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Essential Oil Education Our mission is to provide essential oil education, research and experiences. This is a forum where I will share my experience and continued research on using Essential Oils to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

I'll share tips and tricks on a daily basis to give you ideas on how to implement Essential Oils to manage our health natural

Mission: To empower each of us with the education to use essential oils as an alternative to take control of our own health naturally

Essential Oil Education's cover photo

Essential Oil Education's cover photo

Essential Oil Education

Essential Oil Education

Did you know essential oils have different notes that affect how long they last on your skin and in your body? Check out...
doTERRA Essential Oils

Did you know essential oils have different notes that affect how long they last on your skin and in your body? Check out each category and how they blend together here-- this is one to bookmark for sure!

SCIENCE, SOURCING & IMPACT TUESDAY: Great little article about the power and science of dilution "Here’s the takeaway me...
a-fresh-look-at-dilution-of-essential-oils | doTERRA Essential Oils

SCIENCE, SOURCING & IMPACT TUESDAY: Great little article about the power and science of dilution "Here’s the takeaway message: the best way to get a localized, longer-lasting effect from applying essential oils topically is to dilute." READ MORE AT --->

Let’s look at some skin science. The skin is composed of many layers. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum, which is composed of dead keratinized cells surrounded by intercellular glycolipids.

Tuesday Tip-Off: Natural Cleaner, On Guard Cleaning Concentrate

Did you know that one of the most toxic places can be our homes? The cleaning solutions we purchase from the store are extremely toxic. Here's a great alternative:
"Natural Cleaner, On Guard Cleaning Concentrate"

In this video you will learn how to make your own DIY all natural toy cleaning product. doTERRA On Guard® essential oil has many everyday uses. In this Tuesd...


Going FB LIVE RIGHT NOW in my private FB group, with my amazing Sister in Law and Nutritionist Leah Kirschbaum if you want to learn about nutrition and essential oils message me and I'll add you to the group.


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Hello, I subscribed to the 21 days of essential oils and the last 3 days when I click on "yes, tell me more" it doesn't take me to that day's learning. I've sent messages each time but I'm not getting a response. Can anyone help me out?
Hello I don’t have much experience with pairing the essential oils with ingredients for smoothies. So I will share with you a list of ingredients that I have and hopefully someone will be willing to share some recipes with me using Ess. oils. Or at least pair Ess. oils with these ingredients. Here goes everything is fresh. Thank you in advance🙏🏻 Veggies- 1.Kale 2.Spinach beans 4.Asparagus 5.Beets 6.Carrot 7.Romaine 8.Spring mix Fruit- 1.pineapple Honey
Hello so I have had my dog Revō for 10 years and all the sudden he is peeing in the house. Tonight i lay him down to check him Out and I notice his groin area is swollen. Until I call the vet first thing in the morning does anyone know what oils I can give to him topically or internally to help or will it mask whatever tests they might do? Please hold off on telling me to take to emergency, I am waiting! Thanks in advance🙏🏻
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Please tell me your tried and true oils / recipes to help with or get rid of gum infection/ inflammation. Symptoms are swollen spot on gum and heavy halitosis. Tia.
I saw a post about someone’s child was sick with cough/cold and chest congestion and they put oils on a compress and put it in their back overnight and they were so much better by morning. Does anyone know what oils they put on the compress?
Any proven recommendations for postpartum hair loss? Any good testimonials would be helpful as I’ve never had children.
Looking for some help in a presentation to a Physical Therapist. Is anyone a Physical Therapist that is willing to help me.
Scars? I’ve been using frankincense. But it’s still dark. Any other recommendations?
Hi there! Can anyone tell me what's the difference between frankincense and myrrh? Appropriately, they are all from the same type of tree, that's all I know so far. Thank you!
Hi all, would anyone here have some kind of graphic picturing the different "School of thoughts" of aromatherapy with the names of the important figures, authors, scientists? I am making my own but would not mind any other inputs. I pretty much have the french part of it but would like more information on the anglo-saxo side of things you can contact me privately if you prefer any related information would be appreciated Thank you very much
Which essential oil is good for athratist