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Steven Greene Health and Wellness As a health and wellness coach, I will offer support and guidance along the way. And hold you accountable for achieving your goals. My name is Steve.

I'll start off by saying I honestly have the best job in the World. Let me explain: I get to help people on a daily basis transform their body mind and spirit into who they want to become. A great mind once told me, "With the body comes confidence, with confidence comes achievement, with achievement comes freedom, and with freedom comes clarity." These words couldn't be more true. It is unbelievab

I'll start off by saying I honestly have the best job in the World. Let me explain: I get to help people on a daily basis transform their body mind and spirit into who they want to become. A great mind once told me, "With the body comes confidence, with confidence comes achievement, with achievement comes freedom, and with freedom comes clarity." These words couldn't be more true. It is unbelievab

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What are your questions about Health and Wellness?

What are your questions about Health and Wellness?


"Who do you know who would benefit from having weight loss, self -confidence and being stress free."

I help women get their clarity, confidence and sexy back to date again.

How: By teaching them the 3 secrets to Finding your inner and outer beauty again

Reboot Your Sexy

· Introducing the Reboot Your Sexy Formula: 3 Secrets to feeling confident in dating and Finding Love Again
· Nutrition, wellness, life coaching,
· Sleep better
· Better energy
· Release your inner beauty
· Restore your clarity and confidence
· And love like you never have before

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I use Bodylastics with clients and on my own. These are the best. I have used others that don't compare. The Varity of pieces and weight. The quality surpasses any other. Just ask me.

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Who needs unstoppable confidence?

Who needs unstoppable confidence?


It's never to late!!

"At age 30, she wanted to commit suicide..."

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Steven Greene Health and Wellness's cover photo

Steven Greene Health and Wellness's cover photo


Weight Training for
Weight Management
By Steven Greene

The two most frequently recommended means for reducing bodyweight are dietary restrictions and aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, neither of these methods replaces muscle tissue, recharges our resting metabolism or addresses the underlying cause of weight gain in the majority of adults. Men and women who do not strength train lose 5 to 7 pounds of muscle each decade of adult life due to disuse atrophy. This loss of active lean tissue is largely responsible for a 3 to 5 percent metabolic rate reduction each decade of adult life. Less muscle and slower metabolism lead to fewer calories used and more calories that are stored as fat. This process results in15 to17 pounds more body fat each decade of adult life.
Dieting is clearly the best choice for cutting calories and for decreasing body weight. However, approximately 25 percent of the weight lost during low-calorie diets is muscle, which further reduces the resting metabolism and makes it extremely difficult to maintain the lower body weight. Obviously, if less muscle is the underlying cause of fat gain anything that further reduces muscle tissue is counterproductive to long-term weight loss.
Although beneficial in many respects, aerobic activity does not add muscle tissue nor stimulate a significant increase in resting metabolism. By itself, or in combination with dieting, aerobic exercise is not the best approach to permanent weight loss. To replace muscle and recharge resting metabolism, strength training must be performed on a regular basis. Studies have shown that adding just 3 pounds of muscle increases resting metabolic rate by about 7 percent.
In addition to a sensible nutrition plan and reasonable amounts of aerobic activity, 2 to 3 weekly sessions of basic strength exercise are recommended for the best permanent weight loss results. Two months of combined strength and endurance exercise can decrease fat weight by almost 9 pounds, increase lean weight by about 3 pounds, and raise resting metabolic rate by approximately 7 percent. The endurance exercise enhances cardiovascular fitness, the strength training increases musculoskeletal fitness, and the combination improves overall physical capacity and personal appearance. Perhaps the most important aspect of any weight management program is compliance. Strength training a key component of a weight management program.
Keep in mind that the two-part problem associated with the aging process (muscle loss and fat gain) requires a two-part solution (muscle replacement and fat reduction). With almost 70 percent of American men and women overweight, it is time to make basic strength training a key component of a weight management program.
Remember the proper mechanics during strength training to avoid injury and get the full potential out of your efforts. If you are new to strength training or unsure if your mechanics are correct, please call me.
The human body is built to conserve energy and cheat during exercise. This fact creates many potential problems for exercisers leading to muscle imbalances, joint pain and dysfunction.


Welcome. What is a Health & Wellness Coach?
I offer health and wellness coaching which includes: holistic life coaching, stress management, self-confidence, weight loss coaching, working with fitness and nutrition . Clients come to me when they feel “stuck” – often stuck with life’s goals decisions. (perhaps looking for a new point of view from a non-commissioned professional who understands health and wellness as well as weight management strategies.)
I have helped many people transform their relationship with health and wellness and experience new prosperous results in their lives. I have limited availability for private personal coaching clients. I also offer courses online through Skype and/or phone and workshops from time to time in the Las Vegas area.
What types of clients do I work with?
Often my clients are entrepreneurs over 40, and often they are women (but not always!). They are looking for support in a time of transition, or seeking assistance to close the gap between the life they want and the one they have. They may be experiencing stress and lack of self-confidence. They are committed to a breakthrough.


Back to School: How to make it a Great Year
Whether you are a student or the parent of a student, you likely have one thing on your mind as the new school year begins: academic performance. From kindergarteners to graduate level college students, concentration and learning are critical and directly related to how successful the year is and how bright the future looks career wise.
You may be wondering what academic performance has to do with fitness,
The answer? Everything. The research is conclusive: physical exercise directly impacts how well a student does academically.
Consistent, daily exercise results in significantly improved concentration, learning and test scores.

Students were able to sit still longer, concentrate better and scores began sky rocketing.
And all it took was 20 minutes of exercise each morning.
What is it about exercise that causes such significant changes? Scientists are still trying to understand it, but it appears as though exercise helps to lay down new pathways in the brain, which aids learning. Neurogenesis also seems to be stimulated by exercise. Neurogenesis is the process by which the brain grows new brain cells. These new brain cells help build the new pathways along which learning can take place.

The take-away message? If you are a student, a parent of a student or even a teacher, exercise should be a top priority. To neglect it is to sabotage potential and open the door for behavioral problems.
There are many ways to get a good workout in.
Resist the urge to neglect exercise in order to spend more time with the books. Your study time will be much more productive if you feed your brain with exercise!


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I use Bodylastics bands with all my home clients.  From 3 to 404 lbs. Bodylastics Resistance Bands are made from the hig...

I use Bodylastics bands with all my home clients. From 3 to 404 lbs. Bodylastics Resistance Bands are made from the highest quality materials. Better and safer than free weights with the same results. Feel free to ask any questions bands or any other fitness and nutrition questions



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Mind Over Meal: How the Anchoring Effect Controls Your Dining Decisions
Mind Over Meal: How the Anchoring Effect Controls Your Dining Decisions

Mind Over Meal: How the Anchoring Effect Controls Your Dining Decisions

Every morning, millions of people eagerly line up at cafés to happily hand over more than two dollars for a cup of coffee that costs less than a quarter to make. How do so many reasonable, intelligent, hard-working people (myself included) unflinchingly pay almost 10 times more money for a cup of co…


10 Stress Relievers

Relaxation: Body has a "bouncing-back" quality of recovering from extremely stressful situations. But, if you remain under stress for prolonged periods, it wears down the fighting capacity of the body and the mind. To remain healthy, mentally and physically, it is important to take necessary steps for stress relief and keep stress levels within manageable limits.

Adopt some relaxation technique, like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, Yoga, etc., and learn to relax. Initially, you have to practice it for some time, but gradually, you can learn to remain relaxed even under stressful situations.

2.Meditation: Meditation has been an integral part of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Many people attach spiritual values to it, but you can also practice it as a secular stress relief exercise. The meditation is able to induce deep relaxation, and is very good for health in the long term.

You may start with any method of meditation and learn to manage your stress levels. You need not learn it from a teacher. You can learn meditation by reading a good book on the topic or listening to the CDs. It does take some practice, but the results that you will get are worth the efforts needed to learn it.

3.Exercise: Exercise is good not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. It releases pent up frustrations, relaxes your muscles, releases 'endorphins' – the 'feel good' hormones, deceases stress hormones, and helps you sleep better. Make it a part of your everyday routine.

You can try physical exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi, or some repetitive activities like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. If you don't have much time squeezing stress relief toys may be a quick way to help you relax. All of these activities activate relaxation response besides relaxing your muscles.

4.Massage: A massage session is very relaxing and has been proven to lower cortisol, the stress hormones. Massage reduces blood pressure, and helps you in getting a better sleep. Stress gives rise to headaches and various muscular pains.

Massage relaxes muscles, and is helpful in easing muscular aches and pains. Massage releases endorphins which fills you with a feeling of well-being and confidence. The efficacy of massage can be judged from the fact it is known to be even more effective than social support from a partner.

Aromatherapy massage is even more effective. The massage is given using some essential oils which seep into the blood stream and help in calming down the brain, ease stress and in getting you a relaxing sleep.

5.Guided Imagery: It helps you in getting a respite from constant stress. With some practice you can help yourself reach a relaxed state whenever you feel rising levels of stress and tension. Guided imagery consists of imagining yourself in serene surroundings, where you feel calm and relaxed. Visualizing yourself in calm surroundings, imagining every small detail, can have a very soothing experience and can help in relaxing your frayed nerves.

6.Music: Stress relief through music therapy is a universal phenomenon. However, you should chose the kind of music that is soothing for you, rather than going for the 'prescribed ' ones. Each individual reacts differently to different sounds. The music that is calming to one might not be quite so for another.

Listening to soothing music induces deep breathing and increases production of serotonin. Playing music in the background, even though you are busy in some other activity and are not aware of the music, also reduces stress levels.

7.Deep Breathing: Have you ever noticed how rapid and shallow your breathing becomes when you are under stress? In Eastern traditions, breath is called 'prana', 'Qi', or 'the life force'. Learning to breathe deeply and properly has numerous health benefits besides reducing stress and tension in your daily life. Make this sure fire stress relief strategy a part of your daily routine and see how it helps you in maintaining a healthy body and a calm and clear mind.

The quality and depth of breathing has a great role to play in controlling stress levels and maintaining good physical health. Practicing a simple deep breathing exercise will help you in reducing stress levels and uplifting your spirits in a very short while.

8.Aroma Therapy: Many essential oils, or plant essences, are known for their stress relief qualities. Lavender is able to induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. Geranium brings down stress levels. You can make use of these aromatic oils for bringing down stress levels while you are going about your work, or better still when you are meditating.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can be inhaled directly, added to the bath, massaged into the skin or used as a perfume to scent your room.

9.Self Hypnosis: You can make it a part of your stress management tool kit. Its power lies in positive auto-suggestion. It does not require any person other than you, and can induce deep states of relaxation. Do not confuse it with hypnosis, as it is used in hypnotizing other people, as you might have seen it in magic shows! On the contrary, it is very practical and do-able.

It reduces stress hormones and is very effective in reducing stress levels and controlling anxiety and depression. You can take the help of self-hypnosis to bring about positive changes in your life style.

10.Humor: Laughter is one of the most effective therapies for stress relief and bringing down levels of anxiety. If you see the effects of humor on our body, they are simply amazing. A good laugh decreases levels of stress hormones like cosrtisol and adrenal, causes endorphin levels to rise and strengthens our immune system. It increases the intake of oxygen, stimulates organs like heart and lungs, stimulates blood circulation and exercises stomach muscles. Laughter is also known to ease pain.

Humor has also some psychological benefits: it helps you in taking things light heartedly, breaking out of the stress producing thoughts, increasing your sense of satisfaction, and making your job more meaningful. It also helps you in relating to others around you.


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