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Create, Develop & Flow Martial Arts Academy Martial Arts, Boot Camp Conditioning, Kickboxing, Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Cross Training For Total Mind and Body Conditioning. Dance. Yoga.

Martial Arts, Boot Camp Conditioning, Kickboxing, Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Cross Training For Atheletes, Filipino Weapons Training. History
Established in 1979 This business first opened in Chicago in 1988 and moved to Las Vegas and opened up third school on Sahara and Valley View in 1988 and then 1999 we moved the school to its current location at Westcliff and Rainbow. Meet the Business

Owner : Sifu Jack S. Sifu Jack Soderberg began his training in the martial arts in 1970 studying Karate and then in 1973 studied under Master Wai Lun Choi in Chicago's Chinatown district. Master Choi was the bare knuckle champion of Singapore in 1971. In 1975 Sifu Jack Soderberg began teaching Chinese Kung Fu in Chicago. In 1979 he opened up his first school called Lama Kung Fu Academy. In 1977 met Sifu Rich Lamoureaux who became his martial arts teacher in Filipino Martial Arts as well as his student and best friend. In 1981 Sifu Jack Soderberg met Prof. Danny Inosanto who Master Bruce Lee's protege. Competed in many martial arts tournaments from 1977 to the present winning over six hundred trophies and developed many martial arts champions as well. Sifu Jack Soderberg has taught over 15,000 students over the course of his teaching carreer and is a member ol the Black Belt Hall of Fame. On youtube, Sifu Jack Soderberg demonstrates many of his techniques.


Tai chi. certification for. yoga teachers. Energy workers, reiki instructors. Learn The art of moving meditation and chi kung and tai chi affirmations as an extra class to your training. Call sign up today. Call 702 764 9256. Private and group training. Ask for Sifu jack


Anybody. Up at this time..216 at night. Sifu jack. Friday morning .

I remember this day it was chicago. Master sweeney who studied with ed parker and niy lee who...
Jack Soderberg- taichi form, internal form, taichi, martial art forms

I remember this day it was chicago. Master sweeney who studied with ed parker and niy lee who studied with bruce lee Sifu rich lamoureaux performed their master Lee wedlake master fred degerbergs school and many more their.was at least 300 blackbelts in the house year was 1992


Going In hopital tomorrow at St Rose. Hospital on eastern and St rose for surgery tomorrow 6.30 in morning could use ride. sifu jack. Have to be their an hour before. 5.30. am. First time iam having surgery since. The marine corps in 1968. Call Sifu jack at 702 764-9256.


Do any of my friends or students live around St rose hospital on St rose avenue by eastern. Ave. Ill be gling to the hospital this wen. Morning. Or live close.


Tejas and chetan has trained with me for 6 hours of private intense martial arts 3 on tuesday and 3 on fridays for two years .Besides they has years of martial training before.. As time went by they learned my methods. very well and picked up techniques quickly at a faster rate of speed . i totally enjoyed teaching them i could not ask for better students . THEY will be promoted to Blue sash. at the end of the month in Tibetan Lama kung fu they completed all the trapping training. requirements and did excellent . They were always ready to train plus they understood discipline and CDF progressive. Training. In kali stick blade and empty hand street application and chin- na. Joint locks. And tai chi combat.. They also learned CDF conditioning methods and philosophies of my teaching methods iam proud them as well as my other student iam teaching now Sifu sonja Ben lion warrior rivers. Si hing geromia . maurice . joe . cory . charlie. .shell . Sim. Heather . .also all my students now and those who i taught thru the years that gave me their all. And made Cdf what is today i could not do it without you all. i have learned just as much from you all as you learned from me. thu all the years . congratulation. Tejas and Chetan i will miss you both so much i got to know you on a personal level. besides as your teacher you have.become family. I will miss training you both but i will train. you on line and i will make trips to visit you both and keep up your training .The one thing. about both of you. you were always hungry to learn and thats the making of true warriors iam also promoting you both to CDF. Affiliates and instructors to teach my methods. while training for your advanced higher sash training .and teaching. You both will be CDF affilates in Arizona we may be in different states now but we will be closer than ever before. You guys have my ultimate respect i appreciate you both so much Tejas and. Chetan. Empty you Cup Never Give Up Create Develop And Flow. Sifu Jack your teacher always .

create develop and flow.


Sifu jack tai chi send


Sifu jack teaching my. Class at master bennettes school. I wish he was still around.


sifu jack womens. tibetan Lama kung fu. Kalu jkd. Selfdefense classes now forming . Call 702 764- 9256. Tuesday and Thursday nights. 6.30 to 8.30. Pm location. Spring valley valley view and flamingo cdf academy. Call for address where we are training can start tonight. Or Thursday.i maybe hard to find call me .


Sifu. Jack positive thinking thru martial science lesson two .Learn from your weaknesses as well as your strengths. perfection. Can be very positive things we do in sports and others things we do well in as long as it does not have a negative effect where not good enough ..


You can accomplish anything at any age. It all depends how bad you want something . At times you don't accomplish your goals till later in life. Just be happy better late than never.


Learn to treat yourself like your best friend. If no one is beating you up why should you beat yourself up.


Well anyone want to train today for a private today is sunday i can fit you in. Sifu jack. 702 -764- 9256 its always great to hear from one of my students..


Jet li your movies were the best


Of all nights i had to break down at spring mt and jones at 711 late last night i guess i t is amis fire from spark plugs and needing a new starter .Thank god i was not stuck on the expressway a few days ago. OF all nights just before new years for it to happen .lucky i have the best mechanic and firend bill who has worked on my car since the 90s and good friend at least i have that the part alone at times can be pricy .Today you have to have a good running car ..As they say it will all come out in the wash .usually i dont ask people for rides but i have given rides to many others thru the years when they neede me .Well at least i got my car towed back to the house and was covered for that thats one thing out of the way . Plus i broke down at 711 where i did not have to stay in my car but go to a warm place untill they came which took alittle while which two came out one to chatge the car which was charged and had juice but just did not start so had to contact a second guy for towing instead i wish i only needed one it was just the waiting sometime you have to have patience . And USAA was great and gave me great service. Iam just happy it was not on the expressway or in henderson when i took ride out their this week. We all have faced car problems at one time or another our car did not start some worse than other. Now have to get a starter for my car at times you get hit by things you not prepard for. If you ever need a mechanic i have the best one hes the real deal and isreasonable and cares about his work happy new year everyone not sure what iam going to do without wheels ill find away

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Clear the clutter out of your life organze you house your job and your personal life and relationships . Your mind is cluttered you become cluttered . Spring cleaning release things you you no longer need . Organize you will materialize ..When things are in place you are in place. . Un clutter your mind and not waist your time. Get rid of things that take up space for your place..what you live in you become for you.should be happy your house and job is a place to get away to hang your hat and unclutter you mind play.. A clutter mind is totally a waist of time when you want to shine .start to clean up your life to to change and rearrange .When you are together your life is together always remeber you have to be happy in your own environment if your not then you must make changes in your life..Always what makes you happy is you .You should always feel you want to go home rather than you have to go home .Your home is your place of rest and relaxtion and you must always feel comfotable..your home should always be your castle..Clutter is more than just a word its .a classical.mess we all face at one time or another in our lives where i feel being organized has a place

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Don,t settle for less , your just as good as anybody else and we all.have talents that should unleashed and not held back from your true potential to be the best you can be We live but one life live it to your fullest and don,t look back but as Denzel washington said in one of his great speeches on you tube fall forward not backward.. a very wise man besides being great actor and motivational speaker .At times it's a shame that people are so talented but do nothing with that . At time people may be their best friend or worst enemy being your best friend is 100 times better than letting you self waist with no ambition and drive in changing ones life.


Traveling martial artists visiting Las Vegas that would like to learn another form and martial arts training contact Sifu jack . We train for many hours at the hotel your staying at or I'll teach you outside if the weather is good or inside talk martial arts over dinner concepts and ideas of training and take you out on the town a whole package of training for a weekend or a week of training call Sifu jack at 702 -764-9256 for more information plus you can film our training .


Stress free learn tai chi and chi kung in the park call Sifu jack at 702 -764-9256


Private training for CDf street self defense for men and women call 702 764- 9256 call for information sifu jack


Believe in yourself and your abilities!


Traveling martial artists men and women I will train Any martial artists traveling to Las Vegas I will train you for weekend or week let me know when your coming in and I will set up a time to meet you at your hotel and we can train and talk over martial arts over dinner .then I'll take you on the town to show you Las Vegas call Sifu Jack at 702 -764-9256 iam looking for martial artists that are openminded and love to learn training methods that will ad to their own training I look forward to meeting you . Let me know time place and date.


Private training wooden dummy training call 702-764-9256 learn wooden dummy and application s .


Martial arts training videos sale filipino stick and blade fighting traditional Tibetan Lama kung fu ,womens kick boxing ,trapapping into chin na joint locks ,tai chi ,wooden dummy many more to choose from. Call 702-764-9256


VHS video movies for sale for collectors call 702 -764- 9256.


Anyone interested in buying old kung fu magazines from the 1990s bruce lee and many others call 702 -764- 9256 ..


8 hours of sparring training for tournament $99.00 for 8 hrs for any old cdf students who want to compete 4 weeks left before martial arts tournament .702 -764-9256 .


Tibetan Lama kung fu private training or class call 702-764-9256 ask for sifu Jack


Tai chi classes in park early mornings call 702- 764-9256. Water boxing tai chi very hard to find this training as for sifu Jack leave your number in my box or call me .


Offerring private lessons in street self defense for men or women private training in filipino weapons training call 702 764- 9256


Tibetan Lama kung fu team now forming call 702-764-9256 men- women -teans I can train you to be a champion. Call today asap start training


Organizing kung fu and team to fight in martial arts tournament plus 8 seminar to prepare you for compeition in fighting for men ;women contact me as soon as possible. For training start training today. Call Sifu Jack at 702-764-9256 I will train you to become a champion .


Sifu Jack talks about his traveling martial arts program for martial arts and teachers who come to Las Vegas and may come to visit and may want to train while their here . To set up times and dates call Sifu Jack at 702-764-9256..


Looking for talent for all athletes from all sports to compete on martial arts team in late june plus you will have an 8 hour seminar to prepare you contact Sifu Jack asap for more information call 702-764-9256 .


Tai chi certification for yoga instructors reiki instructors energy workers or anybody that loves to teach are are in to helping others get healthy call Sifu Jack at 702-764-9256


Open to seminars for various groups call sifu Jack 702-764-9256 I teach traditional or. Progressive martial arts training.


We are no longer located at 5000 west Charleston but do have groups, private lessons and can come to you. If intrested in classes or learning we have all sorts of hours that can fit your needs. If you have any questions or are interested in learning in anything we offer please call Sifu Jack @702-764-9256 If he doesn't answer leave a message and he will get back to you when he can. Thank you so much.

Sifu Stephen Andrew


We are forming new classes and times! Our times and location on this page will be updated soon. Look forward to training with you all.

Sifu Stephen


5000 W Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV


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Sifu Jack training on iron dummy at park new class now forming private or group iron dummy training cal Sifu Jack at 702-764-9256 classes forming in march .
Sifu Jack training students in chin na joint locking for classes or private lessons call Sifu Jack at 702-764-9256
I was with Sifu when he started his first school the Lama Kung Fu Academy in Chicago over 40 years ago. He was literally poetry in motion when he did his forms. The lessons I learned and the friendships I developed are now wonderful memories. I am glad to see that he is still imparting his wisdom and skills to new generations. Thank you Sifu.
SIFU Jack's Cdf students seminar this saturday and sunday
Michelle and my student tonika using kulp strike from Tibetan lama kung fu with sifu jack 702 764 9256. Knock out strike . Women to train and learn contact us.