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The P.O.S.H. Life After losing over 50 pounds, friends suggested I blog & put a little humor mixed with reflection and


I ran my first 10k this weekend. Reminding myself to keep going. I gained a little back this year but I'm still 50 down. 25 to go!! running


What are your dreams? Are you working towards them everyday? Are you thinking small time? Make the changes!!


Morning motivation! Also motivation for me to stop worrying that u ate enough calories last night to last a week at that Super Bowl party. I'm hitting the gym tonight to work off those wangs I ate lol.

Avoid common workout mistakes | Female Fitness Tips

Don't get hurt trying to bring your sexy back and get it right and tight!

Avoid common workout mistakesimage: © Ariwasabi / FotoliaCommon workout mistakesThe most important things you have to keep in mind before starting work out is understanding the workouts clearly and staying away from the mistakes.Mistakes during workouts can lead you to serious injuries. You can star...


Spelman tweet chat will start in a few minutes. I'm so excited. Log on to twitter and follow me and Spelman to join the Health and Wellness Chat. Put those chips, candy, and foolishness you are eating for lunch down ....and tweet lol


Looking to meet those healthy resolutions and get all sexy for the summer? Check me out today at 12pm with Spelman College for our wellness chat!!

Let Spelman College assist you on your 2013 wellness journey. Join us Wednesday, January 16th from noon to 1pm for a wellness tweet chat. Rev. Lisa Rhodes, D.Min., dean of Sisters Chapel and director of the WISDOM Center, Chavonne Shorter, Spelman College wellness coordinator, Brenda Dalton, director of Student Health Services, and Aithyni Rucker, C'2002, healthy lifestyle blogger, will be joining us to answer your questions.


I'm baaaaack! Instagram was tripping hard and I couldn't leave comments or hash tags on photos! What kind of bs is that? Well you are in luck. I'm back to give you those annoying wake that ass up and eat right get healthy messages. You know you missed me 2013 will be OUR year!!


Wooohooo come learn about wellness and get on the goodfoot for the new year. Joint the tweetchat with Spelman College, myself, and other fitness gurus tomorrow at noon!!

Let Spelman College assist you on your 2013 wellness journey. Join us Wednesday, January 16th from noon to 1pm for a wellness tweet chat. Rev. Lisa Rhodes, D.Min., dean of Sisters Chapel and director of the WISDOM Center, Chavonne Shorter, Spelman College wellness coordinator, Brenda Dalton, director of Student Health Services, and Aithyni Rucker, C'2002, healthy lifestyle blogger, will be joining us to answer your questions.


I keep telling everyone I am going to be all Beyonce bodied by my birthday in April. Abs all shiny and what not. BUUUUUUT how do I know what 'yonce's abs eeeem look like. Y'all know she ain't this tiny, mulatto, or stretch mark free. lol. Ain't one Blue Ivy mark on her body. Don't fall for it y'all


25 Delectable Detox Smoothies | Prevention

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How to Make Your Desk Healthy

Get that candy, carb bonanza and foolishness off your desk! Start the New Year right!

Start your workout well before you hit the gym tonight, beginning at your desk! In a matter of minutes, a few simple changes will keep you healthy, increase your productivity, and even contribute to abs of steel. Not only will these changes go into ...


DEAL ALERT: want someone else to cook those healthy meals and deliver them to you? Check out this GMA deal. 7 meals delivered to your door for only $116. Good through tomorrow!


DEAL ALERT- need new workout gear? Good Morning America is running a special on Jockey gear via EBay. Items usually up to $90 are only $6-$30!! Woot.


Jesus be some calories....I'm back on this diet. I'm hooooongry!!! This GNC vitamin pack includes a "mood enhancer." I suppose its to prevent you from snapping on all your friends and loved ones while starting your diet....they ain't working yet -__-


GNC is running a great sale on supplements, vitamins, and total lean. If you know me, you know I swear by total lean shakes. 25 grams of protein, 180 calories 4 ww points. Get your products now!


New Year's Resolution: NO MORE LIES. Lies kill your diet, lies are things you tell yourself about the calorie content of that big ass plate and portion size you ate, or how you will hit the gym in the morning, knowing good and well you won't. So no more lies in 2013! Love yourself to tell the truth and hit ALL GOALS THIS YEAR!


Hey everyone! I know I haven't been with you all for a few weeks. A few personal struggles and several snacks later and you officially fall all the way off and underneath the wagon. However, I'M BACK and ready to make 2013 the best year yet. Beyonce body glitter/oiled up bikini shot here I come!!


Who else is struggle training their abs lol. Try these tips out!

Shhhh! The Flat Abs FAST Secret:


Happy Tuesday y'all. Believing is half the battle. I believe I am a sexy fine beast and nothing is going to keep me from losing this last bit of weight and from growing my network!!! What do you believe? I believe in YOU!


Happy Monday y'all! As I pry myself one cheek at a time from this bed, I wish you all success, great calories, and all the squats your little thighs can handle this week. I believe in you! Also, don't be a lame and use December to eat your way into a whole new dress/pants size. Eat responsibly!


Happy Saturday! Love yourself, love your struggle, love your curves!! Only then can you truly grow and make positive change! #


What CAN you do today about your health? Stop giving excuses about how cold it is, how tired you are, I will do it tomorrow, I can't give up carbs...blah blah blah. You CAN do this! Don't wait till January. Resolutions are lame.


I work out in the morning and shower at the gym. This morning I forgot to pack a bra and underwear. I then had a debate with myself about the pros an cons of going commando and braless. I drove alllll the way home to get my things bc I'm sure folks I work with dont wanna see all my business lol


Dear Dirty Heffa: Just because you zoomed past me in the bathroom after not washing your hands....I know what you look like....I know what you did. If you feel a side eye on you in the middle of the day..its me. Do better.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Sodium

AMEN!!! I retain water like a sponge!! Sodium is the devil. How do you reduce your salt intake?

These 10 easy steps, both large and small, let you keep the lid on sodium without a whole lot of sacrifice.


What is your favorite restaurant dish? Have you figured out to make it healthy? Shout out your faves!!

American Heart Association

Puree'd fruit or this I have to see. To the lab I go!

You can replace the oil in muffin, cookie, and cake recipes with pureed fruits or veggies to give your treats an extra healthy boost! Try it with your holiday treats to keep your family happy and healthy this season! What tips do you have for keeping the holidays healthy?


Excited!! Just got my first request to provide someone with a workout and eating plan! Any other takers?

How to Cut Calories and Stay Full at Lunch

Yay! I needed this because Mamma is hungry!! lol.

Sometimes, it happens: you pat yourself on the back for choosing a healthy lunch, only to be starving by the time afternoon rolls around — hello, vending machine! While your midday salad may be healthy, if it's not filling you up, chances are ...


Count your blessings this holiday season folks! Be happy about your progress and not your set backs. You are alive and able to make today your b&t@h lol


Inspiration to get in the gym and use some good lotion and moisturizer. Tina is 73!! Lawd I need to get on her level!

Happy Birthday, Diva Tina Turner who turns 73 today! Still fierce!


Alright. It's time to put he fork DOWN and hit that gym! Don't get off track this next month and wonder why your pants are too tight and you are starting forest fires with your thighs in January. You can do it! Hold your weight or lose weight this month. Show em what your working with!


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying your family and friends and using real butter, whole milk, and all the sodium your heart can stand. You earned it!


Quick reminder to eat like you have some sense over the next few days. Don't ruin your diet and then wallow in turkey and yams on Monday. Eat sensibly, take home only a few left overs and GO TO THE GYM AT LEAST ONCE. You will feel better and are less likely to eat like you lost your damn mind.


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