if your child experiences faintness, headache, extreme tiredness, nausea or vomiting, and/or skin numbness or tingling.


If your child has diarrhea or is vomiting as a result of a cold or flu virus, be sure that he or she continues to get plenty of fluids. Dehydration often accompanies such illness and can be dangerous, so fluids are particularly important during this time.


When the AMA in 1880 created a professional group for the Diseases of Children, it helped establish pediatrics as a distinct medical specialty. This prompted pediatric doctors to establish their own organization, the American Pediatric Society, in 1888.


While in most cases it is perfectly safe to fly with your infant or small child, there are a couple of circumstances when you should contact our office first. This includes if your child is flying within 2 weeks of an ear infection episode.


Talk to your pediatrician about the best time to start potty training. If you think that your child is starting to show signs of readiness, discuss it with pediatrician, who will also be able to suggest the best training methods.


It’s important to remember that the development of a high fever doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is seriously ill. Let’s talk about how high the fever is and how long it’s lasted so that we can determine whether additional medical treatment is necessary.


Infants normally display a grasp reflex. This reflex occurs if you place a finger on the infant’s open palm, where the hand will automatically close around your finger. If you try to remove the finger, the baby’s grip will tighten.


It’s important to remember that 75% of all children under the age of five are will develop an ear infection because of how narrow their ear canals are. If it seems like your child is suffering from new ear pain every few weeks, it may be time to consider different treatment options.


Regular exercise is good for growing kids, and not just for the obvious physical benefits. Exercise in kids has been shown to alleviate stress, decrease anxiety and depression, build self-esteem, and help kids sleep better at night.


Childhood obesity is considered an epidemic in the country. About 6.5 percent of kids between 6 and 11 years old were obese in 1980. That figure tripled to 19.6 percent by 2008, according to the Centers for Disease Control.


There are several common allergens that children have a tendency to develop allergies to. This includes dust mites, furred animal allergens, pest allergens, pollen, molds and fungi, and foods (the most common being cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and shellfish).


Scheduling an annual health examination for your child will help you keep track of their development as well as providing preventative care. Many diseases and conditions can be cured with early detection.


Do you have an up to date first aid kit in your home? Purchasing the correct medicines, bandages and creams for any emergency situation will help you bring instant relief to your child and possibly prevent an emergency room visit.


If your child is participating in an organized sport, make sure the coach allotting for more frequent water/hydration breaks. Players should be allowed to take breaks if they feel too hot or fatigued.


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