How to protect yourself from Nuclear Fallout

How to protect yourself from Nuclear Fallout Radiation Fallout News! Radiation Protection News! Japan News! Fukushima News! Korea, China, Canada and US News! The Earth is a dangerous place to be these days, it seems there is a terrorist hiding under every bush just waiting to kill everyone he does not like.

It is ironic that Iran may be wiped off the face of the map, population wise, by some pencil pusher at General Electric. It seems he had a brain hiccup and decided to put the spent fuel rods in 10-story buildings, not on the ground, but on the 6th to 10th floor pools. If that was not deadly enough, he put the back-up generators below ground level, just tempting it to rain and flood them out. Now everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, will live or die on Japan's multiple Earthquake faults. When radiation comes knocking at your door, be prepared with the newly discovered and verified Radiation Protection Protocol. (*Very good site to compliment the above on what you may take, like any site combine all data and then decide.)

Mission: We give you the news your government wants to keep all to themselves. News you need to stay healthy and alive.


Wildfires in the Southwest! Fires in the forests around Chernobyl regularly release stored up radioactive hot particles, they have caused many deaths in Belarus and the Ukraine. With the extended outlook for more drought, all hot particles from all sources in Japan will be traveling to the Mid-West & East Coast states. All ground deposited radioactive hot particles will be released in fire areas. Those downwind need to be aware of this and take precautions. Keep car windows up, and use closed loop A/C-Heat car systems at all times. Wash clothes immediately after being outside, and limit exposures if at all possible. Be informed of the "Radiation Protection Protocol" and educate your family on "Buckeyball Fallout." It is here to stay, and will become a household word in the future, in West Coast states.

Nuclear Expert: This is just 1st radioactive wave hitting U.S. and Canada; Fukushima pouring...

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Power Hour, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 27:30 in): It’s the first wave that we’re going to see. The Pacific is becoming more and more contaminated because the leak from Daiichi has not been stopped, and is proven to be unstoppable f...

Report: Study warns Fukushima contamination “is becoming more concentrated as it crosses Pacific...

Radiation in water does not dissipate, and that is especially true of what is coming to the West Coast of the US & Canada. See this reference to the TOP SECRET 1950'S BIKINI ATOLL FALLOUT FLOW TESTING!

Title: Hawaii Scientists Seek To Calm U.S. Fears About Fukushima Radiation Source: Huffington Post Author: Sophie Cocke Date: Sept. 3, 2013


Updated: 12-11-2015 Things you don't want to eat? Any food contaminated, even the slightest, with Cesium-137! Cesium-137 causes "BRAIN HEMORRHAGES & HEART ATTACKS!" It mimics Potassium, 70% of it races for your brain & heart. It narrows your arteries. ***ALL RADIOACTIVE EXPOSURE IS ACCUMULATIVE!****

I have been exposed to a lot of radiation in my time. I grew up watching Nuclear Bomb Blasts, started in Radiation Health Technology to work with my dad at the Nevada Test Site, and did research on Bikini Atoll. My last heavy exposure led to 23-days of contamination. Not as much as the crews of the USS Ronald Reagan Task Force, but it led to my Japanese stent, & its Japanese drug Effient. I would not be typing this, had I not been extremely lucky, as my main Heart LAD artery became 85% blocked. They call it the "Widow Maker Artery!"

Japanese GE Mark I Reactors 1,2,3,4, have launched massive amounts of dozens of radioactive isotopes into the USA, by four methods. They are located on the island of Honshu, by the Korean DMZ, located 5,023 miles due West of San Francisco. That's why California takes most of the fallout first!

The first was the blast & melt-down of Reactors 1,2,3, fire & fuel pool draining of Reactor #4. No one, except the President (*He left the US fallout zones) was given adequate warning to take shelter four times. No Eisenhower Civil Defense Warnings. Korea closed all schools, and it was up wind.

The 2nd "1138" Radioactive Isotopes in Plutonium MOX fuel pellets from #3 Daiichi Nuclear Reactor Core Detonation. Starting in late March 2011, and will continue "INDEFINITELY UNTIL ALL BLAST DEBRIS ENDS, & THE EXISTING MOUNTAINS ARE BURNED Effectively Dirty Bombing all OVER CALIFORNIA!" It is the most toxic form which has invaded as far as the US East Coast.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (*TEPCO) did not want to spend Trillions of Yen to dry cask, or lined pit bury, the 30-km Plutonium MOX fuel pellet blast debris, so they decided to truck it all over Japan to unfiltered residential trash incinerators.

The 1st day "3" incinerator workers dropped dead. Ten thousand protesters marched in Tokyo, University Professors sent petitions to stop it, and top Nuclear Experts in the US, like Arnie Gunderson of said it was releasing 100-1000 times more deadly fallout into the US environment. Many arrests were made, and that led to Prime Minister Abe (*He pushed for the 52-reactors in Japan 20-yrs. ago) ramming a "5" Year Prison Sentence for anyone speaking out, or publishing anything he wanted to be kept secret. The "Japanese WWII Version of the Official Secrets Act!"

Third incoming Plutonium #3 Nuclear Detonation Plutonium fuel pellet rain mixed in the Tsunami field. which came ashore in Aug-Sept 2012 all along the US West Coast. This has the potential of a 150-km travel zone. (*See Buckeyball Fallout (7) articles on the News Page at Radiation Health

4th The Alaska, BC, WA, OR, CA, and Baja Mexico "RADIOACTIVE RIVER" wiping out all sea life except the tuna & sharks. It is raising water temperature & breeding oxygen removing algae, killing all life. The beach river which arrived in early 2014 may never end. Even if they plugged all the leaks, it would run another 3-years. What's it it? Up to 300-600 tons of "1138" Isotopes and Plutonium daily runoff from the aquifer running right through "3" melted fuel cores of GE Daiichi Reactor 1,2,3.

Until they figure out how to scoop up corium lava, which use to be the Plutonium fuel of Reactors 1,2,3, it will never end. This will continue to pile up on the beach, dry out and become like helium. It will become airborne, and contaminate AK, WA, OR, CA crop lands, farm animals, and oh, people. You need to know about what CBS, NBC, CNN, and a limited amount ABC, are not telling you. Why? They have been pressured by the Japanese, who own several networks, GE, Westinghouse, and are the Nuclear Pac Lobby. The Nuke Pac is the largest campaign contributor to everyone in office! They don't want their Nuclear plants shut down, and having to spend $1 million USD to dry cask their fuel rods.

Avoid all products from the Pacific Ocean forever! If you have eaten Wild Caught fish possibly from the Pacific, you need to try and pass those potential hot particles from your body. If you have eaten food from California, WA, OR there exist potential for contamination. How much? Again, it is accumulative in your body! What can you do? Increase your mineral free water intake to try to flush and go to the Health Pages at Radiation Health News. There you will find 5-videos from top UK, CAN, & Japanese Radiation & Cancer physicians. Professors of medicine in Tokyo who will tell about this "Radiation Protection Protocol." They will show you the Chernobyl test results and their own results on the fire fighters and workers at Fukushima's disaster. Decide for yourself, is it right for me. Remember, look at the UC Berkeley cancer study on timing and spacing of doses.

Radiation Health News started to distribute this protocol to 1st Responders of US Dirty Bomb Attacks. It has expanded to be an educational website for information the world's populations have a right to know. It is a non-profit site!


The Plutonium fuel MOX cores from Fukushima has arrived off Canada's West Coast, and all the fish are starting to die off. The concentrations are only going to get worse. Charts show it making its way to the Atlantic, traveling through the Arctic. What can you do? Safest would be to move away from those costal areas. It that is not possible, then stop eating the coastal food, and all Pacific sea foods forever! Seek sources now from South America, as this is prime export season. It is expensive, but dying a lot sooner than later, is the result of eating radioactive food. The more you eat, the deadlier it gets. Your body can only take so much Cesium-137 before you get a brain hemorrhage or heart attack.


The MOX fuel Plutonium and a dozen other deadly isotopes are coming to a West Coast cities. It should strike off of San Francisco first and split north and south. When it arrives, anyone at those beach areas can inhale those 150km airborne particles. Inhalation means cancer, possible Cesium 137 induced heart attacks or brain hemorrhages! Heard enough? Move inland!

#1 Way to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout is to "Don't Eat it!, Don't Drink it! Don't Breathe it in! That said, do...
RADIATION HEALTH NEWS-The News You Need to Be Healthy & Safe in Nuclear Fallout & Dirty Bomb Times!

#1 Way to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout is to "Don't Eat it!, Don't Drink it! Don't Breathe it in! That said, don't eat anything from the Pacific Ocean, and if you can avoid CA, OR, WA and Western Canadian food, do it! They are not testing their food for incoming hot particles from the incinerators burning #3 Daiichi GE Reactor Nuclear Detonation of Plutonium MOX fuel pellets 30km around Fukushima, Honshu, Japan.

Water-Consider US Water's R.O. with UV Sterilizer & top quality carbon block filters, changed regularly.

Air- Avoid West Coastal areas, as the Tsunami debris field came ashore in August-September releasing "Buckeyball Fallout!" (*See 7-University studies on our News Page at



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