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Have a Nice Green Day Promoting NATURAL living by way of using products that are: Environmentally safe 100% Natural Human Safe Pet Safe Oil Free Alcohol Free Sodium Free No CFCs Non-Staining Non-Toxic Non-Flammable

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Edible coloring printed on Reclaimed wood –Safe, Biodegradable and Natural.

Edible coloring printed on Reclaimed wood –Safe, Biodegradable and Natural.

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showing our appreciation for Planet Earth

showing our appreciation for Planet Earth


What does "Biodegradable" mean?

A biodegradable product can dissolve easily in the environment without destroying nature. It’s the opposite of plastic and Styrofoam, which harm the environment. If everything was biodegradable, our world would be extremely clean! Unfortunately, products that are biodegradable are not used worldwide yet.

Here is the time that is takes for some products to dissolve:

· Paper……………………….2-5 months

· String……………………….3-14 months

· Orange peels………...……6 months

· Plastic bags………………..10-20 years

· Leather shoes…....………..25-40 years

· Tin cans…………………….50-100 years

· Glass bottles…….…………1 millions years

· Plastic bottles………………Forever


What is really “green”?

The difference between natural and green

To be considered truly Green, a product must go through rigorous testing.

‘Green’ is an unregulated term, and is frequently used by products that are not actually certifiably green.

So what does “Green” actually mean? To be certified “Green”?, a product must prove through testing to be better for human health and the environment. Typically “Green” products are in fact chemicals; they are simply safer than traditional chemicals.

“Natural" products are just that, “natural”. Their ingredients are naturally occurring and include elements such as baking soda, natural soap, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, borax, essential plant oils, and natural oils such as olive and jojoba.

Most natural products are safe to consume and thereby have little to no health or environmental impact.

Words like "natural," "green”, "eco," "nontoxic" and even "biodegradable" don't mean much on their own and they're not currently regulated. More concrete terms like "organic" and "recycled," are overseen more closely by the federal government and verified with a symbol on the package. ("Recyclable" means you might be able to recycle the product in your community, while "recycled" means the company has incorporated recycled materials in the product.)

More and more household cleaners, pet care products, odor eliminators, etc., are adopting a "natural" look, bright colors, cleaner look and softer design. Is the product really “green”? Read the ingredients to find out. Learn as much as you can about the realities behind the claims.

The choice to use “green” products comes from a desire to do what we feel is best for the environment. The business of green is booming. But separating nontoxic products from those claiming to be green can be tricky. “Green” is a marketing term. There is no scientific definition of what that would mean when it comes to household products.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in the process of reviewing their Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, known as the “Green Guides”.

The FTC’s Consumer Resource for Sorting Out Green Claims states that: “Claims that a product or service is ‘environmentally friendly,’ ‘environmentally safe,’ ‘environmentally preferable,’ or ‘eco-safe’ ... are unhelpful for two reasons: All products, packaging and services have some environmental impact and they do not provide the specific information to compare products, packaging, or services on their environmental merits.”

How can we determine which products are the least toxic? We can’t, the companies are not required by law to disclose to consumers every single ingredient contained in their products.

Greener products contain the lowest number of ingredients. Naturama G3-A5 and our line of products like odor eliminator for the pet care market are such.

Naturama G3-A5 (NPC LISTING #SW-53) ‘EPA’ as well as the European Union ‘EN’. Our “Green uses”, Green dog and pet fresh, line of products for dogs is endorsed by the “American Canine Association”, known as “ACA”. Also, our entire product line (32 different products at the moment) are certified with the Green ‘ECO’ logo, ‘No Animal Testing’ logo, ‘Ozone Friendly - No CFC’ logo and many more. The above mentioned names are solid, independent verification programs with good standards behind them.


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